Seinhor: his atypical career path
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Seinhor: his atypical career path

Who is Seinhor?

Seinhor, also known under the pseudonym Seinhor9, whose real name is Yassine, is a French youtuber who made his name thanks to his lives and videos on Clash Royale and Fortnite. Recently, he has recently entered the world of online casinos with regular lives on Twitch.

That's all we can see on the surface when we talk about Seinhor. He is quite discreet about his private life, he has never spilled his guts on it and prefers to keep all his secrets. However, following a discussion with him, he has kindly revealed to us a part of this hidden side.


In 2007, Seinhor discovered poker thanks to the professional poker player Elky. He falls completely in love with it and decides to embark on the adventure. For almost two years, Seinhor plays poker full time. Thanks to his regularity and his level of play, he manages to live from poker for almost two years.

In 2009, he gets tired of poker and takes a break until 2012 when he decides to train as a poker dealer. Following this training, he became a dealer at the very famous Aviation Club de France. At the same time, Seinhor regains a taste for poker and relaunches his career as a poker player while sharing his live sessions on Dailymotion. In a very uncompetitive market, Seinhor manages to make a name for himself and each game session is attended by about 150 spectators.

At the end of 2014, Seinhor leaves his job as a dealer to start a full-time job as a poker player and streamer. Throughout 2015, he ground online poker tournaments until the beginning of 2016 when, following connection problems, he discovered a new game...


Clash Royale

The game that catches Seinhor's attention is none other than Clash Royale, a multiplayer one-on-one tower defense game. With this game, he will start offering his live games after his live poker games. As time goes by, he will get tired of poker and only offer streams on Clash Royale. After a few months, he launches his YouTube channel and offers videos as well as live broadcasts on a regular basis.

In December 2016, following a buzz during the Christmas vacations, Seinhor manages to build a solid community allowing it to generate some income. One month later, in January 2017, he received his first real salary that allowed him to live off his YouTube content.

For more than a year, Seinhor will blossom on Clash Royale until September 2018 when he discovers a new game that will mark a new turning point in his career.


Fortnite is a game that became famous thanks to its royal battle mode during the advent of this game mode available on a large number of games. Seinhor discovered it in September 2018 and offered it to his community for the first time during one of his YouTube live shows.

Afterward, he decides to gradually give up Clash Royale on which he no longer takes pleasure. This transition period will take place over a period of six months and will be very well accepted by his community.

The online casino


At the same time that Seinhor was getting fully engaged with Fortnite, he discovered online casinos and more specifically slot machines thanks to the streams of his long time friend, Kawabounga. Later, he will discover people we all know in the business like Bidule or Teufeurs.

Besides his work as Fortnite youtuber, he plays more and more slot machines and laughingly confides to us "I was the basic customer". He developed a real passion for slots for almost two years.

Streams on Twitch

Without mixing its YouTube content, it offers lives on its Twitch channel with small partners. With that, he discovers the affiliation system that allows him to generate a small income thanks to the links he promotes during his lives.

He will continue like this for two years and in 2020 Seinhor decides to move to Malta. His goal is to invest himself fully in the online casino and to offer more and more content around this new passion. However, YouTube is still the most important for him, where he releases an average of one video a day on different games like Brawlstars or Among us. Seinhor told us that he doesn't intend to stop his activity on YouTube and start working full time on Twitch and online casinos.

The future on Twitch

Seinhor's goal is to develop original concepts to offer new content to the casino community on Twitch. He will surely be accompanied by his sidekick Docjazy with whom he proposes regular live shows.

Given how he has managed to convert into his various projects through time and bring them to fruition, we can only expect the same from Seinhor for the online casino on Twitch.

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