Credit card: the perfect payment method for the online casino

The credit card is the most widespread means of payment in the world. Increasingly secure, this means of payment is available at your nearest shops, but also on the Internet. On the side of online casinos featured on Lucky7Bonus, all casinos, or casinos that only accept cryptography, accept credit cards as a means of deposit and payment. Fast and efficient, the credit card no longer has to prove itself in today's world.


Deposit at the casino with a Mastercard or Visa credit card

Introduction on the difference between Mastercard and Visa

Visa and Mastercard are the world market leaders in credit card payments. Present in more than 200 countries for Visa and 210 for Mastercard, these two brands are not banks, but they work with them. Indeed, when you open your bank account, you will have the choice between a Visa or a Mastercard. It is very important to note that there is no difference between the two cards. With both Visa and Mastercard you can pay, withdraw money and make purchases on the Internet. Of course, depending on your offer and the type of credit card you wish to have, the conditions of use may change as well as the ceilings. It is also important to note that, the price of the card varies according to your bank and the offer. Indeed, Visa and Mastercard do not set the prices that your bank offers you. In addition to being present all over the world, Visa and Mastercard also offer prepaid cards.

What is a Visa credit card?

The Visa credit card is a means of payment made available to you by your bank. When you open an account or if you want a new credit card, your bank will ask you to choose between Visa and MasterCard. The latter are the two most common means of payment in the world.

The advantages of a Visa credit card

World-famous service, Visa at your disposal with many advantages.

  • The Visa credit card is available almost everywhere in the world. Indeed, the company claims to be established in nearly 200 countries around the world and that at least 35 million merchants use this means of payment. So if you are in a country and want to travel, you will be able to use Visa. However, remember to change your offer and thus your bank card to take advantage of the best charges when you travel abroad.

  • When travelling abroad, travellers' greatest fear is to lose the Blue Card. Therefore, Visa provides you with many tips for safe travel. However, even if you follow the recommendations and lose your Blue Card, Visa provides you with insurance. However, it is very important for you to negotiate the conditions of your insurance before departure. Indeed, depending on the type of card you take, your benefits will not be the same.

  • Visa offers you a very high level of security when shopping online or at points of sale that accept this method of payment. Indeed, faced with the increase in online bank robberies and the number of people who are abandoning this method of payment, which is considered too insecure, Visa has been working twice as hard. So, when you shop on the Internet, your data will be fully protected. You will also be asked for a verification code, in addition to the one that your bank may set up. Furthermore, if you make too many purchases with your bank card using contactless technology, you will be obliged to enter your code after a certain period of time.

  • Visa offers a wide range of credit cards. Whether you are a professional or a private individual, whether you earn a lot of money or very little, Visa is for everyone. In fact, with more than 13 bank cards on offer, Visa offers you a very complete service. In addition, the bank cards vary between :

Prepaid bank cards: they can be used anywhere in France and around the world. The amount on the card can be used at once or several times. The prepaid card is as secure as a traditional Visa card. The beneficiary will have to enter a code with each purchase and will be able to make a stop payment in the event of theft.

The V Pay bank card: with this card you will be able to make purchases and withdraw money in 36 European countries. This card is only available in Europe. This card has a chip and no magnetic stripe and is very secure. Unlike a traditional card where you can make a purchase even if you have no money on your account, with the V Pay card this is impossible. Your balance is checked for each transaction you make. So if you don't have enough money to make your transaction, it will be refused.

The Visa electron card: just like the V Pay card, the Visa electron card allows the most spendthrift people to manage their budget. Indeed, with this card, it will be impossible to charge your account in the negative. With each purchase, your balance will be checked. If you have the necessary amount for your transaction, it will be approved. If not, then it will be declined. Unlike the V Pay bank card, this credit card is available everywhere in the world and is not limited to Europe.

The Visa Classic/Visa Premier/Visa Platinum/Visa Infinite card: with one of these bank cards you can make withdrawals anywhere in the world. Unlike the other cards presented above, this credit card, regardless of which one you have, offers you immediate withdrawal or deferred debit withdrawal. If you would like the amount to be debited directly from your card when you make a purchase, then choose "immediate debit". If you want all your purchases to be debited from your bank balance at once, then take 'deferred debit'. Together with your bank advisor, you set a date when you want all your purchases to be debited from your balance on a monthly basis. It is very important to note that, the difference between all the cards is based on your income and the use of your bank card. Depending on your grade, you will be entitled to more service, international withdrawals at reduced fees, passes, etc. If you would like to know more, visit the official Visa website to see all the differences. Depending on which bank you are with, the cards will not have the same monthly payments.

  • Finally, Visa also offers you the option of paying with your mobile phone. If you don't like to use your credit card, it can be in your phone. Indeed, the latest generation mobile phones allow you to save your credit cards and use them as if you had one in your hands. Please note that payment by phone is made using contactless technology and is only accepted below the sum of 50 €. Above this amount, you will have to use your credit card.

Disadvantages of a Visa credit card

Like all services on earth, the Visa credit card also has its drawbacks. It is important to specify that in the next points discussed, land-based banks will be highlighted. Indeed, some online banks offer this type of service, but these banks are still little used compared to land-based banks.

  • No matter which bank you are in, you will have to pay a fee to obtain these cards. This is because these cards are not free of charge. You will have to pay monthly payments. These will vary depending on your credit card and the bank you are at. Please note that the majority of cases are mentioned here. It is possible that some special cases may not pay any monthly instalments or have other options.

  • When you go to a tobacconist's shop or even to some bakeries, it is not uncommon to see "credit card accepted from 10 €". Although it is available everywhere, the Visa blue card is restrictive for merchants who often do not accept it below a certain amount. However, this constraint also applies to Mastercard.

  • It is impossible to make a payment between individuals. Indeed, it is possible to transfer money between two banks, but it is impossible to pay between individuals with a credit card. For example, it is possible to give yourself cash, to send money from one virtual wallet to another, but it is impossible to pay by credit card.

  • Finally, the last black spot on the Visa card is the waiting time between the moment you make a purchase and the moment it appears on your bank account. Indeed, it is not uncommon to buy a product or service, and that it only appears on your bank account 48 hours later. So this waiting period between the time you make a purchase and the time it appears on the account can make account management difficult. Unlike some options that are instantly available on your account, credit cards, whether Visa or Mastercard, are not.

What is a Mastercard credit card?

Just like Visa, the Mastecard credit card is a means of payment made available to you by your bank. As explained when the Visa card was introduced, when opening an account or bank account or even if you wish to change your bank card, you will have the choice between a Mastercard and a Visa. Please note that Visa and Mastercard do not offer you the same services or insurance. Even if it is possible to pay in more shops with a Visa credit card, Mastecard is present in 210 countries, 10 more than its competitor.

The advantages of a Mastercard blue card

Mastercard's worldwide reputation is well established, thanks in part to the many benefits it offers its users. The cards shown are for private individuals only. Specific bank cards are also available for companies. However, they are not discussed here.

  • Just like Visa, Mastercard also offers a wide range of cards. The first of these is the Mastercard reloadable prepaid card. With the latter, you will be able to withdraw at all counters that accept Mastercard and pay in all shops that accept this means of payment. Please note that if you do not have the necessary money on your card to make your purchases, they will be refused. You do not need a bank account to obtain this card. To search for it, just go on the Internet and you can put the amount you want on it. It is also not possible to pay with the contactless option with this bank card.

The standard Mastercard: this credit card is for everyone. Whether you earn a lot of money or not, this card is the entry level at Mastercard. With it, you will have many advantages, especially with regard to insurance. In addition, this card is international and will allow you to withdraw money anywhere in the world and to make purchases at merchants that accept it. In addition, you will have the choice between a debit card, meaning that the money will be taken from your deposit account, or a credit card, meaning that your money will be taken from your revolving credit account.

The Mastercard access card: this bank card offers you all the advantages of the standard Mastercard, but it focuses its offer especially for people who buy on the Internet. With this card, you will have a very high level of assurance when shopping online and Mastercard offers you many insurances. Like the standard card, your card can be a credit card or a debit card.

The Maestro card: this bank card allows you to manage your budget. Indeed, before paying for a purchase, your bank card makes sure that your purchase is feasible. If you don't have the necessary funds or exceed the limits you have set with your banker, then the purchase will be impossible to make. Moreover, you will only be able to withdraw money from the ATMs in the Mastercard network.

The Cirrus withdrawal card: as its name suggests, this card is only used for withdrawals. With this card, you can withdraw money from more than 2 million ATMs in 210 countries around the world. However, you will not be able to pay with this card. Like most Mastercard cards, this card also insures you against many of life's hazards.

  • If you have an Apple phone, you will be able to pay with your Mastercard. All you have to do is insert your credit card on your phone and then you can pay directly with it at all merchants that accept Mastercard. So, if you forget your credit card, you will always be able to make purchases with your phone.

  • Your purchases on the Internet are secure with Mastercard. With an upsurge in internet banking thefts, companies have taken strong measures. Thus, Mastercard has put a lot of money into developing ultra-secure technology for its users. So, when you make a purchase on the web, you will have to enter a code that will confirm your purchase.

  • If you are an internet shopper but don't like to enter your banking information, Mastercard has introduced the Masterpass portfolio. This payment solution is in fact a digital wallet that allows you to make purchases without using your bank card. By using this payment method, you will have a virtual card that is completely different from your real card. In addition, Mastercard ensures that this service guarantees your security.

The disadvantages of a Mastercard blue card

Like the Visa blue card, the Mastercard blue card has the same disadvantages as its competitor. So, to avoid repeating yourself, Lucky7Bonus advises you to redirect yourself to the "drawbacks of a Visa credit card" as they are the same for the Mastercard credit card.

Where to play online casino with a credit card?

Almost all online casinos at Lucky7Bonus offer this deposit method. However, Lucky7Bonus has decided to highlight three casinos for you. The selected casinos are in position 1, 2 and 3 of the Lucky7Bonus website. The first casino to use the credit card as a means of deposit is Casino Extra. If you wish to play at this casino, simply click on it. The second online casino to offer this deposit method is Cresus Casino. If you would like to play at this online casino and take advantage of the exclusive Lucky7Bonus offer, click here. Finally, the latest casino that Lucky7Bonus has decided to promote and which features this deposit method is Tortuga. If you wish to play at Tortuga, simply click on it.

How do I deposit online with a credit card?

If you are new to the world of online casinos, Lucky7Bonus will explain how to deposit money at an online casino with your credit card. As you will see, it couldn't be simpler. For this tutorial, Lucky7Bonus went to Casino Extra. However, this deposit method is very similar from one casino to another. First, go to the online casino where you wish to deposit your money. Then, log in and click on "deposit". This option is located at the top right hand corner of your home page on Casino Extra and most sites on Lucky7Bonus.

You will then be redirected to a page where you will have to choose your deposit method. Here we are interested in Visa and Mastercard. If you wish to deposit with Visa, click on Visa and perform the same action if you wish to deposit with Mastercard.

Once you have made your choice, you will be able to choose the amount you wish to deposit between several choices. However, if none of the choices available to you is suitable, you can enter the amount you wish to deposit in the "amount" box. Once you have made your choice, click on "deposit".

You will then be redirected to a page where you will be asked to enter your bank details. Once you have entered all the information, click on "pay". Depending on your bank, you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to enter a code to confirm your purchase.

Once all the steps have been completed, you will receive the amount of your order directly to the casino. The transaction takes only a few seconds and you will receive the money immediately. Lucky7Bonus would like to remind its users that gambling is dangerous and that you should only gamble money you can afford to lose. If you feel that your financial situation is becoming dangerous because of your gambling addiction, turn to the appropriate authorities.

Conclusion on Visa and Mastercard at the casino

The blue card is the most widespread means of payment in the world, with Visa and Mastercard holding almost the entire market. In order to reach as many people as possible, online casinos have very quickly turned to this means of payment and withdrawal. With the increase in the theft of bank information, casinos as well as your banks and credit card providers are working hard to ensure the security of your information. In addition, the casinos highlighted by Lucky7Bonus in this article are working hard to protect your personal and bank details.

Unlike other means of deposit and withdrawal, Visa and Mastercard credit cards are available in almost all online casinos featured on Lucky7Bonus. The only casinos that do not offer you this means of payment and withdrawal are those casinos that only use cryptography.

As a reminder, if you wish to play at Casino Extra, click here. If you would like to play at Cresus Casino and take advantage of this exclusive offer, click here. Finally, if you wish to play on Tortuga, click here.

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