What is HyperWays technology?
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What is HyperWays technology?

For the past few years, slot machine developers have been in a competition, where the winner seems to be the one who will offer the most ways to get a win. Indeed, after the arrival of the Megaways technology, developed by the Australian production studio Big Time Gaming, the connection systems used in slot machines have undergone a real revolution.

Until now, slot connections had to be made on predefined paylines to win. This system, although still in use, is sometimes more difficult to assimilate for the novice player and seems to limit the possibilities of winning.

Although the mathematical result and the theoretical return to player (RTP) is essentially the same, the almost infinite possibilities of different connections create a certain amount of excitement for players and this is why GameArt wants to stand out with its new HyperWays technology offering over 60 million ways!

HyperWays uses, as its name suggests, the principle of ways and adds an original touch to it to reach an incredible number of ways to win, all without requiring a particular grid.

Lucky7Bonus invites you to discover this brand new technology with incredible statistics.

How HyperWays works

To understand how HyperWays technology works, you must first understand how the ways system works. Connections, rather than needing to be present on predefined paylines, are made adjacently. This means that a symbol must be present on several adjacent reels.

In most cases, you will need to get at least 3 identical symbols on as many adjacent reels starting from the left of the grid. The more symbols per reel and the more reels involved in the connection, the greater the number of ways.

The different HyperWays connections

Once you understand this system, it becomes very easy to understand how HyperWays technology works. Each symbol that appears on a grid using this technology is composed of a multiplier between 1x and 9x. So you can imagine that this multiplies the number of symbols and therefore the number of ways.

If 4 symbols on a reel each have a multiplier of 3x, this means that there are 12 symbols present instead of 4. At the same time, there are at least 12 ways in this reel. To calculate the total number of ways on the grid, the number of ways per reel is added together and then each reel is multiplied.

If all the symbols on the grid have a 9x multiplier the calculation is as follows:

(9+9+9+9) x (9+9+9+9) x (9+9+9+9) x (9+9+9+9) x (9+9+9+9) = 60,466,176 ways.

Each bracket corresponds to a reel with 4 symbols with a 9x multiplier.

The calculation of the winnings with HyperWays technology

Calculating winnings with the HyperWays technology may seem complicated at first. But by taking the example of Mega Bunny HyperWays, you can easily understand how it works.

Each symbol has a value according to the number of reels it occupies in a connection. The wild replaces any symbol while recovering the value of the latter.

The calculation of the winnings is actually based on the calculation of the ways. You will need to add up the number of paying symbols in the reel before multiplying this result between the different reels. The value obtained is then multiplied by the value of the connected symbol. This value depends on the number of reels used for this connection (except for the common symbols which are always worth 0.025 times the bet whatever the length of the connection).

You will find 2 examples of connections on the Mega Bunny HyperWays slot machine below:

  • The example on the left shows a 3 reel connection with only one symbol per reel and each symbol has a x4 multiplier. So we will count 4 symbols per reel, which gives us 64 ways which we will multiply by the 3 of a kind value of the connected symbol to get the payout;

  • The example on the right shows a slightly more advanced connection. Here we have 4 identical symbols on the first reel, 2 symbols on reels 2 and 3 and finally a single symbol on reels 4 and 5. Several types of multipliers are visible, just add them up inside each reel and multiply the results together: 28,224 ways. Finally, the number of ways obtained is multiplied by the 5 of a kind value (connection established on 5 reels) of the symbol to find out the win.

Slot machines using HyperWays technology

As the technology of GameArt is extremely recent, only one slot machine is currently equipped with it. It is of course Mega Bunny HyperWays. This slot revisits the farm theme by incorporating giant bunnies, magic eggs and bringing to life each vegetable harvested on the grid.

GameArt has not only added its new technology, but also several features including rabbit wilds that can stack and multiply winnings.

After the immediate success of this new mechanism, GameArt is already working on a next slot machine using the same type of combinations.

Maradona HyperWays will be the next slot using this technology. Scheduled for release in May, this redesign should please the players who enjoyed the first opus in tribute to the Argentine player.

Which casino to play Mega Bunny HyperWays at?

Lucky7Bonus compares the best online casinos on the market for you. If you want to play Mega Bunny HyperWays at a reliable casino, feel free to use one of our partner links below to take advantage of an exclusive offer:

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Our opinion on HyperWays technology

After seeing the success of various innovations in the online gaming industry, developers are trying to score points with players through a race for the record of the number of ways. HyperWays technology temporarily takes the lead in the race with the record for ways on such a small grid.

A little harder to assimilate in theory, this mechanic seems much simpler after playing a few spins.

While the number of ways is obviously impressive, it doesn't mean that you will make more money with this technology. What is certain is that every winning spin is different and the amount of multipliers and the ways counter placed in the upper right corner of the screen add spice to any game session!

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