Who is Trainwreckstv?
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Who is Trainwreckstv?

Trainwreckstv, whose real name is Tyler Faraz Niknam, is a 30 year old American streamer who works mainly on the Twitch platform. Known for his atypical personality, his controversial statements flirting between humour and honesty, Niknam has quickly established himself on the English-speaking scene.

It is very difficult to put him in a box, indeed, although Trainwreckstv is not a gamer strictly speaking, it is not uncommon to observe him on video games such as Call of Duty, Halo or even World of Warcraft on his Twitch channel. More recently, Tyler has taken up online casinos, quite suddenly, while keeping his own particular style.

Lucky7Bonus helps you to learn more about this character, who is not well known to many viewers despite his impressive community.

Trainwreckstv's beginnings on Twitch

After graduating from Arizona State University in 2014 with a degree in analytical philosophy, Niknam quickly began to showcase himself on the Twitch platform. His first streams consisted of sessions of various video games such as Counter Strike, World of Warcraft or League of Legend as well as lives where the young American discussed topics that interested him.

Although he was not successful from the start on Twitch, Trainwreckstv continued to put himself on stage by playing his favourite games or by discussing funny, serious and sometimes sensitive subjects.

As time goes by and Niknam's interest in video games decreases, the content offered by the American is more and more focused on his private life and his person in particular. The streams quickly became a kind of Vlogs and the reaction of the public was positive. The atypical personality of Trainwreckstv interested more viewers than his game sessions and the statistics of his Twitch channel quickly increased, until he could eventually live off his live streams.

In 2018, Trainwreckstv has increased its average viewer count by almost 10 times, while its content is now totally focused on conversation and drama. Indeed, the streamer is no stranger to controversy and has already suffered the consequences of his outbursts several times.

Trainwreckstv's problems on Twitch

Niknam is known for his honesty and his frankness, his positions are clear and he does not hesitate to debate sensitive topics without restraint when he feels he is not in the wrong. This earned him his first 5-day ban from the Twitch platform when his channel was in full expansion.

In November 2017, Trainwreckstv went on a rant against female celebrities on Twitch using what he felt were their physical assets as well as the loneliness of viewers to reach a large audience. Niknam goes on to say that their views are undeserved and even stolen from content creators who he believes are more deserving of success on Twitch.

After his 5-day ban from the streaming platform, Trainwreckstv explains in an interview with Kotaku, a video game blog, that his criticism was only directed at "the 0.1 percent [of women] that sexually exploit themselves for views and money and hide behind the defense or veil of sexism."

A year after this suspension, in October 2018, Trainwreckstv's Twitch channel was banned again by the platform for similar reasons. While Niknam was playing Overwatch, his comments considered misogynistic once again caused controversy.

The American streamer took advantage of his time away from the streaming platform to organise the launch of what would become his most successful project.

The launch of the Scuffed Podcast and the growth of its Twitch channel

In April 2019, Trainwreckstv is launching the Scuffed Podcast. It brings together all types of personalities to discuss and debate different topics.

The names present vary, we find professional gamers, streamers, actors from Hollywood or the porn industry, youtubers and other personalities from social networks or even professional sportsmen.

The podcast is a quick success, the diversity of the speakers as well as the proximity offered by the lack of organisation pleases the public. Everyone uses their own camera, their own microphone, staying at home and this creates a certain spontaneity appreciated by the audience.

The Scuffed Podcast is also responsible for several charitable donations. In January 2020, over AUD 40,000 was raised on the podcast to help restore wildlife in Australia after the devastating fires. In June of the same year, $35,000 was raised to help the Color of Change association.

At the same time, Trainwreckstv streams sessions on the game Among Us, where he is quickly considered one of the best players. His analysis and persuasion techniques even allowed him to win an American tournament with over $5,000 in winnings.

On US presidential election night, Trainwreckstv was the 2nd most watched channel with a total of 607,000 cumulative viewing hours. The podium was occupied solely by his friends and Scuffed Podcast participants, Hasan Piker in first place and Mizkif on the 3rd step.

His Twitch channel now has over 1.3 million followers and 48 million views.

Trainwreckstv's start in the online casino

It's hard to know what drew the American to the gambling world recently. The online casino streamer Roshtein had been spotted on the Scuffed Podcast on several occasions and it's possible that the Swede introduced his friend to his favourite pastime.

At the beginning of 2021, Trainwreckstv tried his luck at online casino gambling and to say the least, he didn't go halfway. From his very first sessions, Niknam has been making large deposits of tens of thousands of dollars and has not hesitated to go straight into the more volatile slot machines, playing the maximum bet allowed.

This aggressive style of play, reminiscent of his explosive personality, has already resulted in some crazy sessions with big wins!

Jackpots already obtained by Trainwreckstv

It's not uncommon to see Trainwreckstv betting several hundred dollars per spin, and while this practice is terribly risky for his bankroll, he has been known to get some huge wins:

  • $720,000 on Buffalo King. While Trainwreckstv is on a call with the king of gambling on Twitch, Roshtein, the American gets a bonus on Buffalo King when his bet is $500 per spin. It only took two free spins before the incredible jackpot was revealed.

  • 501,000 on a Crazy Time Cash Hunt. In search of the half million, Trainwreckstv plays Crazy Time with $1,000 bets per bonus and when the Cash Hunt is obtained, the judicious choice of the x500 multiplier directly allows the streamer to reach his crazy goal: $501,000!

Sources and useful links

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Trainwreckstv's Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbYVxiNJmsbhvlUmy4_JbXA

Trainwreckstv's Twitter: https://twitter.com/trainwreckstv

Trainwreckstv's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tylerniknam/

Trainwreckstv's Twitch tracker: https://twitchtracker.com/trainwreckstv/statistics

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