Le Royaliste, from Fortnite star to online casino
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Le Royaliste, from Fortnite star to online casino

Who is Le Royaliste ?

At just 26 years old, Le Royaliste is a French streamer of video games and online casinos. Became famous thanks to his YouTube videos dedicated to the Fortnite game, Raphaël of his first name started on Clash Royale with his best friend. "For 6 months, we formed the duo Les Royalistes, a nickname related to this mobile game, says the young man. Then, I took up the torch solo with the pseudonym Le Royaliste."

Le Royaliste's journey

Originally from Metz, Le Royaliste played football for 15 years, even joining his city's training centre. A YouTube enthusiast, he obtained a Bac STG Mercatique while recording his first videos on Clash of Clans. "I then went on to study for a BTS MUC in a KFC for 2 years, while continuing my videos. But I didn't want to be a manager in a KFC so I joined a radio school in Paris which lasted 2 more years." After having put an end to their first channel, Les Royalistes started up again 6 months before the end of the school on Clash Royale. "During this period, I did several internships at France Bleu Lorraine, I was a switchboard operator at RTL etc., Raphaël continues. Then the Fortnite game came out. My half-brother pushed me to try it and I finished Top 1 right away!"

But after years spent on mobile phones, getting on a PC seems complicated. "I was bad at gaming but I realised very quickly the potential, the possibility of doing creative things so I wanted to make videos that would do that." This is one of his first videos entitled "How to make a Top 1 with 0 kill on Fortnite!" which is currently the most watched with more than 2.4 million views. "This desire to use all the game's options, to exploit all the mini-games inside, has directly attracted a large community."

Le Royaliste's beginnings in gambling

After 3 years devoted to Fortnite, Le Royaliste felt the need to change his life. "I was curious about a life elsewhere, I wanted to discover a new place, if possible in the sun." So in the summer of 2020, the young man set off for the island of Malta, for at least 6 months. And what about the online casino in all this? "Since I was 18 years old, I had been playing casino games, both on land and online. In fact, my best friend and I were playing roulette on WILD Sultan long before we discovered streamer slots. Slot machines are a real passion." At the end of the Fortnite hype, the transition to slots was a natural one. "As I was under contract with JBL until the end of January 2021, I had no choice but to wait before I could embark on a new adventure." And it was with a giant Hunt Bonus (€0.20 per bet and 493 open bonuses) and a 40-hour stream that Le Royaliste started his new career.

Le Royaliste on the Internet

Lives on Twitch

According to the SullyGnome website, which displays Twitch statistics, the LeRoyaliste channel was created on 16 May 2017 and brings together more than 64,400 followers for 255,000 views. Since the beginning of 2021, the streamer only broadcasts its live sessions on the online casinos, solo or with the presence of some of its friends. Its almost daily presence allows it to gather a loyal audience of several hundred spectators.

Le Royaliste on YouTube

Le Royaliste's YouTube channel was created on 12 January 2016. It is mainly dedicated to the player's career on Fortnite with hundreds of original videos on the game. It has 1.14 million subscribers and was put on hold in January 2021. Indeed, in a video dated January 14, 2021, Le Royaliste tells his community about the turning point in his career and his desire to become a slots streamer.

It is therefore on his secondary channel Roya Casino that the young man now posts best-off videos of his online casino sessions. Created at the end of December 2011, this channel had been abandoned for many years but nevertheless has nearly 91,000 subscribers.

Projects and the future?

Last September, Le Royaliste launched its own King4Bonus affiliate site, initially without a specific partnership. The site features an online casino comparator as well as welcome bonus offers. "I would like to develop the site, not only the affiliation part but also to combine video games and slots in a particular concept, Raphaël confides. To make it a site for enthusiasts, by creating and retaining a community."

Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/leroyaliste

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/user/raph0327


Twitter : https://twitter.com/LeRoyaliste9

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/leroyaliste/

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