What are the best online slot machines?
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What are the best online slot machines?

This question comes up a lot in the mouths of online casino players. The answer to this question is quite subjective, given that slots at online casinos have an RTP that varies around 96%. The RTP is a percentage of the total money put into a slot machine that is going to be redistributed to the players.

What will change a lot from one slot machine to another is its volatility. Volatility is the potential of a slot machine. The higher the volatility, the greater the difference between small winnings and big winnings. If the volatility is low, then this gap is reduced and the slot machine will be more consistent in its payout distribution.

From a certain point of view, the best slot machine would be one with an above-average RTP (for example 98%) and very low volatility. This allows for regular winnings but a much-reduced potential for big winnings.

From another point of view, the best slot machine would be a slot machine with a more or less average RTP with very high volatility. That is to say, the slot machine will make a lot of small winnings or no winnings at all and will pay out massively very rarely. The potential of this kind of slot machine is very very very high and can make you win the jackpot.

For our article, we will focus on the second point: Slot machines with a huge win potential.

How many slot machines are there?

The differences between slot machines

When we talk about the differences between slot machines, there are different aspects that come into play, including the type of slot machine:

  • Reel Slots: This is the most common type of slot machine in the online casino market. It copies the model of the old-fashioned slot machines that scrolled reels of symbols with connecting lines.

  • Grid Slot Machine: This is a new kind of slot machine, featuring a grid where symbols cascade down with connections depending on the number of similar symbols on the grid.

  • Megaways Slot Machine: The Megaways technology is a licensed technology developed by BigTimeGaming. They also develop slot machines on which they put their technology. In addition, they create partnerships with other slot machine publishers to implement their technology. This technology is based on changing the number of Ways (with adjacent connections). Hundreds of thousands of possible payment lines can be reached. These Megaways are calculated according to the number of symbols that appear on the reels. The more symbols there are the more Megaways there are, and the higher the potential for winning.

  • Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines: This is another well-known case in slot machines. They are based on a common pot between all the players and the player who achieves the required conditions (defined sequence of symbols) wins the jackpot.

Couple that with the types of connections possible on slot machines:

  • Adjacent connections: This type of connection doesn't follow any predefined pattern, the symbols connect to each other by being next to each other;

  • Connection Lines: These are predefined lines in the slot rules.

What also changes a lot from slot machine to slot machine is the design of the slot machine, which is created by a slot machine supplier. Each slot machine supplier has its own graphic design and offers different things. But what is a slot machine supplier?

What is a Slot Machine Provider?

You should know that slots are not created by online casinos. And no, they are licensed outside companies that create the slots from scratch, host them and make them available to online casinos in exchange for a percentage of the net winnings that the online casinos make on their slots.

These external companies are called "providers". There are hundreds of them, and each of these providers owns an average of about 100 slot machines.

The Slots that Pay the Most

As we said in the introduction, we will talk about the slot machines that pay the most based on their potential. Here is a top 10 of those slots that can pay out massively:

  • Dead or Alive 2 (max x100.000)

  • Money Train 2 (max x50.000)

  • Razor Shark (max x50.000)

  • John Hunter and the Secrets of Da Vinci's Treasure (max x48.000)

  • Curse of the Werewolf Megaways (max x41.000)

  • Book of Shadow (max x30.000)

  • Dragon Tribe (max x27.000)

  • Star Bounty (max x25.000)

  • Sweet Bonanza (max x21.000)

  • Gonzo's Quest Megaways (max x20.000)

The most played slots

A lot of slot machines come out every week, some of them stand out and are played a lot by the players. The rankings of the most played slots change a lot each month. But there are 3 of them that have been on top since they came out and have been for years.

  • Book of Dead by Play'n Go

  • Dead or Alive by Netent

  • Steam Tower by Netent

Bidule's favorite slot machines

A lot of people are asking this question. So we're going to show you what are the favorite machines of our favorite streamer Bidule. Here is a list of his 7 favorite machines:

  • Book of Dead

  • John Hunter and the Secrets of Da Vinci's Treasure

  • Rise of Olympus

  • Battle Royal

  • Tombstone

  • Jammin Jars

  • Sweet Bonanza

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