Counter-Strike : Global Offensive, news of the start of 2021
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Counter-Strike : Global Offensive, news of the start of 2021

After a year 2020 largely affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Esport franchises have been back on the road to competition for the past few months. Cancellation of events, cheating cases, changes in regulations, upcoming tournaments... we take stock of what's stirring up the CS:GO game universe.

What is the CS:GO game?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular video games in the world. It is published by the American studio Valve Corporation since 2012. This shooting game sees terrorists and anti-terrorists confronting each other in different modes and on different maps. International competitions with the best players and CS:GO teams are held throughout the year. Esport pillar, CS:GO is also the most popular game on esports betting sites.

New rules

At the end of January, changes in the qualification system for the end-of-year Major were announced. The Regional Major Raking (RMR) is a point accumulation and ranking system that determines the 24 teams invited to the end of year Major. After a disrupted 2020 exercise, the ranking has been reset and only the Legends, Challengers and Contenders teams retain some points.

The other changes concern replacements and coaching:

  • Each team may designate a substitute, but bringing a substitute into play during an event results in a penalty of 20% of the points collected. A step backwards for the level of play but above all for the physical and moral health of the players.

  • "During online matches only players are allowed in the room and on the server, explains the editor. Neither coaches nor any other team staff will be allowed in the room, on the server, or to otherwise communicate with the team during an online match." This new rule echoes the coach cheating case that came to light in September 2020.

The coach's cheating affair

It seems that a bug in the spectator mode of the game has long since benefited some team coaches, professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs. This bug allowed the coach to observe the opponent and then communicate vital information to his players. "In September of 2020 we were alerted to the fact that many professional coaches were exploiting a coaching-feature bug to gain an unfair advantage during matches", said the publisher. The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) then investigated and issued its findings, imposing suspension sanctions on 37 coaches in the first instance. Faced with the ever-increasing sporting and financial stakes, such a case could not go unanswered.

Focus on Major 2021

For the first time since 2013, the Major 2020 planned in Rio de Janeiro has been cancelled due to the global pandemic. Subject to sanitary conditions, Major 2021 organised by the North Americans of PGL should well take place, in Europe this time, with a return to the roots at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden. From October 23rd to November 7th 2021, 24 teams will compete to try to win a part of the 2 millions dollars prizepool. The games will be broadcast in an unprecedented 4K resolution.

Team Vitality, the best French-speaking team in the world

Among the most successful professional teams is Team Vitality. Founded by a group of French players, it made its name on the Call of Duty game before diversifying into League of Legends, Rocket League, Fortnite and Counter-Strike. Since 2018, Vitality's CS:GO team has experienced a meteoric rise. In addition to numerous trophies, it is now recognised as one of the top three teams in the world.

Team Vitality CS:GO consists of Rémy 'XTQZZZZ' Quoniam as coach, former Olympic canoeing medallist Matthieu Péché as manager, captain Dan 'apEX' Madesclaire and players Mathieu 'ZyWoO' Herbaut, Cédric 'RpK' Guipouy, Richard 'shox' Papillon and Kévin 'misutaaa' Rabier.

ZyWoO elected best player in the world

Like the magazine France Football and its "ballon d'or", the specialised HLTV website, offering information and statistics on the CS:GO game, draws up a ranking of professional players every year. After the crowning of Ukrainian Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev in 2018, the first place in 2019 went to a Frenchman for the first time: bought by Vitality from Team aAa, the young prodigy Mathieu 'ZyWoO' Herbaut became the youngest player to receive this title of best player in the world, for his first year at the top level!

An achievement for the young man who has done it again in 2020! ZyWoO is only the third player to be crowned twice in a row after 'GeT_RiGht' and 'coldzera'.

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