CSGO's casinos and betting sites
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CSGO's casinos and betting sites

Many gambling opportunities have revolved around the CSGO game for a few years now. We have seen CSGO skins betting sites, sports betting sites around the CSGO esport scene, and also more recently licensed online casinos.

All of this is generally around the specificity of the CSGO game: skins. Basically, skins are cosmetics available on the Steam market or in crates that can be obtained directly in the game.

In our article, we will explain the different possibilities of gambling and shopping around the CSGO skins.

What is CSGO?

CSGO is an online multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game based on the team game developed by Valve Corporation. The game was made available on all platforms (Computer, PlayStation, and Xbox) in August 2012.

The best-known game mode on CSGO is the competitive mode. This consists of a 5-player vs. 5-player confrontation between terrorists and anti-terrorists over several rounds.

  • The terrorists are the attackers. They must eliminate all the anti-terrorists or place a bomb on one of the available points on the map and let it explode. If one of these two tasks is completed, the terrorists win the round. However, if the terrorists fail to plant the bomb in the time allotted and they are still alive, the anti-terrorists win the round.

  • The anti-terrorists are the defenders. They must eliminate all the terrorists or defuse the bomb that the terrorists have set off on one of the defensive points for which the anti-terrorists are responsible. Unlike terrorists, if the terrorists are all eliminated and the bomb has been planted, anti-terrorists may not defuse the bomb for lack of time. In that case, the terrorists win the round, otherwise, the anti-terrorists win the round.

At the beginning of each game, each player is awarded $800 to buy their first weapons in the first inning. Depending on the actions (eliminations, defusing, priming, assist, etc) that the player will perform during the game this amount can increase up to $16,000. Each player can spend this money as he sees fit throughout the game.

Each game consists of 30 rounds, the team that reaches 16 rounds wins the game. A side change is scheduled after 15 rounds played.

How do I get CSGO skins?

Basically, the only way to get skins was to get random boxes of skins directly from the Steam platform. You could also buy them directly from Steam. Now there are (in addition to Steam) sites that specialize in buying and reselling CSGO skins or sites that offer to buy cases of skins specific to the site.

CSGO cases on Steam

On CSGO, there are different types of boxes depending on the value of the skins inside. It is also possible that special cases may be created containing exclusive skins for certain community or sports events.

There are two ways to obtain CSGO skins cases via the Valve system.

  • Buy a case at the Steam Marketplace;

  • Get a case during your CSGO gaming sessions.

It is not enough to have a case to enjoy your skins. It is necessary to have a key to open the case. So even if you get a free case in game, you still need to buy a key to open it.

Online CSGO cases

Here's a second way to get cases without going through the Valve system. Some sites offer you to buy and open CSGO cases on the same site. These crates are either crates created from scratch by the site or copies of crates from Steam.

In the same way as Valve, these sites offer different cases with prices that vary according to the rarity of the skins they contain.

Buy CSGO skins on Steam

In the community part of Steam, there is a market where you can buy, but also sell CSGO skins. As in the stock market, the prices of CSGO skins vary depending on different factors such as release date, release event, design, etc.

Buy CSGO skins online

Some sites allow you to buy or sell CSGO skins outside of the Steam Community Marketplace. These sites require you to link your Steam account in order to trade skins. To buy them you have to deposit money into your account via various payment methods or get money by selling skins that you own.

How to bet your CSGO skins

Your skins are valuable! You can use them as currency on different sites that will give you an amount to play according to the value of the skins you give them.

With the money you get in exchange for your skins, depending on the site, you can decide to bet on competitive CSGO matches, on regulated slots, open other crates, or play against other players in mini-games.

CSGO betting sites

There are a lot of sites like this, we found one that might be of interest to you if you decide to bet your CSGO skins on mini-games.

The CSGORoll site is a very good example:

  • CSGO box openings;

  • Roulette;

  • Crash game;

  • Dice.

Moreover, as we are in partnership with the CSGORoll website, we have found a great welcome offer for your registration. By using our link, you are entitled to 3 free cases as soon as you register. These can win you a Dragon Lore, one of the rarest and most expensive skins from CSGO.

You can find this offer by clicking here.

CSGO online casinos

Here is a new concept that has recently come on the market. A licensed online casino accepting CSGO skins as a means of payment and withdrawal.

We are obviously talking about Gamdom. Originally Gamdom was a CSGO betting site like all the others, but they decided to evolve by purchasing a gaming license. This gaming license allows them to be in order with the gaming commission and to offer the services of an online casino (slot machines, live games, etc).

However, Gamdom has decided to keep its CSGO betting games for its former community, you can find on Gamdom:

  • Slot machines;

  • Live games (blackjack, roulette, etc);

  • Gamdom roulette;

  • Hilo;

  • Crash game.

Of course, we have a little something for you. Here is a link (by entering the code lucky7) that will allow you to get 1 safe deposit box that can give up to $50 without any deposit.

CSGO's rigged betting sites

A few years ago, a controversy broke out over the CSGO betting sites. Several sites were shut down because they were rigging the results of the mini-games to benefit their creators and partners. This was intended to bring a lot of people back to their sites, as these people were seeing their favorite streamers making a lot of money.

Obviously, this was not the case for everyone!

Since these CSGO betting sites don't have a gaming license, they can do whatever they want with their mini-games and rig the results. Except for Gamdom, which holds a gambling license for its online casino part.

That's why our site exists, we only list trusted sites. This is the mission we have set for ourselves: to direct players to safe sites.

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