Top 10 slots with bonus buys
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Top 10 slots with bonus buys

What is a bonus buy?

Most online gaming providers offer a bonus round on their slot machines, making them more attractive and interesting for players. This bonus is usually obtained through specific symbols (scatters) and is offered as free games, with different features for different machines.

It is difficult to know in advance how much players need to invest in order to access the bonus, as variance is the keyword in these online games. If you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to get the bonus quickly, otherwise you may unfortunately have to wait a long time to get access to these free games.

To counter this unknown, some providers offer an alternative, which is to buy the bonus directly on some slot machines. The price of a bonus purchase is on average between 70 and 130x your initial bet, and you have access to the same features as if you get the bonus in the "classic" way.

Lucky7Bonus now offers you an overview of the best slots that offer bonus purchases. You can test all of these machines for free by clicking here.

Sweet Bonanza

A classic online game and slot machine that is in high demand in the Bidule streams, Sweet Bonanza is the reference for bonus slots!

This technological gem from Pragmatic Play takes us into the world of confectionery and allows you to taste adrenaline and explosive winnings thanks to the bombs in the bonus game. Indeed, Sweet Bonanza was created in 2019 and has quickly become an essential online gambling slot machine.

The bonus of Sweet Bonanza being very attractive, it's hard to resist the temptation to buy these free games. Invest 100x your initial bet, click on the "buy function" button on the left side of your screen, and try to make some huge winnings.

The principle is simple. On the same spin, get eight identical symbols in order to win. These can be increased by bombs if they appear in the same spin. These bombs are multipliers ranging from x2 to x100 and allow you, if your luck is with you, to win impressive sums!

The video below shows you a big win of Bidule on Sweet Bonanza , which is still one of the best slots for buying bonuses.

Money Train 2

One thing is for sure with Money Train 2, this slot will make you love buying bonuses. Money Train's big sister, this slot released in September 2020 has won over its users thanks to its incredible potential. In fact, in addition to an RTP of up to 98%, you can win up to 50,000x your initial bet!

This creation by the online gaming giant Relax Gaming is based on the basic principles of Money Train, but the provider has added new features that have delighted players. The bonus of Money Train 2 is obtained by investing 100x your initial bet, as opposed to 80x on the previous bonus. This increase in price is due to the many features included in the Money Train 2 bonus:

  • Sniper

  • Collector

  • Necrommancer

  • Persistent Collector

  • Persistent Pay

  • Respin Feature

  • Collector Pay

  • Persistent Sniper

Find all the information you need to understand Money Train 2 by clicking here.

Cherry Pop

How can I list slot machines offering bonus purchases without mentioning Cherry Pop? Despite its recent release (October 2020), this slot, created by Yggdrasil, has become an essential online game, thanks in particular to its bonus purchase function. With a maximum multiplier of up to x56,386, Cherry Pop is the most theoretically attractive slot machine for players.

This attractive number should not make you lose sight of the fact that Cherry Pop can literally drive you crazy. After investing no less than 75 times your initial bet, you get five free spins. However, feel free to play these free spins and try to get up to 16 spins, but keep in mind that you can lose it all, without even playing that bonus round!

However, if you manage to get a large number of free spins when buying bonuses from Cherry Pop, you will discover the incredible potential of this slot machine! The faster you make connections on all reels, the higher your multiplier will be. You can make huge winnings on Cherry Pop!

Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew is a slot machine developed and published by the supplier Hacksaw Gaming. This slot has a maximum payout of up to x10000 and is an online game that could be described as atypical. Simply put, it is a mix between Money Train and NoLimit City's Punk Rocker. The online game Chaos Crew also offers the possibility to buy bonuses. The investment required is a little higher than for the slot machines mentioned above. Here, the price is 129x your wager in order to access these free games.

The Chaos Crew bonus is simple: you have a multiplier in each of the five columns and it will increase according to the symbols you get on the reels. To do this, you are offered three spins and each time a symbol appears on the screen, Chaos Crew gives you three spins back.

The symbols present during the bonus round allow you to either add to your multiplier or multiply it if a multiplier symbol appears in this column. Some symbols can add identical amounts to all the reels or multiply all the multipliers at the same time.

The Dog House Megaways

The Dog House Megaways is a slot that started in August 2020. This slot machine features the designs and symbols of The Dog House, the provider's cult online game Pragmatic Play. The slot machine offers a maximum multiplier of x12305 with an RTP of 96.55%.

There are several differences between the two slots. The latest creation uses Megaways technology, a gaming system that allows a staggering number of paylines to appear. Indeed, there are no less than 117649 connection lines on The Dog House Megaways.

The other important change is the appearance of the bonus purchase function. The Dog House Megaways offers its users access to free games by spending 100x the initial bet. If you have chosen to buy the bonus, then you have two choices:

  • The Sticky Wilds feature. The Sticky Wilds feature allows you to get 7-20 free spins depending on the number of scatters you get (3-6 scatters). The wilds (x1, x2 or x3) that you will get on this Dog House Megaways bonus will be sticky and will remain throughout the game.

  • The Raining Wilds feature. It gives you 15 to 30 spins, but the main difference is that if a wild appears, it only remains on the screen for one spin.

Snake Arena

Snake Arena is a slot machine being created by the same provider as Money Train 2, namely Relax Gaming. The slot was released at the end of 2019. Snake Arena has a maximum multiplier of up to 2,758.8x your starting bet. This is a less volatile slot than other bonus slots, but this lower multiplier shouldn't discourage you as Snake Arena can be very successful.

If you choose to use the bonus buy-in to access the free games (which will no longer be completely "free"), you will have to pay 70x your initial bet. The bonus purchase at Snake Arena is one of the cheapest bonus purchases on the market. For those who are not familiar with this machine, all the necessary information can be found here.

The bonus round at Snake Arena does not have a specific number of rounds. The bonus game continues as long as the snake, which is a wild, does not bite its tail, like the cult game "Snake". If the snake fills all the squares on reels 2 to 5, then you will win 1000x your initial bet!

TNT Tumble

Relax Gaming invites you to go in search of gemstones with TNT Tumble. This slot machine, which was launched this year, can be very explosive, both in principle and in volatility. Indeed, you can potentially win up to 12,278x your initial bet, and the payback rate to the player is over 96%.

To access this bonus when you buy it, you will need to invest 70x your initial bet on TNT Tumble. This is a very fair price compared to other slot machines that offer bonus purchases. But for you, the hardest part is yet to come. The TNT Tumble bonus allows you to choose between three different bonuses:

  • multiply

  • multiply/ extra spins

  • extra spins

As shown in the graph above, the difference between the three bonuses lies in the volatility of TNT Tumble's free spins. It is up to you to know what risks you wish to take in order to amortise your bonus purchase.

Once you've made your choice, TNT Tumble will plunge you into the depths of the gemstone mines and the drills (wilds) will allow you to go out and retrieve gemstones. These will offer you additional free spins or an increase in your winnings multiplier depending on the bonus you have chosen.

Release the Kraken

The slot machine that we are going to present to you is once again to the credit of Pragmatic Play. Release the Kraken is a slot that was launched in January 2020. It is an online game present on all the best French-speaking casinos and which can bring you big money. Indeed, Release the Kraken offers a maximum multiplier reaching 10000x the stake initially chosen and has an RTP of 96,5%.

Release the Kraken has a bonus purchase feature. This is also why it is a popular slot machine in the gambling community. If you wish to treat yourself to this bonus round, you will be asked to invest 100x the starting bet.

Initially, the bonus will take you to the bottom of the sea and you will have a choice of 10 gold chests that contain the number of spins you will be awarded. The number of free spins can be up to 12 spins but you will usually get 7 or 8 free spins.

The second part of the Release the Kraken bonus can be extremely interesting if you manage to get wilds and therefore increase the multiplier!

All the information you need to better understand Release the Kraken can be found here.

Gems Bonanza

Released less than a month ago, the Gems Bonanza slot machine is a clever mix of gem hunting and the search for Aztec treasures. This new Pragmatic Play creation offers players an atypical and very enjoyable gaming experience.

In addition to this different principle and successful visuals, Gems Bonanza also offers impressive payouts, with a maximum multiplier reaching x10000 and an RTP exceeding 96.5%.

Many players will prefer to buy the bonus on Gems Bonanza. Indeed, this slot machine also offers its users to pay in order to get these free games. This technique has a cost of 100x your starting bet.

Once you have accessed "Gold Fever", the name of the bonus on Gems Bonanza, you start with a x2 multiplier. These free games offer certain features that make it easier for you to make big winnings and most importantly allow you to retrigger. Each time you fill in the golden circle on the right of the screen by making connections, you will again benefit from free spins with a multiplier that will increase by two each time.

The different symbols of the Gems Bonanza bonus are :

  • Nuclear. See all the symbols present go away to make way for a new grid.

  • Wild gem. A symbol is chosen at random and will become wild.

  • Squares. A symbol of size 2x2 appears randomly on the slot.

  • Colossal Symbol. A symbol of size 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 appears on the grid.

  • Lucky Wilds. Between 5 and 15 wilds will appear in order to make many connections.

Fat Santa

Fat Santa is a slot machine made by the online gaming provider Push Gaming. Present for two years now in most online casinos, this slot is both atypical and very interesting to play. With an RTP of up to 96.45% and a multiplier of up to x6400, Fat Santa also presents itself as an online game that can considerably increase your balance.

If you decide to get the Fat Santa bonus without going through the variance box, you have the option to buy it and pay 80x your wager. You will then be awarded 5 free spins, and you can get extra spins if Santa manages to eat the randomly appearing cupcakes. The more cakes he eats, the more Father Christmas, who serves wild, gets bigger and makes many connections.

Get carried away by the magic of Christmas, and try to make big profits using the bonus function on Fat Santa!

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