Roknar, from the street to the Porsche
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Roknar, from the street to the Porsche

Who's Roknar?

Vincent, better known under the pseudonym Roknar, is a French-speaking streamer officiating mainly on Twitch. Passed by gaming and moving progressively towards online casino, this 23 year old young man, from Lille, managed to put his passions for video games and online gambling at the centre of his professional activity. Through hard work and perseverance, Roknar is now one of the major players in the French-speaking stream.

Roknar acquired its notoriety a few years ago by offering videos and best-of CS:GO on its Youtube channel, which is still fed very regularly today. Atypical character and completely different from other streamers, Roknar is very appreciated by its community, especially because of its unusual tone and lightness. Moreover, he recently had an unexpected success when he became the producer of RoK, a rapper with an unknown identity for the moment, mixing humour and second degree.

Lucky7Bonus invites you to meet the extraordinary character that is Roknar, online casino streamer, famous youtuber, famous player on CS:GO and now successful producer!

The youth and the journey of Roknar

Roknar spends his entire youth in the North, more precisely in Lille. A somewhat unruly student but with facilities, the young man nevertheless obtained his ES baccalaureate with 19 in mathematics : "It was easy for me to understand but I was not interested in school, so at the end of the school year I literally slept in every class".

Parallel to his studies, Roknar developed a passion for video games at a very early age, playing Pokemon and Dragon Quest for hours. It was as a teenager that the Northerner met online games and took his first FPS with WolfTeam, a game on which he started making videos posted on Youtube at the age of 14. For several years, best-of are posted regularly and the videos are more and more followed.

After 4 years, Roknar decided to make the transition from WolfTeam to CS:GO, a game that became extremely popular at that time. It was at this time that the eSalt team was created, composed of Roknar, Bidule, Grid, Pimousse and Bramz some time later.

The videos were a hit and small revenues began to be made, which made him want to get into this business: "I was doing a DEUST and I went to see my parents and told them that I wanted to get into Youtube videos. I didn't leave them much choice and today they are very happy with my decision!"

Roknar's beginnings in Gambling

Like many streamers, Roknar met gambling thanks to the gambling mode present on CS:GO. The purchase and resale of skins present on this online game has democratized the fact of putting money in a video game. This is why the young man decided to offer his community videos containing Case Opening. These videos make Roknar a hit and push him to invest even more in online gambling.

This is why the young man gradually turned towards online casino, thanks to an online gaming platform that contacted him to make gambling videos on this site. From then on, Roknar and Bidule did several Blackjack sessions, which made the two streamers want to continue in this field.

The trigger for Roknar was the launch of Gamdom into the online casino world, as this platform had previously only offered CS:GO trading. It was at this point that a partnership was created, allowing the young northerner to stream much more regularly.

Roknar on the Internet

Roknar on Youtube

Roknar's crazy adventure started more than 8 years ago now with the creation of its YouTube channel. At first, the young streamer posted videos on the FPS (First Person Shooter) WolfTeam, offering his community the best moments of his sessions. Roknar then decided to move on to CS:GO, a game on which he has accumulated more than 4,500 hours of play.

The videos posted contain best-of, comments, gameplay or Case Opening(s). This YouTube channel has almost 150,000 subscribers.

Two years ago, Roknar decided to create a new channel called Roknar Live. On this channel he posts a lot more varied videos, dedicated to the best moments of his different sessions on Twitch. Many online games are highlighted, from CS:GO to Valorant, via Fortnite or even best-of gambling as well as IRL videos.

Roknar on Twitch

Roknar created its Twitch channel in 2015, and has been active very regularly since the beginning of 2017. It offers its spectators to attend its frenzied sessions on Counter Strike or more recently on various online casinos with which it is a partner. Thanks to an ever growing community of viewers, Roknar has managed to make a place for itself in the French-speaking stream community.

Its Twitch channel now counts more than 90,000 followers. This success is due to the colossal work provided by Roknar, which has offered live content for more than 2,700 hours since the creation of its channel.

Roknar, Rap producer

Roknar's quirky personality has allowed him to constantly reinvent himself and to move into other fields totally different from streaming or video games. It is thanks to this madness that the young man from Lille decided to become the producer of RoK, an atypical rapper handling irony and second degree to perfection.

The story begins 3 years ago when RoK released a sound with incredibly deep lyrics called "Boulbi", which was an immediate success and made him known to the general public. A few years later, in 2020, a first mixtape was released with cult sounds such as "La Porsche ou la Rue", "Ragazza" or "Carré Piv".

RoK has now become a reference in French-speaking Rap and is soon planning to release a new mixtape which is still in preparation. A video clip will soon be available in the coming weeks, and rumors are even talking about a feat with The Weekend... But where will RoK, the rising star of French Rap, stop?

Projects and the future

Roknar is planning in the coming weeks to create its own website! This last creation will be promoted by the streamer himself on Twitch and on his own social networks, so stay tuned! This website will be linked to Roknar's shop, called, which will showcase the clothing line designed by the streamer.

Parallel to this project, Roknar plans to continue to "coal the streams", both on CS:GO and online casinos. He is also thinking about integrating the rapper RoK into his shop and his Twitch channel.

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