JetX 3: The new 3.0 JetX is finally here!
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JetX 3: The new 3.0 JetX is finally here!

2 years after the incredible success of JetX, the crash game that revolutionized the online casino industry, SmartSoft Gaming is bringing a new version of its flagship game with JetX 3. More jets, more crashes and more features for even more fun? That's what we'll be looking at today. In this short article, Lucky7Bonus presents JetX 3, the new crash game that is attracting a lot of players.

What is JetX 3?

JetX 3 is the official sequel to JetX, the groundbreaking crash game from online game provider SmartSoft Gaming. Released in 2019, JetX is both a slot machine and an arcade game. Indeed, although this type of game is officially classified as a slot machine for its algorithm and mathematical scheme, it is nothing like the usual slots.

Here you will not find any reels, no pay symbols, no connecting lines or free spins bonus either, but rather a multiplier that increases over time. The multiplier is often represented by a jet, plane or other object gaining altitude before exploding in flight.

It is precisely this very special way of working that has attracted the attention of the players. In addition to their originality, these types of games create a real adrenaline rush that players seem to enjoy. The sight of the ship rising in real time and the expectation of the inevitable crash with no way to anticipate it are the main reasons for the amount of emotion felt while playing this game.

We introduced you to JetX and its incredible success in 2019 before telling you about JetX 3, but then you might ask: where did JetX 2 go? Well, just forget about that name, because SmartSoft Gaming is bringing you straight to version 3.0 of their flagship game with JetX 3!

Where to play JetX 3?

First of all, you need to choose the platform on which you want to play JetX 3. Indeed, there is nothing more frustrating than going to a poor quality or worse, insecure online casino. That's why Lucky7Bonus is constantly working to compare the best online casinos on the market by studying their platform from every angle.

Thanks to the work of our team, we can offer you high quality online casinos in addition to exclusive welcome offers. By clicking on the link below, you will be able to access an online casino offering JetX 3, while benefiting from a boosted offer:

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What are the differences between JetX and JetX 3?

As you can see, JetX 3 is an improved version of JetX, so let's take a look at the differences between the two games.

First of all, in terms of aesthetics, JetX 3 has nothing to do with its old version. Great efforts can be noticed on the side of the graphics and the animation of the game, which makes it possible to plunge even more intensely into this universe. The countdown to take-off has been improved to be realistic and to build up the pressure, while the take-off itself is impressive. You leave a strange planet to reach space as quickly as possible in a huge cloud of smoke.

To do this you use 3 spaceships instead of one, which will change the way the game works considerably. The ships explode in flight in a random order, but the different crashes impact your multiplier. When the first ship is lost, one third of the multiplier disappears with it. When the second ship explodes, half of the current multiplier is removed and of course, when the last ship is destroyed, the entire multiplier and therefore any winnings that were not secured, are lost.

To avoid this, you can click on "collect" at any time to collect your winnings. The value of your winnings is then the product of your bet and the multiplier at the time you click.

The fact that the value of the multiplier can be split during the game can result in a multiplier of less than x1 and therefore a winnings that does not allow you to recover the original stake if you collect it too early. You will therefore have to be all the more vigilant on this subject.

A third tab has been added to manage your games and your different strategies. As before, you will be able to activate an auto-bet button on each of the 3 tabs so that bets are placed on each turn, preventing you from missing the take-off. The auto-collect function is also present on all 3 tabs to choose at which multiplier the bet should be collected automatically.

On the interface, you can see a player counter to see who jumps ship too early, on time or loses their life on the way. The results of previous rounds are displayed on the right, as well as your personal stats and even a live chat that makes its appearance on JetX 3! Indeed, you will be able to chat live with the players present on the game at the same time as you.

An interesting feature is present in JetX 3: a jackpot integrated in the game! Indeed, during each game, a jackpot can be randomly triggered and reward the players of this round!

Our opinion on JetX 3

After the incredible success of JetX, it could be risky to venture to develop a better version, and yet, we can say that it is a success on the part of SmartSoft Gaming! Indeed, JetX 3 doesn't seem to have any flaws and literally looks like an improved version of JetX. The graphics are better, the animations and the futuristic interface have been worked on to improve immersion and the addition of live chat is a real plus to this already cult game. The jackpot function that can be triggered at any time brings even more surprise to this already adrenaline-pumping game.

Finally, JetX 3 seems to be a great success and crash game fans are already conquering space in numbers since this summer!

JetX 3 FAQ

Where can I play JetX 3?

You can play JetX 3 safely and with an exclusive welcome offer at Arlequin Casino.

What is the highest possible multiplier at JetX 3?

There is no maximum multiplier on JetX 3, in fact, ships can potentially go to infinity by taking the multiplier with them.

What is the maximum bet on JetX 3?

The maximum bet on JetX 3 is €300 per ship or €900 per spin.

Is JetX 3 a reliable game?

Absolutely. JetX 3 is a reliable and secure game. The algorithm used is certified to ensure that the outcome is random.

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