Blackjack table : How to win more hands at blackjack
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Blackjack table : How to win more hands at blackjack

Do you want to start playing blackjack and make the best possible choices during your playing sessions? It is quite possible thanks to the basic strategy applicable to the blackjack table which compiles all the possible situations you will find yourself in. It is important to know that the blackjack table does not guarantee you to be a 100% winner, it allows you to reduce the casino's advantage to less than 1% and thus to be more winning in the long run than a recreational player.

As a result, you will need to learn and memorize all of the potential play patterns during a game of blackjack. With this strategy, you will be able to choose the most appropriate action to take based on the dealer's hand. Hit, stay, split, or double down, all of these actions will have no secrets for you.

Reminder: Blackjack Lexicon

Before embarking on learning the basic strategy of blackjack, it is necessary to take a look at the meaning of blackjack terms. It's always better to know your code before you learn to drive, isn't it?

  • Hit: Draw a card

  • Stay: Do not draw any more cards and save your score.

  • Split: Splits two cards of the same value, which results in two hands instead of one, thus doubling the starting bet.

  • Double Down: Doubles the initial bet after receiving the first two cards while taking the risk of receiving only one card from the dealer.

  • Soft: The so-called soft hand is a hand that includes an Ace (excluding blackjack). The value of these hands is at the discretion of the player. If the player gets an Ace and a 7, he can choose between two hand values; either 8 or 18. Depending on the value the player places on his hand, the player will make a decision.

  • Insurance: Insurance can be taken by the player when the dealer has an Ace as his first card. To ensure his hand, the player must pay x0.5 the amount of his bet. This ensures the player's hand in the event of blackjack from the dealer and is partially refunded.

  • Push: This is a game result, between a player and the dealer. The push is when the dealer has the same hand strength as the player. There is no winner and the player gets his bet back.

  • Bust: Bust is the act of exceeding 21 for both the player and the dealer. When either a player or the dealer bust, the dealer automatically loses.

The basic principles of blackjack that you should know by heart

To make learning the blackjack table easier, we advise you to retain these principles from the basic blackjack strategy:

  • Never split cards of a value equal to 10.

  • Never hit if you have a hand between 17 and 21.

  • The pair of 8s and the pair of Aces are the only hands that split in any situation.

  • The hands that the player must double are between 9 and 11, depending on the dealer's card.

  • Do not draw cards if your hand is between 13 and 16 and the dealer's hand is between 2 and 6. Unless you have an Ace in your hand.

  • When the dealer has 2 or 3, the only hand (exceeding 10) that pulls out is 12.

The odds of blackjack

Blackjack is a game based on mathematics, which is also the case for the basic blackjack strategy. We have decided to compile blackjack probabilities for you below:

  • The basic strategy reduces the casino advantage to less than 1%.

  • A player who plays without the basic strategy gives a 4% advantage to the casino

  • Adopting the "no bust" strategy of not exceeding 21 gives the casino a 3.91% advantage

  • 8% is the percentage chance that the dealer and the player have of exceeding 21 together

  • Following the same strategy as the dealer (draw up to 16 and stop on 17 or more), gives the casino a 5.48% advantage

  • The average value of the dealer's hand is +/- 18.80

  • In a deck of cards, there are 52 cards, 16 cards (called logs) have a value of 10 (10, Jack, Queen, King), which is equivalent to a ratio of 1 log for 3.25 cards. A little less than a third (32.5%) of the deck are logs.

Finally, here is a table showing the player's advantage over the dealer's visible card. The first column shows the dealer's bust probability and the second column shows the advantage of the player using the basic blackjack strategy. As you can see, the best scenario for the player is that the dealer has 5 and the worst scenario for the player is that the dealer has 9 or more.

Blackjack table

Before you get into the swing of things, practice well, that's why we provide a completely free blackjack game.

FAQ: Questions about the blackjack table

Is it allowed to have the painting in a land-based casino ?

Unlike card counting, which was totally prohibited when it was effective, the blackjack table is not prohibited in land-based establishments. Everybody has a mobile phone and if you have a memory lapse, you can check your decision without any worries.

Does the blackjack table win hands?

Strictly speaking, the board doesn't allow you to win any particular hand. It allows the player who applies it to reduce the casino's advantage in the long run and not in the short run.

How do I play blackjack?

Ultimately, any style of play is possible when playing blackjack. But if your goal is to increase your chances of winning against the casino, it's best to adopt a mathematical strategy that will be to your advantage and not to the casino's advantage.

Is it possible to win at blackjack?

Mathematically, no, you will lose in the long run. But with luck anything is possible. Remember that a blackjack hand is a coinflip that you play against the casino and the casino has a slight advantage over you.

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