Cash or Crash: Evolution's live crash game!
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Cash or Crash: Evolution's live crash game!

After the Starburst XXXTreme slot machine, Evolution is back with Cash or Crash, the second game announced on the roadmap of the online casino giant.

A crash game in a live TV game version? You dreamed about it, Evolution did it! To the delight of fans of crash games like Aviator or JetX, and lovers of the famous game shows, Cash or Crash is an effective recipe, revisited to bring just the right amount of originality.

In this short article, Lucky7Bonus presents you this brand new game, coming straight from the studios of the undisputed market leader: Evolution Gaming.

Evolution Gaming in a few words

Among the players in the online casino world, the providers are among the most important. The so-called providers edit and develop the games offered to players by the operators. Their role is essential in the operation of an online casino.

Evolution is a very special provider as it has managed to completely differentiate itself from the competition and become an undisputed market leader. This company has literally revolutionized the online casino with live card and other games.

By hiring real dealers and hosts, this provider started to offer players live tables that come as close as possible to the atmosphere of a land-based casino. The gambling giant also owes its rise to the creation of game shows featuring a host and offering players different choices.

Crazy Time, Megaball, Lightning Roulette and Gonzalo's Treasure Hunt have become online references and attract thousands of players simultaneously, 24 hours a day.

Today, it is with a new game show in the same format that Evolution has decided to mark the lead that this provider has over its competition.

Cash or Crash Explained

Players who are used to crash slots like Aviator or JetX will have no trouble understanding how Cash or Crash works. For the others, you will certainly manage to quickly assimilate the basics of this game, but this article may be useful to you.

The action takes place in a sort of blimp where a presenter is waiting to take you on a wild ride. The betting is simple, no side bets or other special bets are available, just bet the amount you want in the box in the center.

Like other Evolution TV games, you can see the results of previous rounds on the game interface.

A list of sums is displayed in the center of the screen, these sums correspond to the potential winnings that you can reach. The goal of this game is to make the airship climb as high as possible.

Drawing the balls

As you may have noticed, in the center of the blimp is a sort of abacus, inside which green, red and gold balls are randomly mixed. The ball that ends up in the center is then chosen and taken out through a tube.

  • If this ball turns out to be green, the airship will rise into the sky, with all the passengers on board. You then climb one floor on the winnings scale;

  • If the chosen ball is red : it's a crash ! The game stops and the money bet and any unsecured winnings are lost;

  • The golden ball is of course special, it increases future winnings and gives you a bonus shield: the next red ball you get will have no effect. This means that you can get several green balls in a row without having to think about your strategy.

The player's decision

Because in Cash or Crash, unlike a slot machine, your strategy matters a lot. Indeed, after each green ball obtained, a choice is offered to you:

  • Take half: 50% of the winnings up to now are then secured. This will halve all potential future winnings;

  • Continue: This means that your winnings are put back into play. By continuing the game you take the risk of losing everything, but the potential future winnings keep their value;

  • Take it all: All your winnings so far are secured. Your game then stops and you can watch the rest of this round without being affected by future results.

After a golden ball, you will not have to make any further decisions until you get a red ball, as this will not end your game.

Possible winnings in Cash or Crash

A table is visible in the game interface. It will allow you to anticipate the number of green balls in a row you need to get to reach a certain multiplier.

Getting the golden ball will improve the multipliers of each level:

  • Level 1: x1.2 ;

  • Level 2: x1.6 / x1.7 if golden ball;

  • Level 3 : x2 / x2,2 ;

  • Level 8: x10 / x10.5 ;

  • Level 13: x95 / x105 ;

  • Level 20 : x18 000 / x50 000.

Level 20 is the maximum level, it means that you have obtained all the green balls of the abacus. If you also got the golden ball beforehand and at no time did you choose to collect half of your winnings, then you win the jackpot of this game with 50,000 times your bet. Please note that the maximum payout on this game is €500,000.

Below you will find the information table showing the potential winnings depending on the draw.

Our review of Cash or Crash

What is striking when you join Cash or Crash is the incredible immersion offered by Evolution. The graphics as well as the scenery allow you to feel completely inside the balloon and this becomes even more pronounced with each rung gained, giving you the impression of really gaining altitude.

By combining the fun universe of Crazy Time with the adrenaline and the choice of strategy that crash games bring, Evolution succeeds in offering an original and fun experience to its players.

The display of the other players' choices in the same game as well as the statistics of the following draws bring a real plus to this creation which offers an already very high theoretical return (RTP) with 99.59% by adopting an optimized strategy.

LetsGiveItASpin's incredible win on Cash or Crash

On September 3rd, Cash or Crash was released on some online operators, on the same date, the streamer LetsGiveItASpin made an incredible run with one of his acolytes.

After winning the golden shield in the first shuffle, the streamer duo lucked out long enough to secure 50% of the money they won, several times in a row, until they finally walked away with over 34,000 Euros!

Check out their reaction in the images below:

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