xQcOW, pro in every areas
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xQcOW, pro in every areas

The recent explosive growth of the Twitch streaming platform has resulted in a real change in the behaviour of content creators. The most popular Twitch channels now offer a wider variety of content and streamers are not hesitating to adapt to each new trend in order to maintain and even increase their audience.

xQcOW is the perfect example, this former professional eSports player has become the most prolific Twitch streamer of 2020 by offering very different types of content.

Today, Lucky7Bonus takes a look at the man who is simply considered by many to be the boss of the Twitch game.

Who is xQcOW?

xQcOW, whose real name is Felix Lengyel, is a 25 year old Canadian (born November 12, 1995) who came up through the competitive gaming scene before becoming a full-time Twitch streamer and internet content creator. Felix was born in Laval, Quebec and grew up between his two divorced parents with his brother Nicolas.

From a young age, the Quebecer took an interest in Youtube and created his own channel, where he shares various content based on his passions at the time: skateboarding, snowboarding, trampolining and of course, video games.

Félix is not passionate about his studies, one year after starting a degree in humanities at CEGEP, the young Canadian reoriented himself towards administration. He didn't complete his degree and quit his studies a few months before graduation to pursue his passion for video games and streaming.

His first nickname, xQcLoL represents the last letter of his first name (x), the abbreviation of his region Quebec (Qc) and his favorite video game of the time, League of Legends.

xQcOW's pro gaming career

After having shared his League of Legends games in streams for several months, xQcLoL discovered the game Overwatch and found himself at an excellent level before renaming himself xQcOW.

His level impresses and quickly allows him to create a place for himself on the competitive video game scene by becoming the titular tank of the semi-professional eSport team DatZit Gaming. Felix and his teammates won the Overwatch Dreamhack Montreal tournament on August 13, 2016.

This first victory allows Lengyel to join the Q? team which will be introduced in the Denial eSports structure on October 12th 2016 to become a real professional eSports team. Denial eSports was known for its Call of Duty team's victory at the 2015 World Championships as well as their takeover by Robert Bowling, the former head developer of Infinity Ward.

In less than a year, Denial eSports and xQcOW won 3 tournaments including the Rivalcade Weekly #3 North America. Despite these successes, Denial eSports disbanded and the team continued to play together under the name YIKE!. The name was rejected by Blizzard and the very unprofessional logo had to be changed to Arc 6.

The team managed to qualify for the Zero season of Overwatch Contenders on their first attempt. They were quickly eliminated in the group stages before taking 3rd place in their next tournament: the Beat Invitational.

The Arc 6 players split up in search of a more organized professional team and Lengyel joined Dallas Fuel, the team representing the city of Dallas, Texas, USA, in the official Overwatch League. Felix is often the key element of his team during most of the competitions played.

After putting his professional gaming career on hold, xQcOW returned to the competitive scene with the GOATS team. A few months later, he joined the Los Angeles Gladiators structure by joining the Gladiators Legion team. The latter will be dissolved at the end of 2019.

Officially retired, Lengyel may very well return to competition at any time and participate in an Overwatch tournament if he feels the urge.

xQcOW's best achievement on the professional stage was certainly his world campaign in 2017. After qualifying his team for the Overwatch World Cup by beating the Netherlands 3-0, Lengyel helped the Canadians reach the final against the dominant South Koreans. Despite losing out on the trophy to the defending champions, xQcOW was voted MVP (best player) of the competition.

xQcOW's controversies

During his playing career, xQcOW has experienced a number of suspensions, bans from tournaments, Twitch and video games. Lengyel is known for not mincing his words and can sometimes have words that go beyond the limits tolerated by different structures and institutions.

On 17 November 2017, Blizzard expelled Lengyel from an Overwatch competitive match and suspended his player account for 72 hours for misuse of the reporting system. Felix had repeatedly reported a player who refused to change heroes despite continuing to lose.

A month later, xQcOW dropped out of an ongoing Overwatch competitive match, resulting in a 7-day suspension from Blizzard. Felix releases a public apology video a few days later.

On August 11, 2018 Blizzard's Felix account is suspended after his teammates report insults from him on several occasions. Despite a warning from the Overwatch World Cup organization, the young Quebecer will be able to represent Canada by participating in the championship.

His reputation did not improve, a few weeks after this suspension, Lengyel was permanently banned from the League of Legends video game for insults in the in-game chat once again.

After playing a few games alongside other Dallas Fuel players, Lengyel will be suspended for 4 games by the Overwatch League. Felix was alleged to have made homophobic comments about an opponent during a stream on his Twitch channel after losing to him. The league's decision was supported by Dallas Fuel, which extended the suspension to the entire first half of the competition.

Despite an explosive comeback with excellent performances, Lengyel was suspended again following inappropriate comments on his Twitch stream. The Quebecer was very critical of the presenters and the Overwatch League organization.

This latest suspension caused Felix to focus full time on his Twitch streaming career, which did not prevent him from suffering numerous bans from the streaming platform.

On 31 July 2019, Lengyel was banned from the platform for 3 days for humorously streaming a video where pornographic scenes are made up to hide sensitive parts.

On 29 February 2020, xQcOW is banned for 3 days again, this time for broadcasting an adult game in which a female character strips naked after xQc has won a game.

On 18 November 2020, Lengyel is banned for 7 days from the streaming platform and 6 months from the Twitch Rivals competition. The Canadian failed to abide by the rules of the Twitch Rivals tournament on the game Fall Guys and must then withdraw from the event by forfeiting his prizes.

xQcOW's early days on Twitch

Since high school, xQcOW has never stopped sharing his video game sessions on Twitch. While his career as a professional gamer took up much of his time, his Twitch channel continued to grow and when the Canadian decided to focus 100% on creating content with competition taking a back seat, he experienced an explosion in popularity. In 2019, Felix joins the Sentinels organisation as a content creator. The Canadian is live about 9 hours a day with an average of over 60,000 viewers. At the end of the year, he is the most viewed streamer in the world and his channel is one of the most subscribed to, with an average of 35,000 paying subscribers each month.

The growth of xQc's Twitch channel is exponential as he diversifies away from streams focused mostly on Overwatch. The Canadian is trying his hand at many games while keeping his competitive soul and always trying to be the best. This versatility is very appealing and useful for the streamer who manages to get the best out of each new trend towards a particular game.

In March 2020, Riot Games is offering several Twitch streamers access to a closed Beta of their new game Valorant. The principle is simple: viewers can randomly obtain an access key to try out this new game. In the space of a week, xQcOW has broadcast more than 112 hours of gameplay on Valorant, including 3 streams of more than 20 hours. This hard work is rewarded by his personal record of viewers with a peak of 222,720 viewers as well as 1,972,000 unique viewers in one stream on April 9, 2020.

Always looking to diversify while putting his intellectual abilities to the test, Lengyel streams playing chess between March and April 2020. His notoriety leads Twitch streamer and Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura to join the Canadian's stream to teach him the game of chess.

For several months, xQcOW includes chess sessions in its daily streams creating a trend on the Twitch platform. After a few weeks, Chess.com announces the creation of the PogChamps, a tournament where 16 streamers compete for $50,000.

In October 2020, Felix signed a contract as a content creator with Luminosity Gaming.

After having surfed on the Valorant trend and repeated the same manoeuvre on the strategy game Among Us, Lengyel is increasingly diversifying the content offered on his Twitch channel. Between Minecraft speedruns, mini-games like scrabble.io, classics like League of Legends or role play games like GTA V, xQcOW is extremely versatile.

He regularly appears on his friend Trainwreckstv's Scuffed Podcast and meets new friends like Roshtein. These two streamers eventually introduced the Canadian to online casino gaming in early 2021.

xQcOW's online casino debut

It was in early 2021 that Felix discovered the world of online casinos. Through his streamer friend Nicknam, the young Canadian was introduced to slot machines during a stream while on a call with his friend. Completely new to the game, Lengyel is not exactly a novice. His bets are already very high and he doesn't hesitate to chain spins and progressively increase his bet when the result doesn't suit him.

The Quebecer seems to greatly enjoy slots and the thrill of it all, but it's his spectators who celebrate each win the most.

After several hours of gambling, one slot machine seems to stand out in the eyes of the former pro gambler: Book of Shadows from online gaming provider Nolimit City. Known for its incredible volatility and different bet types, this slot can hit the jackpot or simply wipe out your balance. It's this All or Nothing spirit that attracts this young gambler and he doesn't hesitate to spend all his casino sessions on the same slot looking for the famous books that he calls out on every spin, shouting "Book book book!

Felix is not familiar with the online casino world but has been advised by his friends Nicknam and Roshtein not to make any mistakes in his early days, and it's no coincidence that the Quebecer only plays at the very famous crypto-currency online casino: Stake. If you want to play at this casino, go directly through our link to benefit from an exclusive welcome offer:

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Offer is subject to a 30x wager. The wagering requirements on Stake are among the most flexible in the market. You can do bonus hunts, bonus buys, play blackjack and all with no maximum wagering!

xQcOW's Biggest Wins

Felix has a lot of fun in his gambling sessions and it's always easier when luck is on your side. The former pro player is winning in all areas, on all games and even seems to be winning at the casino, at least for the moment.

This incredible luck has already led to some impressive wins.

Razor Shark, $168,480

This slot from Push Gaming is loved and hated at the same time. This is due to its impressive volatility which results in bonuses where no winnings are obtained. On the other hand, it can also pay out massively and this is what happened to Felix during a free spins bonus where the starting bet was $200. After a few spins to increase the win multiplier to x700, the famous coins appear and the long awaited x100 coin allows the Canadian to win over $144,000 on this one spin. The total bonus payout is almost $170,000, not bad for a novice!

The Dog House, $110,687

The Dog House is one of the most played slots in the world and Lengyel has obviously tried its luck in search of the famous slots.

The Quebecer didn't go halfway and decided to bet $250 per spin, a very high amount that allowed him to get an incredible win. After 12 free spins and a screen almost filled with multiplier slots, Felix walked away with over $110,000!

Book of Shadows, $120,000

This is definitely xQcOW's favourite slot, and that's understandable when you look at his sessions on this game. When he first started playing at the online casino, the Canadian tried his hand at this highly volatile slot. Very lucky that day, Felix went on to win more and more and has never lost his love for his favourite machine since.

He still hasn't managed to fill the best symbol grid in a bonus round to get the incredible x10,000 that his friend Roshtein has achieved twice this year, winning $1 million each time. But the Quebecer still got a nice sum thanks to an impressive bonus.

While the symbol chosen was the cat, Lengyel saw a full screen of cats appear before his eyes, before realising that his bet would then be multiplied by 3,000 to get the impressive jackpot of $121,256!

xQc is a youtuber and streamer, you can find clips, reacts and videos of his biggest wins on his youtube channel with 1.63 million subscribers. His Twitch channel now has nearly 6 million followers and a total of 373 million views.

Sources and useful links

Twitch from xQc: https://www.twitch.tv/xqcow

xQc's Youtube club: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmDTrq0LNgPodDOFZiSbsww

xQc's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xqcow1

Twitchtracker and more web mask: https://twitchtracker.com/xqcow

Ninja Smith's Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/ninja

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