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This means that you bet your entire balance on a single spin, whether it's on a slot machine or a live game. If you lose, you have no money left to play with.


In the casino, this word represents the amount of money you have available to play with. If a player has a $200 bankroll, it means they can play for $200 before they can't play anymore.

Bonus Buy

On some slots, it is possible to buy the bonus without having to obtain the bonus symbols needed to obtain the bonus. When the player buys a bonus, the bonus has a certain stroke which is calculated according to the volatility of the machine. If a slot machine is very volatile, the purchase of the bonus will be very expensive, unlike a slot machine with low volatility.

Bonus Hunt

This term refers to a way of playing at a casino. Much used by casino streamers, the goal is to accumulate as many bonuses as possible with a starting bankroll until you reach €0, and then open them all up to the channel.

This method is very useful to finish wagers but often prohibited by casinos because it is considered as bonus abuse. The only ones allowed to play wagers this way are streamers depending on the link they have with the casino.

Boost balance

Getting a boost balance means that you have a big gain that allows you to increase your balance very consistently. Boost balances are often useful for people who make wagers with more ease.


When we say we're "broke", it means we're literally "broken", that we've lost everything we had available to play.


This term is mostly used in BlackJack to mean that you have exceeded the maximum score of 21.

Dead spin or Dead Bonus

Having dead spins means that no spin pays out for a very long time. This can be during bonus games or during pay spins. Having a dead bonus means that the bonus pays a very small amount of money. This term is often used for bonuses that pay less than 5 times your original bet.

Double Down (2x)

In BlackJack, the "double down" situation is offered at all times on the player's first decision, allowing the player to double the bet on his initial hand. Double down is a situational option, it is very often used with hands of values between 9 and 11 AND depending on the dealer's first card!

To fully understand the double down situation, please refer to the blackjack strategy.

Free spins (Bonus)

A bonus game started when a number of special symbols (scatters) are required. It is in this type of game that the probability of winning is the highest.

Hit & Stay

In BlackJack, the term "hit" means to draw a card. While "stay" means to stay so no more cards are drawn and stay with the score reached. Online, they are represented by a green and a red logo.


The hyperways technology is very simple to understand. As soon as a symbol appears on one of the starting grids that offer this technology, it will be given a number. For a symbol to connect, it must appear at least once on your first three columns. What makes this technology extremely volatile is that the three symbols will multiply the numbers given to them to give a final ways number.

For example, one symbol connects and when it appears, the numbers are 7-4-7. To find out how many ways connect, simply do 7x4x7 which gives a total of 196 different ways.

For those who want to know more about this technology, Lucky7Bonus has written an article about it. To find it, please click here.


The lines are horizontal and form combinations with what the scrolls give as a symbol at the end of a turn.

Live games

Live games are table games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps or Texas Hold'em. The other meaning of live games is live broadcasts such as Crazy Time, Mega Ball or Monopoly Live.


The term MegaWays is a registered trademark of the Big Time Gaming provider who has made it its trademark. It's a gaming principle, well known in English-speaking countries.

It consists of an evolutionary game offering infinite possible ways with connections of adjacent symbols. Many other providers use this same system without calling their machines with the terms MegaWays (for example Perfect Gems from Play'n GO).

Example - On this turn of the Big Time Gaming Monopoly MegaWays machine below. We can notice at the top the number of MegaWays which is 14400 here. How are these MegaWays calculated? They are calculated by multiplying, between them, the number of symbols per column, from the first reel to the last one.

  • Reel 1: 6 Symbols

  • Reel 2: 6 Symbols

  • Reel 3: 4 Symbols

  • Reel 4: 5 Symbols

  • Reel 5: 4 Symbols

  • Reel 6: 5 Symbols

So that'll give us a calculation presented like this:

6x6x4x5x4x5 = 14400

The larger the number of MegaWays is, the higher the gain potential (if there is a connection between the symbols of course).


A partner is a site that Lucky7Bonus promotes. Lucky7Bonus partners are reviewed before they are offered to you. The vast majority of our partners are high quality, secure online casinos that offer the best slot machines available.

Playing safe

Playing safely means that you pay attention to your bets when you play, whether it's live games or slot machines.


A provider is a company regulated by gambling commissions, which develops and makes available to online casinos, via their servers, slot machines. Since the slots are regulated and the slots are on their servers, it is impossible for a casino to benefit any one player. Otherwise, the online casino and the provider risk very high fines and the cancellation of their licenses.

Example - The Play'n GO provider is one, if not the biggest, provider that develops the famous Book of Dead machine and makes it available to online casinos for their players to play. The Play'n GO provider is a provider who develops the famous Book of Dead machine and makes it available to online casinos so that their players can play on it. Of course, always, on the Play'n GO servers include the RTP system, which is not specific to a casino but to the machine and therefore to all online casinos that integrate this machine in their catalog.

1. Play 'n GO makes available via their servers the Book of Dead machine

2. The casino transmits and makes the machine available on their catalog for players to play

3. The player plays on the machine by putting his money that the casino collects

4. The casino pays a commission to Play 'n GO for allowing them to add the machine to their catalog


When we talk about raw money, it is money deposited without any deposit bonus and therefore without any wagering requirements. This money can be played as you wish and without limit.


The reels are the moving parts of a slot machine. They "roll" vertically on themselves to give symbols as soon as the turn of the machine is over.


The retrigger is a feature that is only present during your free spins. When the free spins start, some slot machines include a retrigger as a feature. The purpose of the retrigger is to increase your number of extra spins. For example, you get a bonus with 10 free spins, you can get 10 extra spins if you get a retrigger.

It is important to know that not all slots have this feature. On some slots you can only get one retrigger, while on others you can get an unlimited number.


RTP is the contraction of "Return To Player". Every machine has an RTP that is, in general, around 97%. This means that players will retouch 97% of the money put into the machine. Of course, this is a theoretical value and is long term.


A special symbol that triggers the bonus function of a machine if a condition is met (see example) and in some limited cases, is a normal symbol but pays more than the others.

Example - On the Book of Dead machine from Play 'n GO, you need to get 3 scatters, represented by books, to trigger the bonus function.

In this example, the bonus function gives access to 10 free spins with a special feature.

Set up max

The term max set up is used during your bonus games. This means that the bonus offers you all the features available, or that the starting grid and/or the bonus consists of the maximum number of things it can offer its players. For example, on The Dog House, the maximum set up would be to have all the niches. On Rise of Merlin this would be to have all symbols during your free spins.

Side bets

In blackjack, side bets are secondary bets combining the player's first two cards (perfect pair) and combining the player's first two cards and the dealer's first card (21+3). Depending on these cards, the player can win a bonus win which is calculated by the scarcity of the side bet.


The slot machine is where you go to play for potential winnings. There are several styles of slot machines in the online casino world. They can be reel, video or other types. Also, not all connections work the same depending on the machine you are playing on. In addition, some slot machines offer free games while others do not.


In BlackJack, the "split" situation is offered when the player is dealt with two cards of the same value and the player's first decision (9 and 9 or K and J). To understand the split situation, please refer to the Blackjack strategy.

However, there is a golden rule in BlackJack, regardless of the situation, never split cards of value equal to 10.

Starting grid

The starting grid is the place where all symbols of the slot machine are displayed. Depending on the slot, the starting grid can be more or less large. In the vast majority of cases, the starting grid consists of 3 horizontal rows and 5 vertical columns.


Volatility is closely correlated with RTP (see above). This parameter determines the differences in payout that can be generated by players on a machine, without changing the RTP. The higher the volatility of a machine, the harder it will be to make big gains, but these will be substantial.


The Wager is a wagering condition that must be met in order to withdraw the money generated as a result of receiving a deposit bonus.

Example - Deposit €100 with a 100% deposit bonus and a wager x35 on the bonus amount (total balance is €200). In this case, you will need to wager a total of €3500 before being able to withdraw any money from the casino.

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