Loopo hits a record 1 million euros win
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Loopo hits a record 1 million euros win

Lucky7Bonus often look back at the big news related to the online casino and streamers slots universe on Twitch. The story of this Sunday, June 6, 2021 must be told as it is exceptional. After several months of searching for the Holy Grail, Loopoo has finally got his hit.

The legendary bad luck high roller has finally broken all Twitch game records on the Buffalo King Megaways slot machine. On a €20,000 bonus buy, and on the very first free spin, a €1,000,000 max win was revealed in front of nearly 7,000 viewers and a shocked Loopoo.

Lucky7Bonus tells you about what is most likely Loopoo's biggest online casino session as well as being the biggest win for a French speaking streamer slot.

Who is Loopoo?

For those of you who don't know Loopoo, he's a French-speaking slot streamer based in Malta. Known for his incredible bad luck, the one nicknamed El Avocado quickly made a name for himself in the online casino world on Twitch thanks to disproportionate bets. Indeed, the young Tim is always aiming for big wins and is not afraid to bet more than he should.

For a few months now, he has been betting a large part of his balance and sometimes even all of it to reach what is commonly called an all-in!

This method has not always been a winning one for Loopoo, who has sometimes seen dozens of losing sessions in the space of just a few weeks. Unfortunately, this is often the price to pay when you want to play big to win big against the casino.

After several big wins on high value spins and astronomically priced bonus purchases, Loopoo has finally achieved the dream of many players: the million on a spin!

Buffalo King Megaways, the slot that delivers Loopoo

You've probably heard of the Megaways technology and you've probably heard of the Buffalo King slot machine too. It's on the fusion of these two entities that Loopoo has achieved its incredible record.

Two years after the great success of Buffalo King in 2019, online games provider Pragmatic Play has revisited its own slot machine to bring Buffalo King Megaways. The addition of Big Time Gaming technology and the stunt system to this already popular slot could only end well.

Connections are simplified and the maximum combination potential reaches an incredible 200,704 ways. The principle remains the same, you have to connect identical symbols, if possible buffalos, from left to right with the help of wilds bearing multipliers. The latter multiply each other to express the full potential of this slot machine very quickly. Indeed, the maximum win on Buffalo King Megaways is limited to 5,000 times the starting bet and can happen at any time as El Avocado experienced on its bonus.

A session that didn't start well

Prior to his incredible record-breaking win, it's important to note that Loopoo was not in a great position. The young streamer started his live session with a bonus hunt that didn't bode well. The day before, the big winnings came after his usual €60,000 deposit boost. The aggressive style of Tim with bets of several hundred euros per spin paid off while Hippo Pop, Buffalo King, Gems Bonanza or even live roulette allowed the young Maltese resident to increase his balance from €60,000 to €300,000 in a few hours.

Loopoo then prepares a bonus hunt for his next stream in order to open up many of the free spins bonuses already obtained in advance. Only this time his luck ran out and when the €300,000 balance dropped to 0, only 11 bonuses were ready to be opened. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of break even, this number is the average multiplier you need to get when opening each bonus to get your starting balance back.

Loopoo starts the opening of his bonus hunt with a break even of x127, which is quite high and therefore a bad omen for the young streamer's future balance.

Indeed, after having opened 9 bonuses out of the 11 available, Tim had only recovered €88,000 of his €300,000 invested. Fortunately for him, the second to last bonus: 13 free spins of €500 on The Dog House, allowed him to recover nearly €132,000!

The bonus hunt that seemed more than catastrophic therefore ends with a loss of €75,000.

Just enough time to come to his senses

No time to feel sorry for himself for Loopoo who goes straight back to his good habits by buying bonuses for indecent sums in search of the huge winnings so long awaited. From €20,000 to €40,000 spent on bonuses on slots that are considered to be good values such as Fruit Party or Gems Bonanza and a balance that holds up quite well while considerably increasing the total amount wagered to meet the wagering requirements.

Just 15 minutes after the bonus hunt ends, Loopoo has the great idea to head over to Buffalo King Megaways to purchase €20,000 in free spins bonuses. His goal is always the same and he is very clear "goal: the x5,000 to take a million"!

The first bonus is excellent and Loopoo leaves with €68,000, a good omen for the future? No time to rest, the young high roller goes on with a second bonus of €20,000 and as he talks with the 6,000 spectators present on the live, the long awaited moment takes place before his eyes...

One bonus, one spin, one million euros

The first free spin is a real buffalo festival for Loopoo, with 8 symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 plus 2 Wilds for a total multiplier of 6. Tim begins to realise the potential of this round and begs the slot machine to show up a buffalo on the first reel to connect all these symbols together.

Not one, but 4 buffalo fill the left reel to make the connection and increase the payout to over €289,000 before the x6 multiplier has even kicked in. Loopoo quickly understands that the slot's maximum potential will be reached and that his hit awaits him at the end of this round. He shouts it out as soon as the connection is activated, indeed, he has in front of him: "THE MILLION!"

Maximum winnings achieved

All slot machines have a maximum winning potential. Sometimes this is the maximum win you can technically achieve, but sometimes this multiplier is the maximum the slot will be allowed to pay out. This means that if your winnings exceed the limit, the spin or the bonus stops and only the maximum winnings are awarded.

On the Buffalo King Megaways slot machine, the maximum potential payout is 5,000 times the original bet. In this case of a bonus where each spin has a value of €200, the maximum payout is €1,000,000, which is why the Loopoo bonus suddenly stops on the first spin.

Mission: complete the wager and withdraw the million

It's hard to anticipate a reaction to this kind of event, even for the most experienced gamblers. After screaming, jumping up and down, and throwing his microphone and breaking one of his screens, Loopoo has to control himself in order to come to terms with the adrenaline rush.

He still has a new goal to reach: to withdraw at least one million euros. In order to do this, the young Maltese resident has to meet the wagering requirements set when he received his deposit bonus.

Tim then sets out to wager almost a million euros and complete his wager without losing his balance.

After making dozens of €20,000 purchases on Fruit Party and Sweet Bonanza, Loopoo turns to more original games such as Gonzo's Treasure Hunt, Plinko or Megaball where he bets several tens of thousands of euros every minute.

With such an aggressive style of play, it didn't take long for the wager to be completed and less than an hour after his incredible record win, Loopoo was finally able to withdraw his entire remaining balance of €1,104,000!

After Teufeurs won nearly €850,000 on The Dog House Megaways and this new record set by Loopoo, who will be the next French speaking streamer to take the throne of the biggest win on stream?

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