How to play ultimate poker ?
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How to play ultimate poker ?

Ultimate poker is a mode of play derived from the very famous Texas hold'em poker.

Texas hold'em is played with two cards closed for each player at the table and five open cards revealed as the hand is played, for the entire table. We have the flop, consisting of three cards, then the turn, consisting of one card, and finally the turn, consisting of one last card. Each player must, with their two cards and the five on the table, get the best combination of cards to win the hand.

For utlimate poker, it's slightly different. You are no longer playing against other players but against the dealer.

The goal of ultimate poker

The point is simple. The goal is to get a better combination of cards than the dealer's combination.

The best online casinos for playing ultimate poker

  1. Casino Extra

  2. Cresus Casino

  3. Tortuga

  4. Fatboss

  5. Lucky8

The value of the combinations

For the combination game, the same combinations are available as in all poker derivatives. From the strongest to the weakest:

  • Royal Straight Flush

  • Straight Flush

  • Four of a Kind

  • Full House

  • Flush

  • Straight

  • Three of a Kind

  • Two Pairs

  • Pairs

  • High Hand

Depending on your bet and what you hit during a game, you will be paid a certain number of times.

How to bet in ultimate poker

When starting a game of ultimate poker, you will need to tie the Ante and Blind square. You can also add a bet on the Trips box, this bet only takes into account your combination of cards and not whether or not you win against the dealer.

How is a game of ultimate poker played?

After betting, the dealer deals you two cards and two cards for him face down. Based on these first two cards, you will have to make a choice between decisions:

  • Put three or four times the amount of your Ante in the Play box.

  • Check

Then the dealer draws three common cards that make up the flop. If you did not choose to triple or quadruple your Ante in the previous round, you have other choices:

  • Put twice the amount of your Ante on the Play box.

  • Check

The dealer turns over the two remaining common cards which are called, respectively, the turn and the river. If you did not choose to double your Ante in the previous turn, you have two final choices:

  • Put once the amount of your Ante on the Play box.

  • Fold

Finally, the dealer turns over his cards, the one with the best combination of cards, between him and you, wins the hand. Several cases are possible:

*The blind gain is determined according to the power of the hand.

**The dealer qualifies if he has at least one pair.

Here is a list of blind payouts from the most popular live gaming provider, Evolution Gaming:

How does betting on trips work?

Before the start of a game, you can add an additional bet to your initial bet on the Trips box. This bet takes into account the strength of your hand. If you hit at least one three of a kind, you will be paid a certain number of times the bet placed on the Trips. As mentioned before, you don't have to win the hand to get paid on Trips.

Here is a list of payouts from the best known live gaming provider, Evolution Gaming:

The ultimate poker table

Ultimate poker is a mathematically winning casino game. The theoretical payout rate is 99.47% not counting the bets you make on Trips. Betting on trips has a theoretical payout ratio of 96.50%.

As you can see, the main game is much more interesting to play alone than with Trips. However, you have to play a perfect game to get this payout rate. That's good, we share with you a table that reduces the casino advantage by +/- 1%.

The strategies of ultimate poker

Game strategy before the flop

When the dealer deals you your cards, you will have to choose between quadrupling, tripling or checking.

The table we've shared with you above lists the actions you should perform before the flop based on your starting hand. In all cases, the x3 bet is to be removed from your mind. The only decisions you have to take into account are the x4 bet or the check.

Game strategy after the flop

After the flop, there's really no strategy to adopt. It's up to you, if you hit a pair or something else, you can decide to play the x2 bet or check if you don't hit anything.

Of course, if you don't touch anything at all down to the river it is advisable to fold. Unless you have an interesting height, which is unlikely because interesting heights are often played in x4 before the flop.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about ultimate poker

Where to play ultimate poker ?

You can find this game in online casinos as well as in land-based casinos.

What's the difference between poker and ultimate poker ?

There is no noticeable difference between these two games. They have the same hand combinations, the same lexicon, and the same order of play. The only difference is that you don't play against any player but against the dealer.

Who has the highest RTP between blackjack and ultimate poker ?

Since the RTP (payout ratio) of blackjack is 99.29%, the ultimate poker has a more interesting RTP of over 0.20% (99.47%). This difference is not negligible, you will be a little more winning with ultimate poker than with blackjack.

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