Kawaboumga, from YouTube to Twitch
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Kawaboumga, from YouTube to Twitch

Who is Kawaboumga ?

With his real name Florian, Kawaboumga is a French-speaking online casino and poker streamer. Known on YouTube as a player of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale then Fortnite, the 24 year old took the Twitch turn rather late to offer online casino sessions but also poker.

Not hesitating to express his emotions vividly in front of the camera, the Bordeaux native takes his pseudonym from his teenage years and a shout on the waves to give himself courage during surfing sessions. "And not Ninja turtles!" says the main interested party. In this article, Lucky7Bonus invites you to learn more about this colourful streamer.

The background of Kawaboumga

Video games, Kawaboumga fell into them as a teenager. A fan of mobile gaming, he was in high school, in his final year class, taking his science baccalaureate when he launched himself on YouTube at the age of 17. "It wasn't necessarily the best year for that, Florian laughs. But at the time, there weren't many YouTubers, so I thought why not. I was playing Clash of Clans on my mobile phone and I quickly became passionate about this video format. Building a community, seeing people interested in its content, is fun." There are videos of the Clash Royale mobile game and then Fortnite on the PC as soon as it was released.

In parallel to his activity on YouTube, Kawaboumga created a Twitch channel without necessarily using it, then became passionate about the gaming industry, online casino and poker in particular.

Kawaboumga's beginnings in gambling

In mid 2018, Kawaboumga will start live casinos on YouTube. "I was launching sessions on the online casinos, on Cresus Casino at the time and the attendance was pretty good, explains the young man. But during the third live stream, the channel got banned in the middle of the live!" Unsurprisingly, Kawa decided to migrate to Twitch for this type of content, with very few viewers at first.

Kawaboumga on the Internet

Lives on Twitch

According to the site SullyGnome which displays Twitch statistics, the Kawaboumga channel (called kawaboumgaop) is created on August 31, 2014. The streamer launches live sessions there since April 2016, then more regularly since August 2018 and finally almost daily since February 2020. "I was tired of Fortnite and video games in general, says Kawa. I was looking for a new challenge, with a new community and I wanted to prove to myself that I could succeed in a totally different field. I loved poker so I thought why not! At the beginning, only about 20 people were following me, but then pretty quickly we went up to an average of 150/180 viewers." Until climbing to about 600 now.

As of December 17, the kawaboumgaop channel has 42,282 followers for 648,809 views and a peak of nearly 2,400 viewers during a performance on a poker tournament on Sunday, December 13. It is moreover with this strategy game that Kawaboumga has conquered a new audience: "at the beginning, I offered live broadcasts in the morning and I was quickly contacted by a room. But I was rather interested in a partnership with Winamax, a site on which I had my habits, and I became WIP (Editor's note: Winamax Important People) for a few months."

"Today, I split my business on Twitch 50/50 between online casino and poker, continues Kawa. I stream from poker 3 to 4 times a week, fairly long sessions, and almost every day small streams from online casinos. I even formed a partnership with bitcasino 6 months ago. These live casinos are more focused on entertainment, while my poker games are more competitive with a desire to surpass myself. Nevertheless, it is a bit the same public that follows me in both disciplines. Online casino and poker finally rub shoulders all the time."

Kawaboumga on YouTube

Kawaboumga made his debut on YouTube. Active since January 2014, Kawaboumga's channel is dedicated to its mobile gaming period and then to Fortnite and has 773,000 subscribers. "With the mobile game Clash of Clans, the channel has gathered 100,000 subscribers in 2 years and a half, says the young man. Then I played Clash Royale for two years until it reached 400,000 subscribers. Then I started my first PC game, Fortnite, as soon as it was released. I didn't like Twitch as much at the time, so I did a lot of live shows on YouTube to grow the channel. My first live show attracted 6,000 viewers! Sometimes I reached up to 15,000 viewers. I didn't see the point of going on Twitch even though the channel existed and still had 20,000 followers."

A very nice course on the video platform therefore, before totally putting aside YouTube and going all the way to Twitch at the beginning of 2020.

Projects and the future?

As the new year 2021 approaches, an attempt has been made to find out more about the plans for the future of the ambitious Kawaboumga. "There are a lot of projects underway for the year 2021 but I can't talk too much about them right now, the player mysteriously says. I would like to continue to expand my casino and poker community. I will also take over YouTube with nice IRL videos and come to live in Malta." So, a future neighbour of our National Bidule?

Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/kawaboumgaop

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/user/KaboumgaCoC

Twitter : https://twitter.com/KawaboumgaCR

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/kawaboumgaa/

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