The Lightning Roulette
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The Lightning Roulette

What is Lightning Roulette?

Evolution Gaming have always managed to surprise their players with new ideas. Once again, it's done with Lightning Roulette, a remastered roulette game.

Its principle is very simple. It has the same base as a classic roulette wheel with the addition of a presenter. At each turn, a ball is propelled and the presenter activates a lever on the wall to randomly select full numbers that will be electrified. Each electrified solid number has a multiplier assigned to it ranging from x50 to x500. When the ball falls into one of these electrified numbers, all players betting on that number win their bet multiplied by the electric multiplier.

Watch out! Only full numbers are taken into account for electrical multipliers. So the horse, cross, square, and six in bets do not benefit from the electric multiplier.

Which casino to play Lightning Roulette at?

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The difference between classic roulette and Lightning Roulette

The strategy for Lightning Roulette

Like all casino games, Lightning Roulette is a mathematically winning game for the casino. No matter what strategies you devise and apply, you will lose at some point.

However, we can give a piece of advice, if you want to play Lightning Roulette and take advantage of the electric multipliers. Prefer to bet only on full numbers and not on other betting possibilities. As we saw in the introduction, only full numbers are affected by the multipliers.

How much do the numbers on Lightning Roulette pay?

As we saw at the beginning of this article, the Lightning Roulette is a classic roulette wheel. All the payment ratios are identical to the roulette that everyone knows.

Only one factor changes: Instead of paying 36 times the bet, full numbers pay a minimum of 30 times the bet (without an electric multiplier). These full numbers can be increased by the electric multiplier from 50 to 500 times the bet.

The RTP of this roulette

The RTP is the theoretical return to the player. This means that a certain percentage of the money played on Lightning Roulette will be returned to the player. Of course, this percentage is purely theoretical and is calculated over millions of rounds of play. In a game like Lightning Roulette, two RTPs are available. It is perfectly normal to have these two RTPs because this game remains a classic roulette with an additional feature acting on only one of its payout ratios.

The first is for full numbers that can be affected by the electrical function (97.10%). The second is exactly the same RTP as a classic roulette wheel (97.30%).

The difference between the two is very small, but it can be concluded that by playing only the full numbers, the players lose more. Therefore, in a purely theoretical way, to be less of a loser in Lightning Roulette, one should not play full numbers. This reasoning is paradoxical to the very principle of this roulette because you lose the pleasure and amusement that an electrified number falls.

Is it possible to play Lightning Roulette on Mobile?

Like most online casino games, a mobile version is available for Lightning Roulette. Every online casino with Lightning Roulette in their catalog is assigned a mobile version to offer to their players.

Our opinion on Lightning Roulette

The Lightning Roulette offers much more interesting entertainment than a classic roulette wheel. Thanks to the electric function, players can expect much higher winnings than in a normal roulette game.

A simple and effective feature sublimated by energetic presenters offering a performance that surpasses normal live gambling to be on par with a TV show.

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