Top 10 slot streamers on Twitch
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Top 10 slot streamers on Twitch

For a few years now, online gambling has become a category in its own right on the Twitch streaming platform. The streamers broadcast their frenzied sessions on the various online casinos with which they are partners, and the community that follows them is growing every day and asking for more and more.

The meteoric rise of the online casino has enabled several streamers to make a place for themselves in this environment. All of them have a different personality and have to be ever more inventive in order to stand out from the competition and satisfy the viewers.

Lucky7Bonus offers you a ranking of the 10 most important online casino streamers on the Twitch streaming platform.

1/ Roshtein

Roshtein is undoubtedly the most famous and popular casino streamer. This colorful character is originally from Sweden and lives in Malta. Roshtein has truly become the reference in English-speaking gambling and gathers on average between 10,000 and 15,000 spectators every day! This gambling enthusiast is also passionate about video games such as World of Warcarft.

Thanks to his good humour, his joie de vivre and his madness that has become legendary, Roshtein has somewhat democratised online casino streams, making them more fun and entertaining. Roshtein is of course ranked first in the slot streamers ranking and 32nd in the world in all categories. One thing is for sure, however, and that is that we will be hearing for a long time to come about the atypical Swedish streamer Roshtein, who is the real boss of streaming slots.

2/ Classy Beef

Classy Beef is a streamer collective that operates mainly on Twitch and also offers content on Youtube. This group of gamblers is composed of 7 people, including: Espen, Joe, Nando, Biggo, Jonte, Georgi & Lamar. Thanks to this high number of streamers for a single channel, this band of friends can broadcast almost continuously and in turn, ranking Classy Beef as the second most active streamer on Twitch.

It must be said that the figures achieved by Classy Beef are impressive. Indeed, in only two years, they have been live for more than thousands of hours and their channel has in total several million hours of viewing! Classy Beef also has 128,000 followers and offers them quality and varied content due to the difference in character of each one.

3/ Casino Daddy

Back to Sweden once again to meet Casino Daddy. This Twitch channel is made up of three Swedish brothers with a passion for gambling, who broadcast their online sessions almost daily on different online casinos. Erik, Karl Anton and Mathias Joelsson are between 26 and 32 years old and have decided to create the Casino Daddy channel in April 2016. The success was almost immediate and the three brothers decided to continue the adventure thanks to a professionalism and a willingness to do well.

Almost 4 years later, the Casino Daddy channel is still there and ranks on the podium of the Twitch channels broadcasting slots. With more than 900,000 hours of viewing for the month of December and an average of around 2,000 viewers on each stream, Casino Daddy amply deserves its 162,000 followers and its number three position!

4/ Deuce Ace

Deuce Ace is a streamer that arrived very recently in the Twitch game. This rather discreet and mysterious character is one of Roshtein's best friends, who allowed him to enter the online gambling world through the front door. The streams, overlays and various animations present on Deuce Ace's stream are identical to what happens on Roshtein's live shows.

But beware, this doesn't mean that Deuce Ace is there by default or even by chance! This hard worker offers his viewers quality and original content, with a lot of interaction with the audience. The one we call Jay started on Twitch 4 months ago and his streams are still followed as much as ever. Indeed, Deuce Ace brings together between 3,000 and 8,000 viewers for each stream, which usually lasts several hours, with peaks that can reach 15,000 viewers. Deuce Ace has made a huge entry into the online gambling world and this is probably just the beginning of the story.

5/ Xposed

Xposed is a 24 year old Canadian streamer who offers his community some wild lives on different online casinos. Passionate about video games and more particularly Call of Duty, the streamer Exposed, whose real name is Cody Burnett, has progressively oriented his activity towards casino streaming. Since 2017, he launches very regular broadcasts in which he tries to hit the jackpot. Nevertheless, Xposed has more than 300,000 followers on Twitch and gathers an average of between 1,000 and 4,000 spectators during each stream.

Xposed is also very present on social networks. Contrary to the streamers presented above, Cody does not hesitate to share his private life in front of everyone, which has the effect of spontaneously getting closer to his community.

6/ Bidule

Who else but Bidule could be the first French-speaking person to be included in this ranking? This young Maltese resident has been passionate about gambling for several years and is what we can call a real gambler! This young man played a lot of video games in his youth, in particular CS:GO on which he spends more than 5000 hours. It is also thanks to this game that Bidule discovered gambling. For more than two years now, Bidule has been broadcasting his crazy sessions on online casinos and winning huge sums of money in front of thousands of viewers!

The meteoric rise of Bidule has been possible thanks to his ability to animate a live show, also because of his madness and his benevolence. This success is also the result of hard work, rewarded by an exceptional community, always present, always numerous and always active. All these elements together rank Bidule at the very top of the French-speaking streamers ranking, with more than 100,000 followers on Twitch and an average of 5,000 spectators at each stream.

You can find Bidule almost every night of the week on its Twitch channel, which you can find by clicking here.

7/ MarkoLasso

MarkoLasso is an online casino streamer that broadcasts his sessions directly to his Twitch channel from Malta, where he currently lives. This young streamer started his career in gambling by working for the ClassyBeef collective before leaving for other horizons and starting a solo streaming career. MarkoLasso also owns a Youtube channel, which he regularly feeds with best-of of his sessions on Twitch.

With an average audience of 1,000, as well as 23,000 followers on his Twitch channel created in 2020, MarkoLasso is gradually making his way up and making a place for himself in the top 10 of the most important online casino streamers.

8/ Teufeurs

Teufeurs is a French-speaking streamer regularly broadcasting online casino sessions on its Twitch channel. This atypical 27-year-old character has the reputation of being a natural person, with a mixture of exacerbated madness and great kindness. A great friend of Bidule for several years, the two men have become geographically closer and Teufeurs joined him to live in Malta, which was unexpected just a few years ago for this young man from Le Mans. Indeed, Teufeurs had an amazing journey before he got to where he is today, from a lorry driver struggling to finish the month to a millionaire living on a paradise island!

Very present on the social networks, the one called Teuf is also present on Twitch, and has acquired the place of number 2 among the French-speaking streamers, just behind Bidule. The free and engaging personality of Teufeurs has made this success possible, and he now has 135,000 followers on Twitch as well as an ever-present community, regardless of the time of the streams, which is sometimes late.

9/ TheLateNightSlots

TheLateNightSlots is a collective of two English streamers, presenting their Twitch channel like a TV show. This duo of animators is passionate about gambling and, despite their recent arrival in online gambling, TheLateNightSlots is already among the 10 most important channels in the Twitch slots category. This collective is made up of animators called Toni TNT and YourhostRob. The friendly atmosphere that reigns on TheLateNightSlots streams helps to build viewer loyalty and to achieve more than correct figures for a start.

In barely two months, the duo has gathered 44500 followers on their Twitch channel and between 1000 and 2000 spectators are on average present on each of the streams of TheLateNightSlots.

10/ Taour

Taour is a 23 year old Belgian casino streamer offering content exclusively on Twitch. This young man made his name by playing League of Legends, a game on which his interesting level allowed him to be semi-professional and thus to have visibility. It was in 2018 that Taour joined the online gambling scene, and two years later the Belgian is now ranked third among French-speaking streamers! Its Twitch channel has almost 80,000 followers and brings together an average of between 1000 and 2000 viewers.

Taour is a great friend of the Belgian streamer Ekanos and is also present quite frequently on the streams of Loopoo, two other French-speaking streamers. He has managed to make his place in the world of French-speaking online casinos, and is not about to leave it any time soon.

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