Bonus hunt: How to make a successful bonus hunt

In today's new article, we'll take a look at a practice that is very popular with players in the online casino world. Especially for casino players and their spectators.

What's a bonus hunt?

A hunt for bonuses, as the name suggests, is a bonus hunt. The principle is very simple, you have to get as many bonuses as possible from as many slot machines as possible and open them when the balance is at zero. It is therefore necessary after getting a bonus on a slot machine to leave it to save the bonus and then move on to the next one. Don't forget to note down the slots on which a bonus has fallen.

When the balance reaches zero, the most exciting part of a bonus hunt is the opening of the chain bonuses. This is the part that makes the principle interesting for players, you go down to zero and then more or less find your starting balance.

Of course, nothing can be taken for granted, it is possible that the player has bad bonuses and ends up at the end with a much lower balance than before the bonus hunt started. For this reason, we warn you not to overplay your bets. Below, we will discuss the most appropriate way to make a bonus hunt on your own, while minimizing the risks.

To understand a little more how it looks, here is a video of Bidule making a bonus hunt.

Bonus hunt democratized by casino streamers

This method of gambling comes directly from the casino streamers who democratized it. This one allows them to move forward in their wager in a rather simple way. Moreover, the bonus hunt is very exhilarating to watch and stir up a large audience, especially at the end when the streamer opens all the accumulated bonuses. That's why there are a lot of streams on Twitch with this concept.

Which casinos accept bonus hunt

Under wager or raw money, we have selected our best casinos for you to make a bonus hunt:

  • Casino Extra
  • Fatboss
  • CBET

How to make a bonus hunt?

There are a number of factors to consider before going for a bonus hunt. The following are some tips that we give you on how to make a bonus hunt under optimal conditions.

Have a board to track bonuses

You will need a boardto record the slots on which you have earned a bonus. You can either create it yourself or get one. We offer one through our free VIP club

This type of board also allows you to view statistics such as the average multiplier, the best slot machine, or your profit.

screenshot bonus hunt board

Having a site that accepts bonus hunt

It is important to know that the bonus hunt is an abuse of technology. Players take advantage of the backup option that some vendors make available on their slots. Basically, this technology allows a game to be saved in case a player has a connection problem. This backup then allows the player to restore the game in progress to be able to take advantage of his bonus without it passing him by and display the winnings directly.

Concerning bonus hunt, a second point is that casinos encrypt them. Some players had noticed that if they made a bonus hunt during a wager and their balance reached zero, the wager was cancelled. However, the bonuses on the slots were still there, so they only had to open the bonuses to get cash directly.

Of course, the casinos immediately sounded the alarm by banning this practice. Now, few casinos accept bonus hunt except a few. At Lucky7Bonus, we have decided to warn you whether or not bonus hunt are allowed at our partners. To check this, simply click on the information button available on all our offers and you will find two lines of information about bonus hunt:

  • Raw bonus hunt: with your money without deposit bonus
  • Bonus hunt under wager: during a deposit bonus
lucky7bonus infoslucky7bonus infos

A scale with adapted depth and bets

Regardless of your balance, you can earn a bonus hunt. However, we've tried to estimate a maximum bet based on your starting balance. To give you an idea, it's best that for each slot machine your bet is 0.05% of your starting balance. This allows you to tank potential bonus difficulties and try to make a profit on your bonus hunt. Of course this is not a miracle cure, luck may not be with you during your farm.

screenshot bonus hunt board

For players who want to play in a more volatile way, you can raise the maximum bet percentage to 0.10% of your starting balance. Above that, it will become complicated to make a bonus hunt into profit.

How the bonus hunt works

Searching for bonuses on the machines

Now that you've found a casino to make your bonus, you can start farming the slots. The most interesting bonuses are obviously the bonuses with free spins like on Book of Dead where you have to get three pounds to get the bonus.

book of dead bonus

As soon as you get these three pounds, you can exit the slot machine and write it down in your bonus hunt board.

Be aware that some providers do not save bonuses, so you need to be sure that this is the case. Here is a list of providers where we make sure that the bonuses are saved when you leave the slot machine:

  • Play 'n Go
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Netent
  • Quickspin
  • Playson
  • Booongo
  • BigTimeGaming
  • Thunderkick
  • Nolimit City
  • Relax Gaming
  • Push Gaming
  • Gamomat
  • GameArt
  • iSoftBet
  • Kalamba Games
  • Betsoft
  • Yggdrasil

Some of them save the bonuses for weeks or even months, while others only save them for 12 hours. So be very careful, we advise you to make your bonus hunt in less 12 hours.

Accumulation until the end of the balance

Now that you understand how to get a bonus on a slot machine and save it, repeat the process by filling out your bonus hunt board.

screenshot bonus hunt board

Opening bonuses with a small breakeven if possible

After collecting a maximum of bonuses, the most exciting moment comes: the opening of all your bonuses.

On our bonus hunt board there is an indicator that lets you know if you're on the right track with your bonus hunt: the breakeven multiplier. This factor shows you the average multiplier needed to return to your starting balance. It is calculated based on your balance, your bets and the number of slots you accumulate. As a general guide, the average multiplier of a bonus hunt, at the end of its opening, is between 50 and 75.

screenshot bonus hunt board

This board is available free of charge to all our VIP players For more information, below is a point on how to join it and get our bonus hunt board.

Get the bonus hunt board with the Lucky7Bonus VIP.

Throughout the article, you may have noticed that we use a very specific board in our examples. This board is used by Bidule during its bonus hunt streams. It has been developed by us, and we are making it available to you completely free of charge.

gif bonus hunt board

To get it, you need to register to our VIP Club by entering your phone number. How do I register? It's very simple, click on this link and enter your phone number with the correct country code

vip club lucky7bonus

A clickable link will be sent to you instantly by SMS, this link allows you to copy the board to your Google Drive space. Do not try any other maneuvers, the only way to retrieve the board is to press the "Create a copy" button.

create copy bonus hunt board

In addition to this board, you will be registered to our service to receive exclusive offers from our partners directly by SMS.

Explanations of the Lucky7Bonus bonus hunt board

Finally, we will explain each of the features of the bonus hunt board, from left to right:

  • Best casinos that allow hunt bonuses: We have made a selection of the best casinos for bonus hunt, with precision in the cases where they are allowed.
  • "List" symbol: Clicking on it will sort the bonuses listed in ascending order of wager.
  • "Trash" symbol: Cleans the board to make a new bonus hunt.
  • Machine: Column where you write down the slots on which you get the bonus.
  • Provider: Automated column that indicates the supplier of the slots (do not write anything in this column).
  • Bet: Column to indicate the bet when you get the bonus.
  • Win: Column to indicate how much the bonus was won after opening the bonus.
  • Multiplier: Automated column indicating the multiplier of the winnings over the wager (do not write anything in this column).
  • Start: Box to indicate your starting balance.
  • Open: Number of open bonuses (do not write anything in this box).
  • Bonus: Number of bonuses in total (do not write anything in this box).
  • Opening: Amount your balance was at when you started your opening.
  • Gross Payout: This amount equals, plus or minus, the amount in your balance when you open your bonus hunt (leave blank).
  • Net Gain: This amount is the net profit you make with your bonus. hunt You can also find a percentage representation below it (leave this box blank).
  • Provider Graph: Graph showing the providers you have as a percentage of all the bonuses you get.
  • Best Provider (Ave): Automated box showing the best provider among all the providers you have received. This calculation is based on the average of the multipliers for each supplier's slot machine (do not write anything in this box).
  • Worst Provider: Automated box indicating the worst provider, out of all the providers you have scored. This calculation is based on the average of the multipliers for each supplier's slot machine (leave this box blank).
  • Best Machine: Automated box indicating the best bonus hunt slot machine relative to the multipliers (leave this box blank).
  • Worst Machine: Automated box indicating the worst bonus hunt slot relative to the multipliers (leave this box blank).
  • Biggest Payout: Automated box showing the best bonus hunt slot machine relative to the largest Euro payout (leave this box blank).
  • Breakeven Multiplier: Automated box indicating the minimum average multiplier to return to the starting balance. This number changes as you mark slots on the bonus hunt board. It is calculated based on your starting balance, the number of slots you have and your bets (do not write anything in this box).
  • Average Multiplier: Automated box indicating the average multiplier obtained on the entire hunt voucher. This factor can be related to the Breakeven Multiplier box (leave this box blank).
  • Average Bet: Automated box indicating your average bet (do not write anything in this box).
  • Potential End: Automated box indicating the potential end of the bonus hunt. The calculation is based on your opening bet (do not write anything in this box).
screenshot complete bonus hunt board

Beware! This board does not allow you to win any more during a bonus hunt. We have developed it to make the principle even more interesting. The statistics shown here mean absolutely nothing about the odds and RTPs of the slots. They are only there for the moment T and for information purposes.

What this board allows you to do is to have a place to rate your slots during a bonus hunt, as well as to see whether or not you are on the right track for your bonus hunt (thanks to the breakeven).

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