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Free slot: Mental

Provider : Nolimit City

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ProviderNolimit City
Creation year2021

How Mental works

In the world of online casinos, there are some slots that can be described as 'special' for a number of reasons. From dodgy or even bizarre graphics to music or atmospheres that are far from usual, some slots are known to be "ugly" without being bad. With its latest Mental slot, Nolimit City has decided to play in this category of slots. On your way to this game, you will find yourself in the middle of an abandoned psychiatric hospital where some peculiar looking people are waiting for you. Whether it's a straitjacket, a ball in the mouth or signs of mental illness, this slot is a funny creation to say the least.

A starting grid of 5 columns awaits you in this slot. The horizontal rows are scalable, meaning that there can be a lot or very little in each round.

Mental is a slot machine that comes with several features in the base game as well as three different bonus rounds which we will come back to later.

Mental is a slot machine that comes with several features in the base game. These features work exactly the same during your free spins.

The first feature is the one called Fire Frames. At any time, any symbol that appears on the starting grid can be given a Fire Frames, i.e. the symbol will split in two, to increase the number of ways.

Next comes the Dead Patient feature. When two Dead Patient symbols appear, a multiplier ranging from a minimum of x5 to a maximum of x9999 will be placed on one of the patient symbols on the starting grid. If a patient symbol with a multiplier is connected, your final win will be multiplied by the multiplier associated with it.

The Enhancer Cells feature only works on reels 2 and 4 of your slot machine. As soon as at least one of the two 'Enhancer Cells' on the bottom of your starting grid is full, it can reveal one of the following symbols:

  • The symbol of a patient ;

  • The Dead Patient symbol;

  • The xWays feature which reveals 3 symbols of the same type and also allows you to expand the height of one or more reels. It can also reveal symbols other than the Scorpion, Spider or Dead Patient symbols. Finally, if an xWays symbol is already present on the grid, all xWays symbols will reveal the same symbol;

  • The xSplit feature that allows you to split certain symbols on the column where it appears;

  • The wild symbol that connects with all the other symbols in the slot, except the one that gives the bonus feature;

  • The xNudge Wild always positions itself to be visible. With each xNudge Wild that appears, the win multiplier is increased by 1 and multiple wild multipliers add up to a total multiplier.

The final feature is called Mental Transform and is only available on reels 2 and 4 of your starting grid. The Spider symbol can transform into :

  • Symbole xWays ;

  • xSplit ;

  • Dead Patient ;

  • Wild ;

  • Patient.

The different symbols of Mental

Mental is a slot machine with several different symbols. First of all you have the premium symbols. These are called premium symbols because they appear more often than the other symbols, but pay less. They are represented by people called: patient 1, patient 2, patient 3, patient 4, patient 5.

In the following screen, you will find the value of each connection for a starting bet of €1.

Then there are non premium symbols. These are so called because they appear more often than the other symbols, but pay less. They are represented by parts of the human body such as: an eye, the brain, the heart, the lungs or a hand.

In the following screen, the value displayed for each connection is for a starting bet of €1.

The different connections of Mental

Mental is a slot machine that works with adjacent connections, meaning that they work by touch. For a connection to occur, a symbol must appear at least once on your first three columns of your slot machine. The further a symbol appears or goes on your starting grid, the bigger your final win will be. In addition, to win a significant amount of money, you will also need to have a significant number of ways. The number of ways varies between each game round.

In the basic game, without all the features, the number of ways is 108.

The following screen shows a valid connection (on the top) and an invalid connection (on the bottom).

It is important to note that the connections on the Mental slot machine only work from left to right.

How the Mental bonus works

Nolimit City has made a habit of offering not just one, but several bonus features on its slots. With the Mental slot, not one or two bonuses are waiting for you, but three.

The first bonus is called Autopsy Freespins. It is triggered as soon as you get three Scorpion symbols on one spin. In this bonus, the Enhancer Cells feature is not active from the start. However, the Enhancer Cells feature can be triggered during any game round and remain until the end of your bonus. During your 8 free spins, you will be able to get Fire Frames on all 5 reels. Once the Fire Frames feature appears on any of your reels, it will stay until the end of your free spins.

Be aware that during your free spins, the Autopsy Freespins can switch to Lobotomy Freepins or Mental Freepins, which are the two most volatile bonus games in this slot.

Mental's second bonus feature is called Lobotomy Freespins. This is awarded when a Spider symbol appears on your starting grid along with the three Scorpion symbols. You will be entitled to 9 free spins. Please note that the Scorpion symbol can split, giving you an extra free spin each time it splits.

In addition to the features present in the Autopsy Freespins bonus games, during the Lobotomy Freespins games you will be entitled to the Mental Transform feature for each roll.

During your free games, the Patient symbol may appear, as you can see in the following screen.

This symbol has the functionality to give a multiplier to one of the Patient symbols. As you can see, a Patient symbol has been given a multiplier of x 10. As in the basic game, this multiplier can go up to x 9,999. There is also a number in the following screen, the number 2.

This number allows you to know how many symbols will be entitled to a multiplier when it appears. For example, in the previous screen, you could see that the number 2 was present with the symbol. In the following screen, only two symbols have a multiplier.

To hit the jackpot in this bonus you will need to get a big multiplier as well as a big number. Each time the symbol appears, whether it connects or not, the multiplier symbol is only valid for one round of play.

The final bonus feature is called Mental Freespins. To trigger this, you will need to get three Scorpion symbols and two Spider symbols on a single spin.

These bonus games keep all the features seen before and add two new features. Firstly, the Spider symbols remain on every spin and trigger the Mental Transform feature.

The second special feature of this Mental Freespins bonus is the Dead Patient symbol. Unlike the second bonus feature where, as soon as a multiplier appears on a character, it disappears as soon as it is present on the starting grid, in these bonus games it stays until the end of your free games. In addition to not shrinking or disappearing, it can increase with each reveal of a Dead Patient symbol.

Our opinion on Mental

With its Mental slot, Nolimit City has made Nolimit City, that is to say an explosive slot that is not easy to handle. When you visit this slot, you will be perfectly immersed in the psychiatric universe, thanks to the scenery, the animations and the sound atmosphere that are perfectly reproduced.

The variety of features and bonus rounds may be incomprehensible at first, but after a few minutes on the slot machine, you will quickly understand how each element works on this Mental slot.

Mental is an extremely volatile slot where you can win up to 66,666 times your original bet if you are lucky. As for the RTP (theoretical return to players), it varies between 94.20% and 94.63% depending on how you play.

A Nolimit City slot without the bonus buy-in feature is a rare thing. On this Mental slot, you will be able to purchase all three bonuses at a value of x 80, x 230 and x 1,000 of your starting bet respectively, or a purchase of x 232 of your starting bet, randomly giving you one of the three bonuses.

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🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Mental ?


📈 What is the volatility of Mental


💸 What is the RTP of Mental


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Mental ?


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