League of Legends : The Kcorp champion of France
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League of Legends : The Kcorp champion of France

They did it! After joining the LFL (French League of Legends League) last November for the 2021 season, the Karmine Corp, more commonly known as Kcorp, is crowned French champion on the famous video game League of Legends. This triumph comes after their 3-0 victory in the final against Misfits Premier, confirming their formidable run during the regular season of the 2021 spring segment.

The achievement is all the more impressive as the Kcorp had only one season of top-level experience in the second division, and only tasted the elite for the first time this year. The success of the structure is mainly due to the extremely talented players who make up the team, but also thanks to the tens of thousands of spectators, self-proclaimed "ultras" who follow the adventures of the Kcorp with passion and fervor: " We expected it to work but not to this extent. We've managed to attract communities of people who don't play LoL but who have taken an interest in the club and have become hooked," Koteï, a key figure in the Karmine Corp, said a few weeks ago.

Thanks to a surgical precision in their attacks, a perfect control and unstoppable retaliation to their opponents' mistakes, the Kcorp dominated this final head and shoulders. With this success, the team led by the famous youtubers Kameto and Prime has earned the highest national honour on League of Legends.

Who is behind the Kcorp?

The Kcorp is owned by Kamel Kebir and Amine Mekri, better known by the aliases "Kameto" and "Prime". This structure, initially named Kameto Corp, decided to integrate Prime in November 2020 in order to give a new impetus to this team and to place the Karmine Corp at the forefront of the Esport scene.

This structure has been professionalized with the sole purpose of winning trophies and this is what they have done since this weekend. In the off-season, the Kcorp has strengthened itself by convincing players from the European League of Legends elite. Amongst these top players of the Esport scene are :

  • Adam "Adam" Maanane

  • Lucas "Saken" Fayard

  • Raphaël "Targamas" Crabbé

  • Jakub "Cinkrof" Rokicki

  • Matthew Charles "xMatty" Coombs

What is the LFL?

The LFL is the Ligue Française de League of Legends. It is the highest national level and this league opens up new possibilities for this video game since this competition is professional. The LFL was created in 2019 and is composed of 2 seasons per year, called the spring and summer segments.

This league is composed of the top 10 French teams of League of Legends, among which are KCorp, BDS, GamersOrigin, Solary, Vitality.Bee, Misfits Premier, Team MCES, GameWard, IziDream and the Team LDLC OL.

How did the tournament go?

The teams mentioned above play each other during a regular season and play all other teams twice, for a total of 18 games for each club. Based on the results, points are awarded to determine the final ranking.

The top 5 teams in the LFL regular season qualify for the playoffs. The fifth place team plays the fourth place team in a playoff. The winner plays the third place team in the overall standings and the winner of that game plays the second place team. Finally, the winner meets the team that finished at the top of the regular season and the winner of this match becomes the French champion on League of Legends.

What's next for Kcorp?

This title of French champion is a major achievement in the world of Esport for the Kcorp. But this recognition does not stop at national borders. Indeed, as the LFL is a major league in the professional world of League of Legends, the first 3 places in the general ranking directly qualify the teams concerned for the European Masters 2021!

This continental tournament is composed of the 16 best teams competing for the title of European champion. The Kcorp will be joined by the unfortunate finalists Misfits Premier, winners of the 2019 edition, and Vitality.Bee, who finished third in the LFL.

Following its victory in the spring segment, Karmine Corp is now the favourite for these European Masters which start at the end of April. The Kcorp continues its meteoric rise in Esport, and the story of Kameto and Prime is not about to end!

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