VonDice, the Human Chestnut
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VonDice, the Human Chestnut

Who’s VonDice ?

Andrew, AKA VonDice, is a 35 year old Twitch streamer, offering content on various online casinos since the launch of its channel on February 21, 2021. A great friend of the famous Roshtein, who launched him in the world of streaming at the beginning of 2021. The spectators of DeuceAce and Rosh must have already seen Andrew during his numerous appearances on their streams. Although his solo start is very recent, VonDice has impressive statistics, we can already say that his debut is successful and that the future looks promising for the new streamer that is Andrew.

In his thirties, VonDice leaves Sweden, his home country, to change his life. He moves to Malta where he plans to spend some time before finally settling down completely on this beautiful island.

The beginnings of VonDice in online gambling

After making lucrative investments in cryptomoney, Andrew is enjoying life with his longtime friends Jay and Roshtein, the latter inviting him to spend time with him in front of the slot machines on his December 31st stream. Andrew discovers a new world as viewers discover a new and atypical personality.

The connection through the screen is directly established, Andrew discovers the world of entertainment and quickly becomes hooked as viewers discover an attaching character, wholesome and full of humor that they keep on asking over and over.

Present during his friend Roshtein's big wins like his 320,000 € spin on Fruit Party or those of DeuceAce, he is quickly called the Human Chestnut by the two Swedish streamers and brings a real added value to their streams with his accent close to Schwarzenegger "Uneblievable", his jokes and his explosive reactions to his friends' huge wins.

VonDice starting on Twitch

VonDice's appearances on Roshtein's and DeuceAce's streams are becoming more and more frequent, and viewers are beginning to ask Andrew to start his own Twitch channel. The idea quickly becomes a project and with the help of his two friends, VonDice learns how to play slot machines and the use of streaming softwares in order to perfect himself for the big day.

More than 20 000 viewers VonDice’s first stream

On 21/02/2021 at 9pm, after a week of teasing, Andrew launches his very first Twitch stream on his own channel. As for his friend DeuceAce, one can imagine the aura of the number one gambling streamer on Twitch, Roshtein had an impact on the impressive number of spectators who came to follow VonDice's channel and watch his first session. More than 20,000 people are there to watch Andrew start his streaming career, while more than 25,000 had already clicked the "follow" button on his Twitch channel before the launch.

But to be honest, this huge success is mainly due to the personality of this great teddy bear who has completely conquered the community of slot spectators. Andrew receives tremendous support from his viewers who let him know how much they love his vitality and freshness. Its Twitch channel now has more than 50,000 followers and the numbers are growing steadily.

VonDice the lucky Swedish

The one nicknamed the Human Chestnut did not lose his powers during his first sessions with his own money. Indeed, on his first stream, Andrew was able to end the evening with a consequent withdrawal, which will allow him to play live for a while without impacting his wallet.

After having boosted his balance up to 45,000 €, VonDice launches a hunt bonus which thus turns out to pay off, partly thanks to a 9,800 € win on Mystery Museum (including 7,700 € in the bonus alone). Roshtein and Jay make their appearance on the stream and congratulate the great Swedish on his new fabulous lucky hit, he will then leave with a 58,000 € withdrawal once the wager is completed.

On the second day, the new hunt bonus is, this time, not looking good. But since the 3 Swedes are obviously favored on Mystery Museum (we're joking of course), VonDice gets a big win again with 5,560 € on this crazy slot machine! And because he could not stop there, Andrew's 3rd stream will also be a lucky one, with a 25,000 € withdrawal at the end and some very nice wins including more than 10,000 € on The Hand of Midas and some big wins on the Swedish people's favorite slot machine (Mystery Museum again, huh?).

A promising future for VonDice

After an exceptional start, VonDice is certainly not going to stop there and the future will tell us, but it seems like he is well on his way to become one of the top online casino streamers by forming with his two friends an excellent trio of Swedish streamers. Finally, Lucky7Bonus can only congratulate Andrew on his successful launch and wish him even more luck and fun for the future!

VonDice's Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/vondice

VonDice's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vondicetv/

VonDice's Twitter: https://twitter.com/vondicetv

VonDice's TwitchTracker: https://twitchtracker.com/vondice

VonDice's Sullygnome: https://sullygnome.com/channel/vondice

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