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P'tit Flo

Who is P'tit Flo ?

If you follow the online casino streams on Twitch, you couldn't miss the P'tit Flo phenomenon! Florian in real life is a French-speaking online casino and poker streamer. An extravagant and endearing character, the young man formerly known as FloPokerFrance lived a thousand lives before entering the gambling industry. From his beginnings as a firefighter to his love of entertainment and his stunt work, Lucky7Bonus takes you into the special world of the 28-year-old from Lyon, determined to make his mark on the gaming and live streaming industry.

The background of P'tit Flo

The interested party himself confides: "I have a rather chaotic career path! School wasn't necessarily for me. I was a rather hyperactive child and I almost stopped at a very young age, around 15." But it's the dream of becoming a firefighter that drives the unruly teenager to hold on. "After being fired from Seconde Générale, I passed a BEP in Electrical Engineering as a free candidate, which I passed with honours, then a Bac Pro Commerce, which opened the doors to higher education." Hard-working and determined, P'tit Flo began training as a firefighter at the same time as his studies in Management. Before joining a stunt school on a whim at the age of 21. "By watching films, I knew that's what I wanted to do! says Florian. I discovered this job in the only school in the profession, the Campus Univers Cascade in Bordeaux, before being spotted after a year by the Parc Astérix." The young man puts an end to his career as a fireman and moves to Paris with his partner Soline. "With the Parc Astérix, I got my first foot in the show business, continues P'tit Flo. For 5 years, I worked in a series of live shows, but also in odd jobs as an intermittent member of the show business, sometimes as a theatre driver, sometimes as a wrestling commentator."

P'tit Flo's beginnings in gambling

But major health concerns two years ago will change everything. "I was living my dream, then everything fell apart, explains the young man with emotion. I had bilateral pneumopathy: 8 days of resuscitation with two lungs out of order. I almost died." So no more stunts, no more physical work, P'tit Flo became a director at the Parc Astérix. "It was very hard to give up stuntman work so abruptly, that's what I lived for, he confides with emotion. I worked 3 or 4 days a week and spent my free time playing poker. It's during this period of intermittent work in the show that I launched the Twitch Flo Poker France channel, in total amateurism, just to share my madness with people!"

After 6 years in Paris, lacking a stage and new challenges, P'tit Flo will once again leave everything on a whim: "with Soline, we knew a lot of people in Malta, especially in the poker world. So we settled there on a whim in the spring of 2019."

P'tit Flo on the Internet

Lives on Twitch

It is in August 2019 that the Twitch channel P'tit Flo is born, centred on the sharing of sessions on online casinos. "I have met some great people in the online casino world in Malta, says Florian. My friend Jean-Eudes convinced me to try the adventure and my desire to animate took over. Streaming poker is complicated. There is a lot at stake, a lot of decisions to be made, less time available to host. The casino, it's still you and your luck. It's my open stage!" P'tit Flo has established his first partnership with the Fatboss website before continuing his collaboration thanks to the success of his channel.

P'tit Flo on social networks

Anxious to remain close to its community, P'tit Flo is also developing its presence on social networks. "I've always liked to play the fool! As a result, it came quite naturally. Thanks to my Instagram account in particular, I can be close to my community by filming my daily life without a filter." This closeness is also felt during his live shows where the young man interacts a lot with his viewers and makes them participate. "It's the people who bring the show to life!" adds the showman.

P'tit Flo's affiliate site and its YouTube channel

Madnix Casino, FortuneClock, WildSultan or Kings Chance, these are just some of the partner casinos that you can find on P'tit Flo's affiliate site, simply named ptitflo.com. You will find the complete list of partner casinos with the various welcome bonus offers offered to players.

Since 9 August 2019, P'tit Flo also has its own YouTube channel, dedicated to replays of its Twitch programmes, as well as trailers and best-offs. It has been put on hold since 21 April 2020.

Projects and the future?

2021 rhymes with new projects for the streamer. "I'm going to relaunch the original Just P'tit Flo channel in January, announces Florian. There will again be poker, but also gaming and just chatting. But my priority remains the Casino Show project." A Twitch channel created 6 months ago, the Casino Show is a collective of streamers present on the air for frenzied online casino sessions. "The channel is in full development, I put a lot of energy and hope in this project", adds the Maltese resident. And P'tit Flo does not intend to stop there: "my final goal in life? To become a TV or radio host." A clear path has been mapped out.

Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/ptit_flo_



Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ptit___flo/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/PtitFlo8

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt9VoJuyUdLACpzYEJ1oQuQ

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