The greatest eSport stories
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The greatest eSport stories

Today on Lucky7Bonus, we offer you a tour of the biggest eSport stories, from records to the biggest scandals, the eSport world will have no more secrets for you. These stories will highlight several video games and different situations, similar to more traditional sports.

Even if players are only facing a keyboard and a mouse, doping is possible to be better than the opponents. Money is also a driving force to push the best players in the world to cheat or to reveal confidential information to win on eSports betting, for example. Other issues such as harassment are present on the competitive scene unfortunately.

The eSport is also a very unknown environment of the general public and yet, the video game competitions exceed every year new records, reaching an astronomical number of spectators. Some players have managed to make their mark on the public, making their mark thanks to remarkable actions or their attractive personality. We will discover all these stories in detail on Lucky7Bonus.

Doping stories in eSport

Doping is of course forbidden in sports, we will immediately think of the example of the Tour de France, but it is also the case for video game competitions and especially for shooting games where the reaction time is very important and can be played in thousandths of a second to take the ascendancy over his opponent.

In 2015, a Canadian player known as Semphis and a member of the Cloud9 team on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) publicly revealed that his team was taking dopants to improve their performance and especially reaction time against their enemies. But what is the substance that these professional players can take to improve their performance?

It is during an interview that the player Semphis is going to reveal that his team takes Adderall, it is a very powerful drug but which is not marketed in France and which is used in other countries, like the United States, to fight against the disorders of the attention with hyperactivity. If you do not have attention deficit disorder, this medication will have different effects and will allow you to increase your physical performance and your concentration level.

As you can imagine, the organizations around the video game competitions have reacted directly to exclude players and teams taking advantage of this kind of doping to achieve inhuman performances. Beyond the competitive aspect and the use of Adderall to have an advantage over the opposing teams, this drug has a very negative impact on the health of the players: problems concerning digestion, headache, increase of blood pressure and even visual and auditory hallucinations.

Is the risk really worth it?

Cheating, scandals and eSports betting

You must have used cheat codes on video games when you were younger. If you were born in the 90's, you probably made very long codes on GTA San Andreas to get super weapons or to mess up the game. This is also a way to have fun on video games but it is a problem when used during online video game competitions.

It started in the early 2010s when the first cheats appeared during eSport competitions. Mainly third-party software that allows to have an advantage during the game: wallhacks and mapshacks to see enemies through walls or in an area where the player is not supposed to see them.

In 2018, a team was unseated from an eSports tournament on Counter Strike: Global Offensive with $100,000 in prize money for the winners. The organizers discovered that a player was cheating with an aimbot, which is a small software that automatically targets an enemy that appears on the screen. It's a way to make sure you shoot the enemy 100% in the head and kill him first.

It was Indian player Nikhil Kymawat aka Forsaken from the OpTic India team who was caught red-handed. The tournament then shared the video on Twitter of the moment when an administrator checks the professional player's computer and he quickly tries to delete the hacker software from his computer. With the extravagant amounts of money to be won during eSport tournaments, players will do anything to reach the podium.

The latest scandal: player Chien Mao-An aka Maoan of the Taiwanese team Beyond Gaming is accused of giving information to an outsider of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship, in order to give directions to follow on eSports betting for the current match against the team Galatasaray eSports.

With the arrival of eSports betting, this kind of practice is emerging. The organizers are obliged to react and be strict about it: the player is suspended for the entire duration of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship and could face additional sanctions depending on the results of the further investigation.

Today, anti-cheating software exists on the majority of competitive online video games. But the organizers of sports competitions also have to keep a close eye on the players: whether they are doping, whether they are not giving out information to influence the eSports betting, etc. A real scourge that harms the competition and the beautiful game.

The eSport: a very followed environment throughout the world

For a few years now, eSports has been growing in terms of audience and interest among the public. Records are broken every year, whether for a World Championship or even smaller competitions like the French League of Legends which was supported by hundreds of thousands of people, with a peak of 120,000 live spectators at the same time.

The key year for the League of Legends World Championship was in 2019, the average viewers during the final was 21.8 million worldwide and a peak of 44 million viewers at the same time. However, there is still a way to go for eSports in the face of the final of a soccer World Cup that managed to gather about 1.12 billion people in 2018.

Regarding Counter Strike: Global Offensive, it achieved a record during the year 2020 when Vitality faced NA'VI during the Blast Premier Global Finals 2020: 650,000 spectators on average for the final. This is still very impressive compared to previous years.

Faker, the most famous player on League of Legends

You may know some famous players from France and Europe, but the most famous player in the world, especially on League of Legends, is Korean: Lee Sang-hyeok aka Faker.

It was in 2013 that Faker would join the SK Telecom T1 team as a midlaner and by their first tournament at Olympus Champions Spring 2013, he would be considered one of the best players in the world. He will lead his team to the podium of the League of Legends World Championship three times, in 2013, 2015 and 2016.

The famous "OH FAKER WHAT WAS THAT?" meme is still widely used today in League of Legends. Whenever a player makes a great move, he will most likely be compared to Faker in the chat. He is not just a good professional player, he is THE legend of League of Legends.

Today, Faker still participates in international League of Legends competitions and is currently at the World Championship. Otherwise, he offers regular streams on his Twitch channel.

Still with the T1 team, you can support Faker and his team during the League of Legends Worlds. Nowadays it is possible to bet on video game teams and championships. Even though it has been a few years since SKT1 won the World Championship, maybe they will achieve the challenge this year?

No worries about teams in League of Legends, very few cases of cheating have been reported in recent years, players don't have the ability to use third-party software to gain an advantage, and taking a performance-enhancing drug won't offer as much of an advantage as it does in a game like Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

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