The live game: Super Sic Bo
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The live game: Super Sic Bo

What is Super Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a casino game played with three dice. It is of Chinese origin and literally translates as "Pairs of dice". Many people see a game similar to craps, yet it is much simpler to understand. In addition, Sic Bo is played on a single roll of the dice, while craps can be played on multiple rolls. In our case, we will focus on one of the variations of Sic Bo: Super Sic Bo. This game was created by Evolution Gaming, the largest provider of live gambling.

Evolution has kept the same base of the Sic Bo game by adding a bit of spice. After each betting phase, randomly, a certain number of multipliers (from 0 to several) are distributed on the playing grid. These multipliers can go up to 1000.

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Bet on Super Sic Bo

The Super Sic Bo interface and betting grid

This part of the game may seem very complex to understand at first glance, but when you look at it you notice that it is much less complicated than craps.

A. Small/Big - Bet on a Small (4 to 10) or Large (11 to 17) total of the three dice. Winnings pay 1:1, but these bets lose against all Triples.

B. Odd/Odd - Bet on an Odd or Even total of the three dice. Winnings pay 1:1, but these bets lose against all Triples.

C. Total - Bet on one of 14 betting areas labeled 4-17. Total is the total of all three dice except 3 and 18. You win if the total of the three dice equals the Total number on which you placed your bet. The ratio depends on the total winnings.

D. Single - Bet on one of the betting areas labeled ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE or SIX, which represent the six sides of the dice.

E. Double - Bet on one of the betting areas labeled Double. To win, two of the three dice must have the same number. Winnings pay 8:1. Note: The payout remains the same regardless of whether two or three dice show the same number.

F. Triple - Bet on one of the betting areas labeled Triple. To win, all three dice must match the chosen number. You are paid 150:1.

G. Any Triple - Bet on this box to cover all six different Triple bets at the same time. To win, all three dice must show the same number. You are paid 30:1.

H. Combination - Bet on one of the combinations or all 15 possible combinations of two dice. Winnings pay 5:1.

Now let's look to the right of the Super Sic Bo interface.

  • The upper part is the part representing the history of the prints from the most recent to the oldest (left to right).

  • The lower part is the part representing the statistics of the "Small", "Triple" and "Big" bets.

The multiplier up to X1000

After the players' betting round, the dice are then rolled. While the dice are spinning, multipliers of up to 1,000 are randomly positioned throughout the game grid. When the dice stop, the bet you made may have received a boosted multiplier. This means that you are paid much more than if there hadn't been that random multiplier.

Let's take an example. Below, if when the dice stop the combination of the dice equals 4, then the players who placed money on 4 win 500 times their bet instead of 50 times their bet.

These multipliers are not added to the basic payment reports. They are unique and replace the basic reports.

The RTP of Super Sic Bo

The RTP is the theoretical return to the player. It is a parameter included in all gambling games, it is represented by a percentage around 96%. This means that players will return 96% of the money they put into a game over the long term.

In this case, for Super Sic Bo, there are different RTPs. Evolution has therefore decided to communicate an RTP range between 95.02% and 97.22%. There are a lot of bets and possible combinations in the Super Sic Bo game. The optimal RTP of 97.22% is found on bets where there are only two possible choices: Small/Large and Even/Odd.

Possible strategies for betting on Super Sic Bo

In Super Sic Bo, there is no real strategy to adopt, you can bet on a bet that pays you little and hope for an extra multiplier on your bet. This extra multiplier factor takes away that part of the strategy that people want to have when playing at the casino.

Of course, there are some bets that are less risky than others. To get close to the optimal RTP, you need to bet on binary choices: Odd or Even, Small or Big. This type of betting allows you to get closer to the optimal RTP at Super Sic Bo and therefore to lose less against the casino.

If you want to get a little more excitement by betting on what the dice will come out, we recommend betting on 9, 10, 11 and 12. These are the numbers that will come out the most in the dice roll. Why should I do this? Simply because the number of dice combinations to get these results is much higher than the other combinations.

Our opinion on Evolution Gaming's Super Sic Bo game

Sic Bo is not necessarily a very interesting game because, unlike Blackjack or Craps, the player is not in control of his game. However, it is much easier to understand and assimilate than Craps (another dice game).

Evolution understood that this game had great potential if they reworked it. It's a winning bet, and Evolution has done its job perfectly by releasing a new version of Sic Bo: Super Sic Bo. A dice game that relies not only on the roll of the dice but also on a random factor increasing the player's potential winnings. This simple thing adds the missing element to Sic Bo to become an attractive game for the general public.

For players who want an even simpler version of Super Sic Bo, there is the Lightning Dice which uses the same principle as Super Sic Bo but only with bets on the total results of the dice roll.

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