Top 10 of the biggest streamers wins
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Top 10 of the biggest streamers wins

For several years now, online casino has become a booming field. The number of players on the various online gambling sites is increasing every day, and this growing community has led to the emergence of new players, particularly on Twitch.

Thanks to significant financial means and a way of playing that could be described as aggressive, these personalities, who have now become public, broadcast their frenzied sessions every evening on different online casinos, and colossal profits are made very regularly.

These winnings make the community dream and generally give incredible reactions, from shock to euphoria, leaving some protagonists speechless while others go completely crazy. Lucky7Bonus offers you a Top 10 of the most significant winnings made by online casino streammers.

10/ Roshtein: €122,605 on Tombstone

Roshtein is a Swedish streamer casino that broadcasts its frenzied games on online games. This colorful character has gradually worked his way up through the ranks and is now considered a top player in the world of online slot machines.

Thanks to an engaging personality and a mixture of madness and good humour, Roshtein offers his community daily streams that last several hours and attract an average of 15,000 viewers. His strategy, like many streamers, is to opt for aggressive bets in order to get a boost balance and to finish the wager in peace, or almost. There's no guarantee that you'll hit the jackpot, but when you do, the sum won can be absolutely colossal.

It is thanks to this method that Roshtein offers us moments of madness like those that will follow. On a €50 spin, the Swedish will get the bounty spin from Tombstone, the flagship slot machine from online gaming provider NoLimit City. This bonus is very rare, and Roshtein will make an unreal win of €122,605, i.e. he has achieved a multiplier that has reached 2,440 times his original bet.

To find out more about this phenomenon Roshtein, you can find out more about his background and evolution by clicking here.

9/ Bidule: 125,250€ at Crazy Time

Bidule is the best known and most important French-speaking streamer on Twitch. Present in the online gambling world for 6 years now, this 23 year old young man offers his community some crazy lives in which he gambles astronomical amounts of money and tries to increase his balance thanks to slot machines or live dealer games.

This technique can be risky, but Bidule has proven many times that this strategy can pay off. Indeed, the six-figure sums no longer hold any secrets for this young Maltese resident, and Bidule will be a recurring star in this best-of of the biggest streamer winnings.

The following win was made by Bidule at Crazy Time. This game, presented as a TV show, is a creation of live dealer giant Evolution Gaming. One of the bonuses present in this game is called the Cash Hunt. By betting €250, Bidule has won the astronomical sum of €125250! This win represents 500 times his initial bet. Below is a best-of of Bidule winnings in the online game Crazy Time.

8/ Roshtein: 129,325 € on Mahjong 88

One of Roshtein many special features is that he enjoys playing exclusively on slot machines. This is the case with the slot Mahjong 88, a slot machine developed and published by the online gaming provider Play'n Go.

Remaining true to his philosophy, the Swedish gambler bet €50 per spin. This is when his legendary aggressiveness was rewarded. Roshtein managed to make a monster win of €12,300 which is 2580 times his original bet.

With so much money won, you can understand his reaction to this incredible sequence that you can find below. This is Roshtein largest ever win in slots, excluding bonus purchases.

7/ Teufeurs: 150,725€ on Reactoonz

How can you make a Top 10 streamer win without mentioning this incredible win by Teufeurs? This 27 year old man with a fascinating career path broadcasts his online sessions in online casinos, live on Twitch.

Teufeurs has quickly become a major figure in online gambling. Thanks to his outspokenness and a natural side that delights his followers both on the networks and on his streams, Teufeurs has managed to make a name for himself and become a cult figure in this field.

A very aggressive way of playing as well as a permanent desire to provoke luck have enabled this man born in Le Mans to make exceptional gains. The biggest sum won by Teufeurs on a slot machine is this exceptional win on Reactoonz. Indeed, in mid-summer 2019, he decided to make spins worth €100 on the slot developed by Play'n Go. The aggressiveness of Teufeurs will be rewarded when he manages to connect 17 pink symbols together, which brought him the modest sum of €150,725.

6/Bidule: 183,025€ on Money Train

Money Train is a slot machine regularly played by players who use the bonus buy feature on this slot to boost their balance. This technique is very popular with players and can be very interesting, especially on highly volatile slots.

During this crazy session, Bidule chose to buy the bonus on Money Train worth €2000, which corresponds to 80 times the initial bet. This call will prove to be a real stroke of genius on the part of the gambler as this purchase will allow Bidule to make the biggest win of his gambling career on a slot machine.

Thanks to the "hat", the magical symbol of the Money Train slot machine, which is particularly rare, Bidule realised very quickly that this win was going to be unbelievable. The total payout from this bonus purchase will be €183,025 with a total multiplier of 7,321 times the original bet. Simply staggering.

5/Roshtein: €183,660 on Money Train

These two are never far from each other! After witnessing Bidule's colossal win on Money Train, it's his Swedish counterpart's turn to make an exceptional win on the same slot machine, for almost the same amount of money.

Roshtein is a fan of buying bonuses. He can spend entire evenings buying these free spins to complete his wager or increase his balance. This aggressive technique doesn't always pay off, but if you're lucky, it can be incredibly successful. Roshtein decided to buy this bonus for €4000 and he witnessed an exceptional moment. This bonus brought him 11 special symbols that enabled him to make a huge win, amounting to €183,660!

This majestic win propels this bonus purchase to the top of Roshtein's biggest winnings chart . This explains the completely crazy reaction of the Swedish streamer to be seen below.

4/Loopoo : 251,000€ at Megaball

Loopoo is a French-speaking streamer broadcasting exclusively from online casino. Recently arrived in this field and passed through the CS:GO box, this new Maltese resident has managed to find his place in this booming industry.

Like his predecessors, Loopoo is trying different strategies in order to win the jackpot and make withdrawals. One of them is aggressiveness, and the man nicknamed "el avocado" uses it to his advantage by regularly spinning at €100 or depositing large sums of money on live dealer games.

It's on one of them, the First Person Megaball, that Loopoo will hit the biggest win in his life as a streamer. Indeed, by buying "only" 5 cards at 100€ he will get a colossal gain of 251,000€! This exceptional win remains to this day Loopoo's most important win.

3/Bidule: 251,000€ at Crazy Time

We arrive at the Top 3 of the biggest gains made by streammers and we find again our professional gambler Bidule on the third step of the podium.

Once again, it was on a Evolution Gaming TV show that this six-figure score was achieved. And the story is quite incredible. The day after Loopoo's stunning win, Bidule achieved the feat of winning exactly the same amount as his fellow French-speaking countryman, a few hours apart!

Crazy Time now has no more secrets for Bidule. Accustomed to betting on special bonuses, this time he decided to add €1,000 to the 10, which normally pays 10 times the initial bet if the wheel indicator falls on that segment. Except that this time, the 10 benefited from a multiplier x 25! Bidule's reaction is equal to the win: €251,000 in the pocket, and a reaction that has become epic.

2/Vituss Razor : 298,880€ on Razor Shark

It is not the best known streamer but it is the one that has made one of the most incredible gains on an online slot machine. Vituss Razor, whose real name is Victor Khlusov, is a Russian streatherer. A big gambler and a very aggressive player, the 35 year old has achieved the feat of being the one who made the big win on a slot machine.

Vituss Razor decided to bet €100 per spin on the Razor Shark slot machine. This highly volatile slot is developed by online gaming provider Push Gaming. Reaching the x29 multiplier, Vituss Razor managed to win an absolutely incredible €298,880, which is a record in the online gambling industry.

This performance propels this Russian player to the second position in our ranking of the biggest winnings made by online casino streamers.

1/Bidule: 313,900€ at Megaball

The first place in this classification goes to... Bidule! And this story is absolutely incredible. Fans of streaming casino necessarily remember this moment that has become cult. This exceptional win comes on one of Evolution Gaming's latest creations, the Megaball. This game is based on the principles of the famous Bingo, adding multipliers to make the potential winnings more interesting for the players.

The beauty of this win lies in the fact that this incredible win took place on the very day the Megaball game was released! Bidule decided to test the game in streaming in order to understand the principle of the game. He bought 30 cards at 50€, and that was enough to prove all the volatility and potential of this live game. The winnings amounted to 313,900€, and it is to this day the biggest win ever made by a streamer!

On the video below you can see the incredible reaction of Bidule, as crazy and senseless as this huge win.

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