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What is Monopoly Live?

Monopoly Live is an online gambling game developed by Evolution Gaming and offered at most online casinos proposed directly on Lucky7Bonus. It's a TV show in the form of a game with a dedicated presenter. Monopoly Live is a variant of the game Dream Catcher, also published by Evolution Gaming.

Monopoly Live takes the scenery of the famous board game Monopoly and adds a few variations. It is a very pleasant show because of the energy of the presenter and the possibility to win big on Monopoly Live, and this 24/7 !

The online game was released in April 2019 and very quickly became a must for online casinos and is one of the most played live games in this field. Go back to your childhood memories with wild Monopoly games and come and try to win money with Monopoly Live!

Which casino to play Monopoly Live at?

Lucky7Bonus offers you the best casinos to play Monopoly Live at:

The rules of Monopoly Live

The operation of Monopoly Live is simple. There is a wheel in the middle of the board and it is made up of 54 segments, also called squares. The goal for the player is to guess on which segment the wheel indicator will stop.

There are some exceptional cases on Monopoly Live with the "Chance" square, the "2 Rolls" square and the "4 Rolls" square. If the wheel stops on a classic multiplier, you win your bet multiplied by your multiplier.

Classic multipliers

There are 4 classic multipliers in Monopoly Live :

  • the 1: this number is present 22 times on the wheel and can double your bet if you bet on it.

ex: bet €10 on 1 and win 10+10 (bet) =€20

  • the 2: this number is present 15 times on the wheel and can triple your bet if you bet on it.

ex: bet €10 on the 2 and win 2x10+10=€30

  • the 5: this number is present 7 times on the wheel.

ex: bet €10 on the 5 and win 5x10+10=€60.

the 10: this number is present 4 times on the wheel. This is the largest classic multiplier.

ex: bet €10 on 10 and win 10x10+10=€110.

Bonus on Monopoly Live The Chance Box

The Monopoly Live wheel has 4 squares that are slightly different from the other segments. These, called 2 rolls(2 thrown) and 4 rolls(4 thrown), are bonus games taking you to a parallel universe.

If you have bet on the 2 reels or 4 reels, segments present respectively three times and once on the Monopoly Live wheel, you will arrive on the original Monopoly game board, in virtual reality!

This board can allow you to win big. The properties, stations and special squares of the Monopoly Live board all have a given multiplier at the start. This multiplier is increased by Mr. Monopoly.

Two dice are thrown on the board and the sum corresponds to the number of squares you will advance on. The multiplier written on the square you stopped on is to be multiplied by your bet to get your winnings. These winnings are added together on each roll of the dice.

If you make a double in the bonus round of Monopoly Live, you get an extra roll.

If you manage to complete a full round, all multipliers on the 3D board are doubled.

The Chance Box

The Monopoly Live game also features two "chance" squares on the wheel. These segments offer players either :

  • a cash prize that goes directly into your balance (you also get your wager back).

  • a multiplier bonus on your bets. This remains active for the next round and your potential winnings are multiplied by the multiplier of the previously drawn Chance box. If you fall on the Chance segment with a multiplier and the next turn of the wheel stops on a 2 Rolls or a 4 Rolls, then the multiplier will act directly on the 3D set of Monopoly Live. In fact, it will apply to the multipliers already present on the bonus squares and allow you to make dizzying gains!

Is it possible to play Monopoly Live on Mobile?

It is absolutely possible to play Monopoly Live on mobile. The game offers an optimised version on mobile, with the same scenery and identical features. Get out your phone, and try to win the jackpot on Monopoly Live!

Our opinion about Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is one of the most played games in online casinos. Once again, we must salute the work of Evolution Gaming, which has mastered online games and TV shows to perfection.

The simple game principle allows players to quickly understand how Monopoly Live is played. We can also add that the board decor and the 3D graphics of the bonus game offer players an unforgettable gaming experience!

Monopoly Live can also allow you to win huge sums of money while having fun at the same time. Indeed, the maximum win in this online game can reach €500,000. See you soon on Monopoly Live!

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