What are the most played online games?
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What are the most played online games?

Our top 3 of the best casinos that offer these online games:

1) Lightning Roulette

It is surely the most famous game of online casinos like land-based casinos: roulette. Accessible even to people who know nothing about the casino world, roulette is endowed with a formidable popularity. Aware of the power of this very simple table game, Evolution Gaming had the intelligence to develop its own concept of roulette: lightning roulette. The principle is very simple, in each round, between one and several numbers will be drawn at random in a totally hazardous way. A multiplier will appear on all the selected numbers. If you bet on the right number and that number has a multiplier, then you have a great chance to win the jackpot.

Usually a full number will pay 36 times your starting bet. In lightning, the conditions are a bit different since, if you find the right number and it has no multiplier, then you will be paid 30 times your starting bet. Extremely volatile, Evolution Gaming's lightning roulette has become, in just a few months since its release in 2020, an emblematic game of this gaming provider. Multipliers range from x 50 for the smallest to x 500 for the biggest.

In addition to being very volatile, this roulette wheel is also equipped with a more than adequate RTP. Depending on your method of play, the return to player can vary between 97.10% and 97.30%.

If you want to know more about this revolutionary roulette wheel, Lucky7Bonus has written an article about it.

On his Twitch, Bidule used to play lightning roulette. And as you can see in the following video, this roulette wheel is very volatile and can make you win huge sums of money.

2) Crazy Time

Released in 2020, Crazy Time is a jewel of technology from Evolution Gaming. The goal of the game is very simple, a wheel is located in the middle of a very large room and the room is turned by a presenter. It is a game that is played 24/7. With its very original decor is out of the ordinary for an online casino, Crazy Time is also out of the ordinary in terms of potential winnings. Indeed, this online game is exceptionally volatile. When you get to the game, you have 8 different segments. First, you have a first segment (on the left) that allows you to bet on numbers: 1, 2, 5 and 10. Depending on the number you wish to bet on (if you wish to do so), your final payout will be multiplied by 1, 2, 5 or even 10.

On the right side of the bets, you have 4 different games. In addition to the numbers, you can also bet on the games. If you wish, you can bet on all the boxes. If you come across one of the games, then the presenter will move around the room to activate that game. With an RTP between 94.33% and 96.08%, Crazy Time is a game where you will be able to make very large winnings while keeping your eyes amazed by the magical scenery set up by Evolution Gaming.

If you want to know all the rules of Crazy Time, Lucky7Bonus has created an article that you can find by clicking here.

On Twitch, it is not uncommon for Bidule to play at Crazy Time. And if some people still have doubts about the extreme volatility that this slot machine offers, then just watch the following video.

3) Blackjack

Is 21 your lucky number? It is also the favorite number of blackjack players. Whether in land-based or online casinos, the popularity of blackjack is well established. First of all, the game is very simple. The goal is simple: to get as close to 21 as possible and have better cards to hopefully beat the bank. However, even though it is a game of chance, there are still rules to follow if you want, in the long run, to put all the odds on your side.

If you would like to learn more about the rules of blackjack and the table you need to follow to increase your chances of winning, click here.

In addition to being very simple to understand, blackjack, more commonly known as BJ, can also be very volatile. In fact, if you decide to put money on the side bets, you can win the jackpot if your luck is on your side. However, in the long run, this betting strategy reduces your RTP. In fact, if you decide to bet without side bets, the RTP is around 99.29%. On the other hand, if you are a gambler at heart and want to increase the volatility of the BJ by betting on sides, then the RTP is between 96.30% and 95.90% depending on what you bet.

Bidule is a very big fan of the BJ. During his live performances, he can spend many minutes doing live sessions on this game. For those of you who still doubt the volatility of this card game, the video below will prove you wrong.

4) Monopoly Live

Wild games that last for hours, apartments to build, houses to maintain... Monopoly is one of the most famous board games in the world. Aware that the little moustached man with the black hat has a very big influence and is very well known all over the world, Evolution Gamin decided to create a live game with the Monopoly effigy. Released in 2019, Monopoly is a very volatile game. The principle is very simple to understand. You have the boxes "1, 2, 5 and 10". Depending on the box where the wheel stops, your final win will be multiplied by the number displayed on the segment. You can also choose between "2 rolls" and "4 rolls". If you have bet on one of these boxes and fall on it, then a Monopoly card will appear and multipliers will appear on each box.

The RTP of Monopoly ranges from 91.30% to 96.23% (depending on which box you decide to bet in).

If you want to know more about the rules of Monopoly Live, find them by clicking here.

5) Super Sic BO

It's a little surprise that arrives in the ranking. Indeed, Super Sic Bo is the fifth most played game in online casinos today. Created in 2019 by Evolution Gaming, Super Sic BO is a very easy to understand dice game. Although it is very rare to see it on live twitch, this game is extremely volatile. Indeed, you can win up to 1,000 times your initial bet. Extreme volatility that players enjoy. If it is extremely volatile, it is because its RTP is lower than the vast majority of live games. In fact, depending on how you bet, the return to player of the Super Sic BO is between 95.02% and 97.22%.

If you are an amateur and don't know the principle of this game at all, Lucky7Bonus advises you to read this article.

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