The new JetX: F777 Fighter
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The new JetX: F777 Fighter

Following the success of the so-called crash games, many providers and online casinos decided to create their own games. There is no doubt that crash games are easy to set up when the graphics are not at the heart of the development and the gameplay is very simplistic.

Fortunately, new nuggets have appeared offering a real musical atmosphere, beautiful graphics and some additional features. This was already the case with JetX, made by SmartSoft Gaming in 2019, but this one will seem far too simple and empty in comparison with the new crash game F777 Fighter, made by the provider Onlyplay in 2021.

Today Lucky7Bonus takes care of explaining what the new F777 Fighter brings, the notable differences with JetX, where you can play this crash game for free and our general opinion on F777 Fighter.

What is F777 Fighter?

F777 Fighter is a classic crash game at first glance. The player will take off from an aircraft carrier and a multiplier will be triggered and increase over time. Unfortunately, there are many enemies in the way of your burst and it may explode at any time due to artillery fire or an attack from another plane.

The player's objective is to cash out at the right moment, that is, before the plane explodes. At the beginning of the game, the player will decide on an amount to bet. If the plane explodes and the player does not cash out in time, then the player will lose his entire bet. On the other hand, if the player manages to cashout at the right time, then he will win his bet with the multiplier displayed on the screen at the time of cashout.

The difficulty for the player is to place the right bet by setting a maximum multiplier that is neither too low nor too high. F777 Fighter can be stressful, because the plane can crash right from the start, i.e. x 1, so you won't make any profit and no one will bet on x 1 anyway. On the other hand, the multiplier can be very high and reach x 1 000 or more.

F777 Fighter provides options to make the game automatic and take a little less risk. At the start of each game, your bet can be automatically started, but you can still cash out at any time you want. The second option will allow you to cashout automatically from a certain multiplier, for example, by choosing the multiplier x 1.5, then the game will automatically cashout when the multiplier reaches x 1.5. If, unfortunately, the plane is destroyed before your target multiplier, then you lose your bet.

For now, no difference with a classic crash game like JetX, now let's see the differences that F777 Fighter offers to stand out and bring a new breath to the genre.

What is the difference between F777 Fighter and JetX?

First of all, let's talk about the Smiley icon that allows you to share your emotions with other players. All participants will be able to see your smiley face on the right side of the screen, a principle inspired by lives on social networks like Instagram or TikTok. Even if it may seem trivial, it's a way to communicate with other players and to feel less lonely when your plane crashes or to share your success when a huge multiplier shows its nose. The loneliness was more noticeable on JetX in comparison.

Regarding the real interesting bonuses of F777 Fighter, players can count on the refueling planes that will increase the multiplier. This plane will go in front of the fighter to refuel it, only at the end of this refueling will the multiplier increase by +20%, +40% or +60%. For example, if you have a multiplier of x 7 and you get a bonus of +20%, then your multiplier will immediately increase to x 8.4. This bonus is bound to be more interesting on large multipliers.

Be careful though, the bonus will only apply at the end of the refueling and it is quite possible that the plane will crash 1 second before the +20% bonus is applied. The player will have to pay close attention to what is happening on the screen, F777 Fighter will play with your nerves!

The third difference with JetX is the progressive jackpot that F777 Fighter offers. This jackpot can be quite complex to understand, but we at Lucky7Bonus will explain it to you. Every time a player bets on F777 Fighter, a portion of that bet will be used to increase the total progressive jackpot payout.

The jackpot can be triggered at any time above the x3 multiplier. For example, if the jackpot is triggered when the multiplier reaches x6, then all players who have not yet cashout will share the total jackpot. Unfortunately, if you have cashout before you reach x6, then you won't get a penny of that jackpot.

The jackpot winnings will be redistributed equally among players according to their starting wager: the higher your starting wager, the larger the percentage of the jackpot you will receive. Of course, if you are the only player present then you win the entire progressive jackpot and it will start over.

Where to Play F777 Fighter?

Currently, none of Lucky7Bonus' online casino partners offer F777 Fighter, but this should be the case very soon.

However, other online casinos offer their own version of the crash game, but they are often much simpler than F777 Fighter, so they may still be suitable for you while you wait to try out this latest crash game directly. Don't hesitate to take advantage of the exclusive welcome offers to try the crash games at Lucky7Bonus' online casino partners:

  • Crash, the equivalent of JetX is available at Gamdom: exclusive offer with Lucky7Bonus → 15% Rakeback (code LUCKY7)

  • Aviator, the equivalent of JetX is available at Extra Casino: exclusive offer with Lucky7Bonus → €600 + 100 free spins.

Our review of F777 Fighter

F777 Fighter is just as exciting as JetX for players looking for pressure and big multipliers. The additions are very interesting, first of all to communicate with the other players present during the session via emoticons is a great idea to share your frustration and your victories.

The supply planes can give a real boost to your multiplier with +20%, +40% or +60% to further optimize your cashout and make a nice profit. The progressive jackpot is just as interesting and will push you to wait for at least the x 3, a certain risk for a nice reward.

The graphics and the musical atmosphere have been reworked for the occasion by the provider Onlyplay, who managed to make this crash game more innovative than its competitors. A great success for F777 Fighter, which has climbed to the top of the podium.

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