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Who is CasinoDaddy ?

Erik, Anton and Mathias Joelsson are three Swedish brothers with a passion for gambling. It is under the name CasinoDaddy that the siblings became known on Twitch and YouTube. The three brothers who make up CasinoDaddy broadcast their sessions almost daily on online casinos and define themselves as "degen", lovers of risk-taking.

CasinoDaddy's background and gambling beginnings

It was through poker that the three brothers discovered the world of Internet gambling. Fans of roulette, the Swedish brothers started out simply playing, before taking a close interest in the gambling and streaming industry. The rapid development of their various channels propelled CasinoDaddy to become a major player on the Scandinavian scene. The young streamers have evolved and grown up in front of their viewers, as have their charisma and self-confidence. "Our primary goal has always been to enable people to play the games they love reliably, safely and affordably," CasinoDaddy said in an interview when developing its own affiliate site.

CasinoDaddy on the Internet

Lives on Twitch

According to the SullyGnome website, the Twitch CasinoDaddy channel was created on 8 April 2016. It brings together more than 163,000 followers and more than 22 million views (as of 18 January 2021). After Roshtein and ClassyBeef, it is the third most watched Slots channel in the world. An average of around 2,000 viewers are present at each session broadcast live by the Joelsson brothers. Thanks to their different personalities and constant interaction with their fans, the brothers of the CasinoDaddy trio have created a real community of loyal viewers.

CasinoDaddy on YouTube

Since April 2016, CasinoDaddy's YouTube channel has attracted nearly 68,000 subscribers. In addition to replays of their Twitch sessions, it features clips of big wins, best of and fun moments from their streams. The videos gather several thousand views depending on the subject. In parallel, slot machine reviews are available on the related channel of the trio Aboutslots Casino Community, created in March 2018 in connection with the affiliate site.

Aboutslots, CasinoDaddy's affiliate site

The trio relies on an affiliation website called Aboutslots. It lists the various partnerships established with the casinos by offering exclusive bonuses to their fans. The site has several sections: the publication of videos of big wins, a forum for discussion and mutual aid between players, a page reserved for Giveaway, reviews of slots and casinos and news about the online casino. Thanks to its loyal audience, CasinoDaddy has been able to find the best offers on the Scandinavian and international market and thus ensure significant and regular revenue.

Projects and the future?

At the end of 2020, CasinoDaddy entered into a partnership with online gaming provider PushGaming to exclusively introduce a new slot machine, Wheel of Wonders. The online casino Casumo was the venue for this grand premiere, live on the trio's Twich channel. "Streamers are now a key part of the Slots community and there are few as important as CasinoDaddy. They engage and entertain players with their enjoyable streams and it was a pleasure to partner with them for this exclusive launch," said Darren Stephenson, Push Gaming's Marketing Director. A broadcast followed by thousands of viewers that further strengthened CasinoDaddy's position on the international Slots scene.

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