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  • Our site covers information about the global gambling industry, including land and online casino games, gambling operators and services for gamblers.

  • All the content and services offered to players have the sole purpose of providing you with information. All the services and content processed on our site is made available to the reader in free and open access. Our site also provides the reader with free services upon registration - itself free - such as the Newsletter.

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Limited liability

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Warning about games

  • Our site provides you with a gaming service - completely free - as well as a redirection to gaming sites (Casino, Bookmaker, Poker). These services are for information purposes only, and only for your personal entertainment. Under no circumstances does our company wish to encourage you to play, bet or wager. As a result, a user will be held solely responsible for his participation, or not, in the games that our services and our site offer. You must, moreover, admit that it is possible to lose money by playing on the entertainment offered by our site and our services. As we are not responsible for your possible loss of money, you will not be able to make any claim against our site or our partners for compensation, reimbursement, or indemnity.

  • In addition, this gaming service is only available to users who have reached the legal age in their country of residence. Our company is not responsible for your activities on the games presented on our site and it is your duty to respect the laws dictated by your country of residence. However, we reserve the right to suspend your access to our site and services if we have evidence that you are under the legal age to play.

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Protection of minors

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