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Free slot: Tombstone RIP

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ProviderNolimit City
Creation year2022

How Tombstone RIP works

The most volatile slot machine in the slot world is finally here! Tombstone RIP was developed and is published by the online gaming provider Nolimit City and is the follow-up to the iconic Tombstone. This slot maker is known for its slot machines that are often completely crazy and have a mind-blowing payout potential, but this time they have broken all records when it comes to volatility! Tombstone RIP was released on January 11, 2021 and is already available at the vast majority of online casinos. Once again, it is the world of the Far West that is highlighted in Tombstone RIP. This western setting will scare you, but the gloomy atmosphere that reigns in this ghost town should not make you lose sight of the main objective of this slot: to walk away with colossal sums of money! The graphics are very well executed and take you to the middle of a village in the American West that seems to be abandoned, and the background music will inevitably remind you of the cult cowboy movies. This online game is unique in its kind and features an amazing 2-3-3-3-1 starting grid. Once again, the easiest way to win is to have adjacent connections of 3 to 5 identical symbols.

As usual, the online game provider Nolimit City has integrated many features in its latest creation that will considerably improve your base game experience. First of all, there are several wild symbol variants at Tombstone RIP, which have the ability to substitute any symbol and will allow you to make connections more easily. Standard Wilds

Normal wilds appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. They substitute for all classic and premium symbols and take the same place as a standard symbol. xNudge Wilds

Already present in other slots from this provider, these special wild symbols have the ability to span the entire reel when they appear. In addition, these xNudge Wilds contain a multiplier that will increase by 1 as they move up the column. If multiple expandable wilds appear on the same spin, then the multipliers will be added together before affecting the total payout. xNudge Wilds appears on reels 2, 3 and 4.

Reel Split Wilds

These symbols can only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 as well. As soon as a Reel Split Wild appears, it will split in half and will also split all symbols on the same reel in half! This feature will allow you to increase the number of ways, and therefore the amount of money you win when you connect will be higher.

xSplit Wild

This special symbol appears only on the last reel of this slot machine and counts as two symbols, although it only takes up one slot. When it appears, the xSplit Wild will split many of the symbols on the first 4 reels in half. Here are the 4 split possibilities of this feature:

  • Split each symbol at the top of the first 4 reels

  • Split each symbol at the bottom of the first 4 reels

  • Split the 3 symbols in the middle of reels 2, 3 and 4 and the top symbol on the first reel

  • Split the 3 symbols in the middle of reels 2, 3 and 4 and the symbol at the bottom of the first reel

This choice is made randomly and if a symbol selected to be split is already split in half, then it will eventually be split into 4. Also, if the xSplit Wild splits a xNudge Wild, then the multiplier value it contains will be doubled. Enhanced Bet Feature

The online game Tombstone RIP offers you a chance to get an easier access to one of the bonuses of this slot through the Enhanced Bet feature. Once activated, this feature guarantees you to get a scatter on the second reel on every pay spin, which will be a great help in your quest for free spins. The Enhanced Bet feature does come at a price, however, and as a result you will pay 10% more per spin. In addition, the features mentioned above will appear slightly less often. xRIP

This feature is unfortunately not very advantageous for players! As soon as a connection is made but the resulting winnings do not exceed the amount of your original bet, then RIP symbols with a cross will appear on the symbols involved and the winnings will be cancelled.

Tombstone RIP symbols

Tombstone RIP has many symbols that you need to connect to win. These symbols all have their own value which is defined in advance according to their frequency of appearance and they are divided into two categories: classic symbols and premium symbols. Classic symbols pay the least, however they appear more often, which makes them easier to connect. They are represented by the highest values in a classic deck of cards, namely 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The following image shows the payout range for each classic symbol in Tombstone RIP. The values shown on the screen below are for a starting bet of €1.

Let's move on to the most interesting symbols in this slot machine: we are talking about the high value symbols, better known as premiums! They are rarer and therefore more difficult to connect, but they are the most profitable symbols in this slot machine. They are represented by cowboys and bandits, among which we find :

  • The Sheriff

  • The cowgirl

  • Skinny Joe

  • Edda Star

  • El Gordo

The infographic below allows you to see the value of each premium symbol present on Tombstone RIP (also €1 bet).

The different connections of Tombstone RIP

As you can see, in order to win on Tombstone RIP, you will have to manage to connect between 3 and 5 identical symbols. Unlike many slot machines, there are no predefined paylines in this virtual game. Here, the connections are adjacent, so a connection will occur as soon as the same symbol is present on at least the first 3 reels, regardless of its location within the columns. This connection system allows you to benefit from at least 108 different ways to spin! The starting grid of this slot machine is read exclusively from left to right, and in the following image you can see an example of a valid connection at the top and an example of an invalid connection at the bottom.

Tombstone RIP Bonus Feature

Tombstone RIP allows its users to access two different bonus features in which free spins are awarded! These free spins both contain their own features and can win you astronomical amounts of money if you are lucky! Hang 'em High Freespins

This is the easiest bonus to get on this slot. To reach these free spins, you'll need to see 3 Hang 'em High Scatters, represented by a silver sign. If you get only 2 scatters, they will become wilds and the Reels Split Wilds feature will act on the reels they appear on. These scatters only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 and if during the bonus round a scatter is split in half, then you will receive an extra free spin. As with most Nolimit City slots, bonuses can be earned by paying a set amount of money in advance in Tombstone RIP. In fact, you have the option of purchasing the Hang 'em High Freespins directly by paying 70 times your original bet!

The Hang 'em High Freespins bonus is pretty simple to understand. First of all, you will receive 8 free spins and the ways in the base game will always be active, as well as the different features Wilds, Reel Split Wilds, xSplit Wilds or xNudge Wilds from Tombstone RIP. In addition, a multiplier will appear in the upper right corner of the grid and will start at x1. This multiplier will be increased by 1 each time a wild appears and will affect the winnings from potential connections. Also, the multiplier will not reset between free spins! If a Boothill Scatter appears on the last reel during these free spins, then you'll be eligible for the second bonus round of this slot machine and you'll be awarded two additional free spins.

Boothill Freespins

This is probably the most interesting bonus in this slot, and is definitely one of the most interesting and volatile bonuses in the online gambling world! To get these free spins, you will need to see 3 Hang 'em High Scatters appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 on the same spin, as well as the Boothill Scatter symbol which only appears on the last reel. If in the base game the Boothill Scatter appears on reel 5 but the bonus requirements are not met, a premium symbol will appear and turn itself and its occurrences into wilds across the entire grid. In addition, a multiplier between x5 and x999 will randomly appear on a premium symbol.

You will be awarded 10 free spins during the Boothill Freespins. During this bonus, as during the Hang 'em High Freespins, a multiplier will also appear. The multiplier will also start at x1 and will be increased by 1 for normal wilds, 2 for Real Split Wilds and 1, 2 or 3 for xNudge Wilds. The multiplier will not be reset between free spins. During the Boothill Freespins, on each free spin a premium symbol will be placed on reel 5 and will turn all matching symbols into wilds. For example, if the Sheriff appears on the last reel, then all Sheriffs on the grid will also become wilds. In addition to the general multiplier, there is another multiplier in this bonus round of Tombstone RIP that will be added before each spin on a premium symbol. If one or more of these symbols appear on the grid, then they will benefit from this multiplier. If you connect the premium symbol containing a multiplier, then the multiplier will be added to the total multiplier before affecting the winnings from the connection. Possible multipliers are x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, x10, x11, x12, x22, x36, x44, x45, x54, x58, x90, x310, x523, x718, x805 et x999!

Our opinion on Tombstone RIP

Tombstone RIP will obviously be the event of the beginning of this year in the world of online gambling! Nolimit City has decided to strike a blow and remind all its competitors how incredibly inventive this provider is. Even if this slot seems complicated to understand at first sight, it will only take a few minutes to master Tombstone RIP. The features of this slot are multiple, with many wilds that can appear in different ways. In addition, there are two different bonuses that can allow you to win stratospheric amounts of money. The bonus buy-in feature is also present on this slot and allows you to directly access the Hang 'em High Freespins and Boothill Freespins by paying 70 times and 3,000 times your initial bet respectively ! Tombstone RIP has a theoretical payout ratio (RTP) that is in the middle of the pack for slot machines, reaching 96.06%. This creation has become the most volatile slot on the market today, as this online game can pay out up to 300,000 times your stake!

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