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Who are the CASIIBRO?

Over the last few years, the emergence of the online casino has allowed a large number of people to find new passions and new experiences. Some, thanks to the meteoric rise of online gambling, have even made it their profession and placed slots at the heart of their daily lives.

This is the case of CASIIBRO, which is a collective of two casino streamers officiating mainly on Twitch. This group is made up of Kriox and Rollins, two Belgian friends for more than 10 years, who have a common passion for gambling that they both share with determination and the same joie de vivre.

Known in particular for their love of the game, their good humour and their offbeat tone, the two friends known as CASIIBRO have gradually worked their way up the ladder. Through hard work and perseverance, Kriox and Rollins have managed to make a place for themselves in the small but growing online gambling community, thanks to a growing community and a desire to always improve.

Lucky7Bonus invites you to retrace CASIIBRO's atypical journey and to get to know a little more about who Kriox and Rollins really are, these two somewhat mysterious but also very endearing Belgian streamers.

The CASIIBRO's route

The CASIIBRO both come from Belgium, more precisely from the south of the country. Rollins and Kriox met at the age of 16 and are now 26 and 27 years old respectively. The two friends had a good relationship and became very interested in gambling of all kinds, especially in the casino.

As far as Rollins is concerned, after a classical schooling, he decided to study industrial engineering. Kriox, for his part, started studying to become a nurse, who stopped in class to go and work for a while in the marketing field.

At the same time, the two decided to test one of their passions which is gambling. In 2015, as soon as the CASIIBRO were of legal gambling age (21 years old in Belgium), they set off to discover land-based casinos. During their first session, Kriox and Rollins won more than 2000€ of profits, and the next day more than 1300€ of winnings were again recovered by the two young Belgians. Simply incredible.

Beginner's luck? Traced destiny? The CASIIBRO don't have the answer. But one thing is certain, they discovered a real passion for the casino and immediately saw all the potential that can be drawn from gambling.

CASIIBRO's beginnings in gambling

Following this incredible start, the CASIIBRO decided to go more and more regularly to the casinos to try to make money and understand all the principles and tricks of the trade. And onlive gambling followed very quickly. The discovery of the online casino was a trigger for Kriox and Rollins who, in 2016, decided to try this experience on Belgian online platforms. The two acolytes tried out every possible and imaginable welcome bonus with an absolutely colossal number of deposits.

The following year, in 2017, the CASIIBRO accelerated the movement and the winnings. Indeed, by the end of that year, they had accumulated more than €100,000 in profit for the two of them! This sum was won in particular thanks to Dice, an atypical game format, mainly present in Belgium. These winnings have enabled the CASIIBRO to enjoy themselves daily with telephones, cars... and above all to have a fairly substantial bankroll. And if you think they will be satisfied with this, it is because you don't know them well enough yet!

In 2018, the pace of play will be even faster, with bigger deposits from the CASIIBRO, and here it's not €100,000 but €500,000 that Belgian players will be able to collect! As they like to point out, these exceptional winnings are not always the everyday life of gamblers. Like most online gamblers, Kriox and Rollins have also gone through dark times with consequent losses. However, with a good mood and the fact that they experience these potential losses as a duo, these losses can be managed more easily.

This period also marks the emergence of new streamers and the meteoric rise of the online casino. This was quickly understood by Kriox and Rollins who decided to abandon their studies in order to devote themselves full-time to online casino. It was at this time that the company CASIIBRO was created, a play on words between "casino" and "brother", with the letter "I" placed twice in capital letters, referring to the Roman numeral "two".

With the desire to create a Twitch channel in the back of their minds and in order to have access to all the online casinos in the world (Belgium limiting access to many online platforms), Kriox and Rollins decided to set off on an adventure and move to Germany. A colossal investment was made for various reasons (creation of a company, recruitment of an info-graphic designer, renting of a room for the stream, raw money on the online casinos...) and the initial objective which was to start streaming was finally achieved.

CASIIBRO on the Internet

CASIIBRO on Twitch

Streams on the Twitch CASIIBRO channel began in 2019. The two Belgian gamblers have finally reached their long-awaited goal, having invested a lot of time and money to make this project a success. The two friends could have kept the money for themselves and protected themselves financially, but they chose to live their dream and have no regrets, which perfectly reflects the mentality and determination of the CASIIBRO.

The streams started (very) actively in October 2019 and all the money played live in front of hundreds of viewers was initially in raw money, while Kriox and Rollins took the steps themselves to get more interesting partnerships with different online casino platforms.

The broadcasts on Twitch take place almost daily, with streams from Monday to Friday in the late morning as well as fairly regular broadcasts in the evening, on weekends or even in the middle of the night! Thanks to a growing community and varied and interesting content, the Twitch CASIIBRO channel is growing day by day and is starting to expand within the French-speaking online gambling community on Twitch.

CASIIBRO on Youtube

The two creators of CASIIBRO have also created a Youtube channel posting mainly the content broadcast on Twitch. This channel was created at the same time as the Twitch channel, i.e. in October 2019, and mainly offers videos of big wins or best-of casino sessions by Kriox and Rollins.

Given the strong demand from their community on Twitch and on social networks, the CASIIBROs have decided to make a small explanatory video on Youtube, retracing, like this article, their journey through the world of gambling. You can find this video below.

Bonustiime, the CASIIBRO affiliate site

Like many other online casino streamers, CASIIBRO has created Bonustiime, an online casino affiliate site. Launched online in May 2020, Bonustiime lists the different online gaming platforms with which Kriox and Rollins are partners and highlights the best welcome bonuses available.

Bonustiime also offers other features including an online shop. This offers the possibility to collect cash directly from certain affiliated online casinos using stream points that viewers can accumulate simply by watching the stream. Many other surprises are also present on Bonustiime.

This affiliate site is also a proof of the success that CASIIBRO has had. Thanks to exceptional determination, courage and risk taking, Kriox and Rollins have succeeded in their crazy bet to launch themselves into the world of online gambling from almost nothing.

The CASIIBRO's can be proud of their journey, proud of their community as well. And one thing is sure, their evolution is only just beginning.

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