Rocket League, Esport video game news
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Rocket League, Esport video game news

After a season 9 that was rocked by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the competitive Esport scene has seen many changes. Rocket League has been no exception and has seen its international competition format evolve ahead of a tenth season. In this article, Lucky7Bonus brings you an update on the Rocket League Esport video game.

What is Rocket League?

Developed by the American company Psyonix, Rocket League is a sports video game that was released in July 2015. It mixes football and mechanical sports, for a new and original look. The rules of the game are simple: two teams of several players (3v3 in competition) face each other on a playing field, driving a vehicle with the objective of kicking a ball and scoring goals in the opposing camp. To achieve this objective, each vehicle is particularly manoeuvrable with jumps and accelerations possible. Various items can be won to customise the vehicle. The game quickly made a name for itself on the Esport scene with the launch of the Rocket League Championship Series in 2016, an international competition bringing together the best players and teams.

A new competition format

Since the first season of the Rocket League Championship Series in 2016, the competition was held in two parts with an online championship per continent (Europe, North America and then Oceania and South America) and Worlds held in LAN (a local network tournament) at the end of each season, approximately every 6 months. But at the end of season 9, the Worlds were cancelled due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the game publisher Psyonix decided to change the format of the competitive scene.

In July 2020, a tenth season is announced, renamed Season X, which will run for one year. The year is divided into 3 continental tournament splits (Regionals) corresponding to autumn, winter and spring, concluding with a LAN Major. Over the course of the events, the various teams will score points and the best teams will then meet for a Worlds once a year at the end of the season.

Rocket League Championship Series Season X

Season X of the Rocket League Championship Series, the new competition format, was launched in August 2020. It is divided into three periods running until June 2021. During the European Regionals in autumn and winter, two teams dominated the proceedings. The Franco-Spanish Team BDS won both Majors, beating the French team Renault Vitality in the final. The spring Regionals 1 had the same result, but the Regionals 2 saw the Spanish Team Queso win over the French Team Solary.

The end of the Regionals and the Spring Major

For Season X, the Spring Regionals take place this weekend in Europe (April 15-18) and next weekend in North America (April 22-25) before a European Major on May 15-16 and a North American Major on May 22-23. 4.5 millions of dollars are being redistributed in prize money for this Season X. The date of the Season X World Championships has not yet been announced.

Solary and Vitality, the French representatives

Two French-speaking teams are currently among the world's elite on Rocket League. Present in many high-level Esports games, Team Vitality is without surprise one of the best teams in Europe on Rocket League. Winners of Season 7 in June 2019, finalists of Season 8 in December 2019, Vitality players have made a very good start to Season X and are already qualified for the upcoming Worlds.

Team Vitality consists of Alexandre 'Mout' Moutarde as coach, former Olympic canoeing medallist Gauthier Klauss as manager and players Victor 'Fairy Peak' Locquet, Alexandre 'Kaydop' Courant and Yanis 'Alpha54' Champenois.

A year ago, Vitality was joined at the top level by Solary from Tours. The club reached the European elite after a qualifying play-off. Since March 2021, Solary has completely overhauled its squad with Julie 'Moon Phases' Combes as coach, captain Victor 'Ferra' Francal, Thibault 'Chausette45' Grzesiak and Belgian Maello 'AztraL' Ernst. With this roster, the club reached the final of the Regionals 2 in spring. This is a vital performance on the road to the European Major, before they hope to join their compatriots from Vitality at the Worlds.

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