What is Infinity Reels technology?
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What is Infinity Reels technology?

In a fast-growing industry like online casino, competition is getting tougher and tougher. And many providers are trying to distinguish themselves by offering the most original slot machines. To do this, online game providers are constantly reinventing themselves. They work around different worlds, call on music bands and sometimes even create their own technology. This is what Big Time Gaming tried with the Megaways technology and the incredible success that resulted from it has strongly motivated other developers to invent their own mechanism.

The most recent successful innovation is called Infinity Reels, a technology invented and developed by the online gaming provider Reel Play. It combines the advantages of existing technologies with a completely new way of working.

Infinity Reels technology makes its debut with El Dorado Infinity Reels. Released in 2020, it will be more widely promoted in early 2021 through the YGG Masters program from Yggdrasil and a collaboration between Reel Play and Relax Gaming studios.

These 3 providers will be involved in the creation of a large number of slots with Infinity Reels technology in various ways and with different functions from the beginning of the year.

Lucky7Bonus invites you to discover this technology, as original as it is complex.

How Infinity Reels works

The different connections of Infinity Reels

As the name implies, Infinity Reels technology is designed to add reels to the starting grid, potentially infinitely.

First of all, when it comes to the connection mode, we'll talk about ways, since there are no predefined paylines on the Infinity Reels slot machines. In fact, for a connection to pay out, a certain minimum number of identical symbols must be present on adjacent reels. Also, like the Tumble slots, the goal will be to accumulate connections during a single spin, which can sometimes go on and on until a jackpot is hit.

The main objective is to make a connection with the rightmost reel. This will result in a new reel being added, and the process is repeated if the new reel in turn improves a current connection. And although there is a preset maximum payout on the slots, Infinity Reels has no limit to the number of reels added.

Each slot has its own special features. There is often a x888 jackpot that is triggered when a certain number of reels are added in a single spin. A win or symbol multiplier is often present in Infinity Reels. It usually increases with each added reel.

It is possible to make a connection to the last reel, which triggers a new reel, without winning on that spin. For a connection to pay out, it must have a minimum number of matching symbols.

Calculating winnings with Infinity Reels

The payout calculation for Infinity Reels is slightly more complicated than usual. However, the calculation is pretty much the same for most slot machines using this technology.

To simplify things, we can imagine a coin-operated payout system. First of all, a minimum number of coins is required to play. For example, each spin requires 20 coins, so to change the bet price, you change the value of a coin. The symbols have a fixed value, which is not affected by the value of the bet. A certain symbol can be considered to be worth 3 coins.

In our example, on a €100 bet, we get 3 times the same symbol represented by Horus and worth 3 coins, 4 Wilds replace Horus taking its value. The connection established on the first 3 reels has allowed the addition of a reel, +1 has been added to the winnings multiplier now worth x2.

In order to calculate the winnings, the value of a coin is multiplied by the number of symbols obtained. Since we have to bet 20 coins to play and our bet is €100, the value of a coin is €5. In our example, the calculation is: €5 x 7 = €35.

We then multiply this number by the value of each symbol, here: 3.

35 € x 3 = 105 €.

Finally, the total win is the product of this number and the win multiplier obtained with the addition of a reel. That is 105 € x 2 = 210 €.

To resume more structurally:

  • Each symbol is worth 3 coins;

  • Each coin is worth 5 €;

  • 7 symbols are obtained;

  • The win multiplier adds x2 to the total;

  • 3 x 5 x 7 x 2 = €210.

Slot machines using Infinity Reels technology

Although Infinity Reels technology is very new, its success has quickly led developers to collaborate with Reel Play. Within a few months, a large number of slot machines with the Infinity Reels trademark were released.

Find below the machines using Infinity Reels technology and try them for free on Lucky7Bonus :

  • El Dorado Infinity Reels

  • Giza Infinity Reels

  • Royal Dragon Infinity Reels

  • Thor Infinity Reels

  • Gargoyle Infinity Reels

  • Tiki Infinity Reels Megaways

  • Zodiac Infinity Reels

  • Emerald’s Infinity Reels

Our opinion on Infinity Reels technology

It's not easy to make a go of it when the competition has bigger money and more experience than you. But that's not enough to hold back Reel Play, a slot machine developer established in 2014 in Australia. The innovation Infinity Reels offers a truly original and interesting system since being so new, the possibilities around this technology remain vast.

Infinity Reels brings a real attraction to the base game of its slot machines and appeals enormously to players who are tired of waiting for a bonus to get some action. Indeed, the different animations and features added to this technology allow the pay spins to become really exciting and sometimes even trigger huge wins!

Still in its early stages, this technology is already attracting a large number of providers who wish to equip their machines with it and there is a good chance that more and more online games will adopt this system in the coming months...

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