Casinos and betting with Skins DOTA 2
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Casinos and betting with Skins DOTA 2

What is DOTA 2?

Defense Of The Ancients 2, better known as DOTA 2, is an online game of the MOBA type (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), designed by the Valve Corporation and owned by the online gaming giant Steam. DOTA 2 was released in 2013 and is the sequel to DOTA, released 10 years earlier, which was itself a derivative of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

DOTA 2 is played on a closed card which is always the same regardless of the game. This map is symmetrical, which means that each side is identical. Two teams of 5 players compete against each other and each player selects a hero with specific characteristics beforehand, according to your team's strategy. The objective of DOTA 2 is to eliminate the enemy players and destroy the opposing base in order to win the game.

This video game has been a worldwide success for almost 10 years with an ever-growing community of followers. This is why the creators of DOTA 2 have decided to gradually integrate Esport. The success is colossal since today 39 of the 40 biggest prizes generated by Esport tournaments are from DOTA 2!

The success of this simulation also comes from the possibility of buying, reselling and even betting on the Skins present on DOTA 2. Lucky7Bonus offers you an explanatory article about how to obtain these Skins and shows you how to use them on online casinos on the Esport betting sites, including Gamdom!

How do you get DOTA 2 skins?

Several possibilities are available to you to obtain DOTA 2 skins. You can of course buy them on specialised platforms but you can also get them for free in different ways.

Time-based procurement

Time-based procurement is one of the most common ways that DOTA 2 skins are offered to you. In fact, the more time you spend playing DOTA 2, the more rewards you will get! These include Item Sets, Battle Level Bundles, Treasures and Arcane Items.

Live Tournament Spectator Rewards

Thanks to the spectacular evolution of Skins DOTA 2 in Esport, many tournaments and competitions are played very regularly. Some of these encounters allow spectators present at these different matches to win DOTA 2 skins if specific actions take place during the match :

  • The First Blood

  • The multikills

  • Denies on allied heroes

  • Courier's kills

These rewards are awarded at random and each spectator watching the fight while logged in to his or her account can obtain these Skins.

Community events

The creators of DOTA 2 plan community events with specific game features several times a year. Throughout these special tournaments, you have the opportunity to win points which, once accumulated, will give you access to numerous prizes and rewards!

Buy DOTA 2 skins online

Numerous online platforms have integrated the DOTA 2 skins into their catalogues! You can buy, sell, or even bet on these Items. Lucky7Bonus has selected for you the best sites to buy DOTA 2 skins. These sites are reliable and offer you a large choice of Skins that you can exchange in complete security:

This online gaming platform is one of the most reliable and comprehensive in the online gaming industry. You will find many video games and Skins that you can buy, resell and exchange.

How to bet your DOTA 2 skins

You have the opportunity to bet the DOTA 2 skins in your possession by facing other players in a stakes match. The principle is simple: both sides agree on the Items at stake and the winner gets everything back!

Many online gaming sites also allow you to bet your Skins directly on their platforms. Gamdom also offers you to bet your DOTA 2 Skins or to play them, either at the online casino or on the sports and Esport meetings.

Where to play your DOTA 2 skins

Playing online casino with DOTA 2 skins

Some online gaming platforms have integrated DOTA 2 skins into their payment methods. In fact, many sites, in particular cryptos casinos, offer their users the opportunity to exchange the DOTA 2 skins in their possession, which will enable them to credit their balance and thus have access to all the site's functionalities!

To sum up, it is now possible to play at the online casino thanks to the DOTA 2 skins which will allow you to access all your favorite games, whether they be slot machines or the most popular games of the online casino, namely blackjack or roulette.

Betting with DOTA 2 skins

Some Sports and Esport platforms featured on Lucky7Bonus allow you to bet with DOTA 2 skins. Like the online casino, you have the possibility to wager using your Items and thus place your bets on your favorite sports and video games without even depositing money on Gamdom!

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