How to manage your bankroll
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How to manage your bankroll

Managing your gambling capital during your gambling sessions is not an easy task for some people. However, it's important to set limits and goals to get through the best gambling sessions possible. This will reduce your losses and why not come out of an online casino with a profit.

Building a bankroll

The first thing you should do before you set foot in an online casino and try your hand at it is to build that famous bankroll. But how do you do that? We are not going to tell you to deposit such an amount in an online casino, it is up to you alone to make the decision.

However, keep one thing in mind: all the money you are going to deposit at an online casino must be considered as lost in advance! Play only what you can afford to lose. So set a budget especially for the online casino.

For example, allow yourself 5% of your monthly salary (this is an example, don't take it as advice), but here's a tip: if you choose to play on a monthly budget, we advise you to set a monthly deposit limit directly to your account at the online casino where you will be playing.

Take advantage of bonuses

Now that you have an idea of what you are going to deposit, you need to find out where to deposit using the best online casino offers. Depending on your budget, some offers will be more suitable for your budget. Below we provide you with our most interesting partner offers (please read the terms and conditions carefully):

Understanding the rules of the game

Once you've deposited your money, it's important to understand how the different games you'll find at the online casino work. While your desires and choices will not affect the random spins of a slot machine, it is always best to know what is happening in front of your eyes. To understand these rules, we recommend that you read the slot machine information or go to our slot machine section where items are posted on each slot machine.

Then, for live games such as blackjack, ultimate poker, or roulette, this is where you have to be the most assiduous in your understanding and playing methods. Indeed, on these live games, you are going to be the decision-maker, you are in charge. So you should first understand the rules of these live games before you start playing.

Moreover, if you want to adopt a strategy or mathematically optimal game techniques, you can find our articles on this subject in the tutorial section of our blog. You can also find articles explaining how the online casino world works and tips to improve your user experience.

How much should I bet?

This question may seem trivial and yet the answer plays heavily on your gambling sessions at an online casino. What you will bet on each move is determined by two overriding factors:

  • The volatility of your playing style: By determining this factor, you determine the risk you will take on each of your rounds of play. Bet big to try to win more, but with a greater risk of losing your entire bankroll and vice versa.

  • The type of game you are going to play: your bets will be different if you decide to play blackjack or slots.

Live games

In live games like blackjack, this is where you can afford to make bigger bets because the payout rate to players is the most attractive. For a quiet style of play, prefer to bet between 5% and 10% of your bankroll (including side bets). On the other hand, for a more aggressive and volatile style of play, you can go beyond these figures but it's a double or nothing. You risk breaking your teeth and losing your entire bankroll. On the other hand, if your luck smiles, expect to see your bankroll explode!

Slot machines

Since slot machines are games with a payout rate of around 95%, it is best to measure your bets carefully. With a classic style of play, we advise you to bet between 0.10% and 0.20% to have a good time in the slots section of the online casino. However, for a more aggressive style of play, you can increase this percentage. This can melt your bankroll quickly or have a much larger one in a matter of moments. Be very careful with your bets!

Bonus hunt

As we explained in our article on the bonus hunt, bets for this style of play must be more than moderate to be able to tanker a maximum and thus have a larger number of bonuses to open. These vary around 0.05% of your starting bankroll.

Withdraw your winnings

This is the most important part when you decide to play an online casino with a certain bankroll. It is important to set limits and goals to be able to leave the online casino with a profit. When you have reached your goal, withdraw this amount directly, it will take up to 3 days to reach your bankroll. To prevent you from canceling this (these) withdrawal(s), we advise you to self-exclude yourself to avoid being tempted.

One notion that may also help you in your adventure is not to mix up "withdrawals" and "deposits". Don't think of money being withdrawn as a way to deposit money for gambling. The money you are withdrawing should not be touched, it has been earned. Wait until it is in your bank account, keep a cool head for a few days and think about what you can do with it. Treat yourself? Make your loved ones happy? Redepose some money? Many choices are possible and you alone are in control of the decision to make!

BE AWARE! This is not an article that explains how to win against the online casino! You must consider the online casino as entertainment and that the money deposited on it is lost in advance!

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