DeuceAce, streamer and friend of Roshtein
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DeuceAce, streamer and friend of Roshtein

Who's DeuceAce?

DeuceAce is a streamer from Sweden that broadcasts content to various online casinos with which it is a partner. These streams have been running for a few months on its Twitch channel and every day the number of viewers is increasing, thanks in particular to quality content and a very original way of animating.

The man known as Jay in real life has experienced a meteoric rise, and this is largely due to his lifelong friend who is none other than Roshtein! The world's number one online gambler on Twitch has worked hard to get DeuceAce to the top as quickly as possible. Atypical and mysterious character, Jay surprises by his calm and good mood. An outstanding worker and tireless streamer, this gambler remains rather discreet about his personal life despite his growing fame.

Lucky7Bonus gives you the opportunity to get to know DeuceAce a little better, the Swedish streamer who has made a striking entry into the world of online gambling in recent months.

DeuceAce's career path and his gambling debut

After working for a while in finance, DeuceAce has gradually turned his lifelong passion for gambling. An enigmatic character and rather discreet about his personal life, it is therefore complicated to glean some information about this showman with a strong personality. Jay is a big fan of sports, especially weight training, football and especially surfing, an activity he does regularly.

Deuce ace spent a large part of his youth in Sweden, the country he comes from, and it was there that he met Roshtein who has been his friend since primary school. The two friends met gambling during their higher education, especially in land-based casinos. As streamers regularly remind us, the casino is always a winner in the long run, and DeuceAce soon realised this after losing large sums of money.

After putting his professional ambitions in finance aside, Jay decided to follow his mate Roshtein who now lives in Malta and turn his passion for gambling into a full-time job.

DeuceAce on Twitch

Strongly helped by his friend Roshtein, DeuceAce decided at the end of August 2020 to launch and create its own Twitch channel. Jay initially offered a few streams with video games, including World of Warcraft. But what makes DeuceAce vibrate the most is to broadcast his frenzied online casino sessions, this gambler at heart being a big fan of slot machines.

The new streamer is an immediate success, and with the support of Roshtein's huge community, it reaches numbers in just a few weeks that other streamers have taken months or even years to reach. In just 4 months, DeuceAce has become the fourth most watched streamer on Twitch, and its lives are watched by an average of over 5,000 regular viewers, with peaks of over 10,000 simultaneous viewers*!

The regularity of the streams has enabled DeuceAce to build loyalty among its community, with more than 90,000 followers. The interfaces, animations and visuals are the same as on Roshtein's streams, which proves once again the importance of Roshtein in Jay's rise.

The DeuceAce's shop

Thanks to the functionalities offered by Twitch we can find the famous channel points, accumulated by following the streams. Every 10 minutes spent on DeuceAce's live show you get 1 channel point, and points are awarded to you by Jay himself when he makes a big win exceeding 100 times his initial bet.

These accumulated points can be spent on his personal shop. This shop contains DeuceAce merchandise (clothes, mugs...), but also great prizes such as phones! You can also collect free spins on the Rosh Immortality Cube, the slot machine created in Roshtein's honor, or even exchange the points accumulated on the DeuceAce chain and transfer them directly to Roshtein's shop.

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*Numbers offered by the TwitchMetrics site.

Numbers of its Twitch chain:

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