How to bet on esport?
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How to bet on esport?

Which site to choose for betting on esport?

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What you need to understand to bet on esport

To bet on esport, there are a whole host of factors to take into account. The shape of the team, the players, whether there are players who have been ill recently or absent, whether they are joining a new team, etc. These factors are very important to take into account when making your bet. Analyse them as much as possible and try to draw a conclusion. Just like sports betting, you should not rely on the odds. It is not because the odds are low that the bet has a better chance of success than a high odds. Your analysis will be a very large part of the success of your bet.

Choose the game to bet on

Depending on the site where you are going to bet, different games will be offered to you. From League of Legends to Rocket League or Counter Strike, the catalogue offered by betting sites is very wide.

Just like sports betting, sports betting is categorised by game - on Cbet, for example, games are listed on the main page according to the date and time of the event. If you want to see the matches for a specific game, just click on the game you are interested in.

Once the game is selected, you will be taken to the page of all available games. Attention, some games do not appear because the competitions do not take place all year round. As major competitions approach, check that the game you wish to bet on appears on the site.

Knowing the teams in shape at the moment

When analysing your Esport bet, there are several elements to take into account.

  • The current shape of the team you wish to bet on.

  • Look at the statistics of the last few games: the number of kills or goals of each player, the score of each game, the number of rounds or a whole bunch of other statistical elements that will enrich your analysis. Of course, depending on the game you wish to bet on and the bets available, the elements to be analysed will not be the same.

  • The history between the two teams is also an element to be taken into account. Indeed, some teams may play against each other several times during a year, so a short history between the two teams can enrich your analysis. Even if the teams are not made up of the same players in the overall history of the confrontations, this history is still very important to take into account.

  • The behaviour of the two teams during major events should also be taken into account. If a team is not regular at certain competitions, but is regular at all Major events, this must be taken into account. The behaviour of the players during previous competitions should also be analysed. Stress management, communication, etc. To do this, you must have a good knowledge of the game you wish to bet on.

  • View each player's individual stats on the latest matches. See if he has recently been ill before the competition, if he has been training a lot, if there have been any problems, etc. To do this, follow the news sites of the games you wish to bet on.

  • Analysing the calendar is also important. If a team has played a lot recently and is facing an opponent who has played very little, this can affect the result and your analysis. Look at the future team calendar. If a team has to play a very big match a few days after the match you want to bet on, this can affect the motivation of the players etc.

Odds and different bets available

What's a odd?

The odds allow you to know the precise amount of your future earning potential.

To calculate your potential payout, simply do: amount of your bet x total odds of your bet.

For example: €1 (your stake) x 3.54 (your odds) = €3.54 your earning potential.

The latter is calculated taking into account a wide range of criteria, including the shape of the teams, absent players, ranking, etc. Each sports betting site will offer you different odds. From one site to another, the odds on the same event can be different. In addition, it is possible that the odds of a team may vary before the event. If a player is absent at the last minute, if the players bet a lot on a team, etc., the odds may change before the event.

A team with the vast majority of players betting on it will see its odds fall while the odds of the opposing team will rise.

Once the game has started, it is also possible to bet on a live event. During the match, the odds offered to the players can vary greatly depending on what happens in the game.

As can be seen in the previous picture in the match between "Tiger" and "Bren" on Counter Strike, the odds of "Tiger" are 1.31 during the game while "Bren"'s odds are 3.26. A few minutes later, taking into account the match's physiognomy, Cbet adjusts his odds.

It is also possible to calculate the probability of your bet. For this, there is a very precise formula: 1 ÷ your odds x 100 = percentage chance that your bet will win.

Take the match between Tiger and Bren :

The team "Tiger wins the game" is rated at 1.23, the team "Bren wins the game" is rated at 3.89.

If you decide to bet on "Tiger" winning: 1 ÷ 1.23 x100 = 81% chance of success

If you decide to bet on "Bren's" win: 1 ÷ 3.89 x 100 = 25.7% chance of success

It is very important to note that: 81% + 25.7% = 106.7% and not 100%. These 6.7% represent the margin that the site achieves on this esport bet.

The classic bet: choosing the winning team

In the world of sports betting such as the Esport bet, the most famous bet is: "who will win the match? ». The team that receives will always be the "1" team and the team that is received will always be the "2" team. If you see team 1 winning the match, just click on the box. If you see team 2, do the same action.

Once you have selected the team you wish to bet on, you will have a coupon that will appear on the right hand side of your Cbet page. As you can see in the following image, you will also need to place your bet amount and then click on "Place Bet". Once you have done this, wait for your game to run. If your bet wins, the money will be put directly into your account.

Equals combined

Combination betting requires you to bet on a minimum of 2 different matches. On Cbet, it is impossible to make a combined bet on the same match. For example, you cannot bet on the team winning and an over/under. However, you can bet on a team's win on Counter Strike and a team's win on LoL. You can make a combination of 5 games on 5 different games.

If you wish to bet on two different matches, simply click on the two bets you wish to combine. You are not obliged to combine the victory of two teams. In match A you can bet on one team winning and that team is odds 2.5, and in match B you can bet on an over/under with odds 1.34.

How does the handset rating work? It's very simple:

Rating of your match A (2.5 in the example) x rating of your match B (1.34) x rating of your match C if any, etc.

The calculation is as follows: 2.5 x 1.34 = 3.35.

The calculation is as follows: 2.5 x 1.34 = 3.35.

However, all sports and sports betting sites display the final odds and your potential winnings directly.

To win a combination bet, all your bet results must be positive. If in a 6 match combination you have 5 winners and 1 loser, then your bet is lost.

Please note that it is possible to combine a match in progress with a match that has not yet started.

The system bet

The system bet requires you to bet on at least three different matches. Just like the combined system, you can bet on 3 different games and 3 different categories: win, over/under, etc.

Just like the combination bet, you can mix matches in progress with matches that have not yet started.

How does system betting work? Let's imagine that you want to bet on 4 matches: team A, team B, team C and team D. You can then bet as follows: 2/4 and 3/4.

What does this mean? It means that when you bet on the 2/4, at least 2 of your bets on all 4 handsets must win. Same thing for 3/4 where you will need a minimum of 3 winning games.

How is the rating calculated?

Team A = 1.5

Team B = 5

Team C = 4

Team D = 1,21

For a bet where you want at least 2/4 of your bets to win, the formula is as follows. To calculate the potential winnings, the basic bet is €5.

A x B = 1.5 x 5 = 7,5 x 5 € (votre mise) = 37,5 €

A x C = 1.5 x 4 = 6 x 5 € = 30 €

A x D = 1,5 x 1.21 = 1,8 x 5 € = 9 €

B x C = 5 x 4 = 20 x 5 € = 100 €

B x D = 5 x 1.21 = 6,05 x 5 = 30,25 €

C x D = 4 x 1.21 = 4,84 = 24,2

Thus, to have a 2/4 you will have to bet at least 6 bets of €5 each.

If you bet 2/4 and 3/4 of your bets come in, you will have to remove all bets from your losing team to see your win. If in the example above it is team B that loses the match, then you remove the bets: A x B, B x C and B x D.

If you bet on a 2/4 or 3/4 and all your bets come in, then you win the sum of all your bets.

As you can see, depending on the formula you choose, you will not get the same gain.

The bet over / under

Over/under betting is also widespread in the esport betting mode. The principle is very simple:

Let's take the example of Counter Strike. If, during a game, which can last up to 30 laps, you see the game end in 25 laps, then you can bet on "over 24.5" and under "25.5". The over something means that your bet must be over the number you decide to bet. In the FIFA game, you can bet on an over goal. For example, if you see 4 goals in the match, you must bet: over 3.5 (or 2.5 or 1.5). However, if you think there will be less than 4 goals, then you have to bet "under 3.5, under 2.5, under 1.5".

Depending on the game you wish to bet on, the over/under offered are very different. For example, you will be able to bet on the number of rounds (picture 1) or the number of victims during a game (picture 2).

Betting on rounds

Depending on the game you are betting on, it is also possible for you to bet on the games. For example, in round one of a game on Counter Strike, you can bet on "card advantage".

In the following picture, if you see the team to be won with 3 rounds of difference, you can bet on "card advantage (-1.5). This means that Team A starts the game at -2 to 0 in your bet. Thus, to win your bet, the A-team must win with a minimum of 2 innings difference.

If you see the A-team winning in the difficulty, you can bet on A-team (+1.5). This means that Team A starts the match at 2-0. So, if Team A loses the match by 1 set, you still win your bet, as the opposing team must win by at least 2 sets.

This example works with all +/- .

As you can see in the picture above, it is also possible to bet on the winner of the round. So, if you think Team A will win the first map of the game you wish to bet on, you can do so. The same goes for all the other maps. Be careful, the bets offered between each game are different. So you will not find the same betting options on League of Legends and Counter Strike.

The exact score

Depending on the games you wish to bet on, you will also be able to bet on the exact score. This is very simple to understand:

If you see the A-team winning the match on the score of 3-0, just click on "3-0".

Attention, if you select the score "0-3" it means that you see team B winning the match on this score. When selecting your bet, pay attention to the way your score is called.


The emergence of the world of esport in the world is also felt in sports betting. Until a few years ago, betting on esport was impossible. Nowadays, betting sites have understood that a big market was up for grabs.

Nowadays, more and more sports betting opportunities are available to players. Betting on a team's victory is just one of the many possibilities available to you.

It is important to note that depending on the game you choose to bet on, the possibilities will be different from another game.

In a few years' time, it would not be impossible to see the betting options in the esport develop even more and to offer you a wide range of games or options such as it is possible to do with sports betting.

If you wish to bet on esport, you can do so on Cbet. To join this site, click here.

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