VitaPvPey, a meteoric rise
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VitaPvPey, a meteoric rise

Who is VitaPvPey?

Beautiful stories can be established thanks to luck, fate, or simply thanks to work. It is rather the third option that characterizes the crazy adventure that the man whose portrait we are going to make today has been living for a few months. William, better known under the pseudonym VitaPvPey, is a casino streamer working exclusively on Twitch, the most popular streaming platform in the world. This young man of 22 years old, passionate about online gambling and a hard worker, has become in only a few months a major player of the French slots scene.

Extremely active on various online casinos since the beginning of 2021, VitaPvPey first, like many other streamers, went through the video game stage. Indeed, the young man from Lille first made a name for himself on Minecraft, then made a smooth transition by offering content very regularly on Fortnite, the most played game of the time and a real revolution in the gaming world. The following is a real fairy tale for VitaPvPey who arrived in the very special world of online casino on the tip of his toes and who, in less than 6 months, is already ranked as the 5th most viewed French streamer on Twitch.

Lucky7Bonus met VitaPvPey, a casino streamer with a contagious good mood who has been growing steadily for a few months. In this article, you will find the background of the man nicknamed Vita, as well as his arrival in online gambling and the projects of this young man who, through hard work and perseverance, has been living a real daydream for the past few months.

VitaPvPey's youth and background

VitaPvPey grew up in the North of France, more precisely in Lille. After following his parents to the Paris region, the young teenager experienced a few setbacks when he arrived in the capital, particularly because of school. Indeed, William was quickly excluded from his school: "School and me, that was two"!

At the same time, Vita had the courage to launch himself on Twitch and YouTube at a very young age, mainly offering content on the video game Minecraft from 2014. The success is there and viewers flock to the various Live shows: "I was able to gather between 1,500 and 2,000 simultaneous viewers, which for the time was huge". However, there was no question of stopping his studies and VitaPvPey chose to return to the North in a boarding school, to complete his year of third grade and return to a classic school curriculum. Unfortunately, going back to school means stopping his activities on Twitch and YouTube, which will be put on hold for a while.

After obtaining his Bac Pro SEN (Digital Electronic Systems) with some difficulties, VitaPvPey gradually turned to Fortnite in 2018, an extremely popular game at the time. The return of Vita on the internet went rather well, with Youtube best-of very much appreciated by its community and Twitch live followed assiduously. The success is such that Vita has decided to put an end to his higher education and to devote himself fully to streaming.

VitaPvPey's entry into gambling

The more than decent ratings achieved by VitaPvPey allowed the streamer to be contacted by many different sites in order to start discussions for different partnerships, especially in the gambling world. It was Bitcasino, a prominent online gambling platform at the time, that was the first site to ask Vita to perform sessions playing at their online casino. This approach was convincing for the streamer who already knew a bit about the business: "I was already watching slot streams, with TeufeurS, Bidule and Taour. I felt the urge to try it".

Aware of the potential in this growing universe, VitaPvPey decided to drop everything to launch himself exclusively in stream slots. Since early 2021, the young man has been offering his viewers the opportunity to accompany him in his crazy gambling sessions. A rare occurrence, VitaPvPey has been streaming every day for several hours for more than 4 months, with no exceptions and no off days! "I've even done some live streams on holiday! This almost permanent presence undeniably attests to the will of the young man and the work done by Vita to get where he is today.

VitaPvPey on Internet

VitaPvPey's streams on his Twitch channel

As previously mentioned, VitaPvPey started his adventure on Twitch almost 7 years ago now. After spending hundreds of hours on Minecraft and Fortnite, the young streamer now focuses mainly on slots. His first deposit at an online casino was prescient, as after depositing money from his own pocket, Vita made a very large withdrawal: "I deposited €50 in raw money, and walked away with €3,000! The feeling I got after this incredible session made me want to go for the crazy casino adventure".

It was a good thing, because William is now one of the best French-speaking slot streamers, just behind the likes of Bidule, TeufeurS, Casiibro and Loopoo*. The success is such that VitaPvPey has recently passed the symbolic mark of 100,000 followers on its Twitch channel! The success of Vita is obviously due to the incredible rise of the online slots world, but also thanks to his way of animating which appeals enormously to viewers. Indeed, his strong personality makes VitaPvPey a compelling and endearing character, which strongly contributes to his incredible success.

VitaPvPey's YouTube channel

In parallel to his streams on Twitch, VitaPvPey offers his community to follow him on his YouTube channel. On this channel, videos are posted very regularly (about once a week). These videos are mostly best-of from his casino sessions, with highlights, genius calls, crazy moves and especially big wins! This YouTube channel has more than 54,000 subscribers and is still growing.

ShadowBonus, VitaPvPey's affiliate site

With such a success, VitaPvPey decided to professionalize and create its own affiliate site, called ShadowBonus! This online casino comparison site brings together numerous French-speaking online gaming platforms with which Vita is partnered and offers welcome bonuses and exclusive offers for newcomers to the various virtual establishments. ShadowBonus also offers no-deposit bonuses as well as information on the different offers (bonus information, details, support...). Support is also available to help you in your efforts.

The VitaPvPey affiliate site also contains a "Shop" section. In this section, you will find different offers that you can offer to yourself with tokens won by watching Vita Live on Twitch. You will be able to exchange these chips for cash at different casinos, gifts (PS5, Air Pods 2, Mug) or even share a live wager and win 50% of the winnings. ShadowBonus was launched just two months ago and will continue to grow in the weeks and months to come.

Plans and the future?

The success is there, and Vita keeps on exporting and continuing its phenomenal rise. Since the end of July, VitaPvPey has decided to increase the pace on Twitch by doing two streams on her channel, in the morning and in the evening. For the mornings you will find Marine, his partner of more than 5 years, who is in charge of the Live every morning, from 10am to 3pm, or even more if the session is good! Despite her very recent arrival as a streamer, Marine has adapted very quickly to this environment and already gives the impression of being a regular. VitaPvPey is still there every night from 9pm.

A change of life is soon to come for VitaPvPey! Indeed, the now famous streamer has decided to move and try a new experience in Malta in the coming weeks. The whole Lucky7Bonus team wishes good luck to Vita in this new adventure, which will undoubtedly be a great success as this boy is motivated, determined and caring.

*Source: Twitchmetrics

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