Foss, the rising star of online gambling
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Foss, the rising star of online gambling

Who's Foss?

Foss, also known as FossyGFX, is an English-speaking streamer officiating mainly on Twitch. Passionate about gambling, he broadcasts his sessions almost daily on various online casinos with which he is a partner. The one who is nicknamed by his community the "English-speaking Bidule" went through the CS:GO gambling box before gradually moving towards the booming world of online casino.

A calm and calm young man, Foss is an atypical character in this online gambling world where madness and excitement are the watchwords. The English-speaking streamer is a hit after a little over 6 months on Twitch and regularly posts videos on his Youtube channel. Very discreet about his private life, FossyGFX is very comfortable in streaming and tries daily to satisfy a growing community of viewers.

Lucky7bonus invites you to find out more about Foss, a mysterious and endearing character who is becoming an essential streamer in English-speaking online gambling.

Foss's journey and his entry into gambling

Foss has made himself known to the general public through videos posted on his Youtube channel, where he tests various video games. These include Call of Duty, FIFA, but above all CS:GO, one of the best-known games of the last 10 years. This opus of the Counter Strike saga owes its popularity partly to the presence of a gambling part, which allows to buy, resell and bet the weapons and skins present in CS:GO.

Passionate about gambling, FossyGFX acquired a small notoriety by depositing astronomical amounts of money in this game, and the videos allowed him to become affiliated to some betting platforms making CS:GO gambling their business.

In 2020, noticing that this world is in decline and that its community is a little less passionate about it, Foss decides to gradually migrate to online casino. By integrating this environment, the English-speaking streamer discovers everything he can enjoy: colossal bets, uncertainty as to whether he will end his session in positive or negative, and then affiliation with online casinos. It is for these reasons that this gambler par excellence launches out and creates his Twitch channel for the greatest pleasure of his community.

Foss, gambling on the Internet

Foss on Twitch

Determined to make its place in the very closed world of online gambling, Foss decided to become a major player in English-language stream slots and has been broadcasting its sessions to various online casinos live on Twitch since July 2020. In just a few months, FossyGFX has succeeded in creating a community of assiduous and ever-increasing viewers.

All the famous online gaming categories are tested for several hours, from blackjack, roulette and slots to casino specific games such as Plinko and Dice. Astronomical sums of money are invested by Foss in order to entertain its spectators, to create quality content and above all to win a lot of money for this gambler.

Thanks to the amount of work provided by Foss and at the rate of several streams per week, the English-speaking gambler has achieved exceptional figures for a start on Twitch. Indeed, the streamer has been running for a few weeks with an average of around 600 viewers and more than 1,000 spectators for a few weeks, and has accumulated more than 36,000 followers!

Foss on Youtube

Like most streamers, Foss has a Youtube channel that is fed very regularly. A time only used to share its CS:GO opening cases, it is now mainly dedicated to online casino. The English-speaking streamer, who defines himself as a "gambler high stakes", offers on Youtube the best moments of his streams on Twitch as well as his biggest bets and the biggest winnings generated live.

Foss' Youtube channel recently surpassed 100,000 subscribers! This figure was reached thanks in particular to videos posted at a hell of a pace. Indeed, at least 3 videos are added every week, with an average of 50,000 to 120,000 views. The most viewed video has a total of 780,000 views, and the Foss channel has a total of 11,800,000 views., the Foss affiliate site

Foss' meteoric rise has enabled it to expand its activities considerably. Indeed, thanks to his success in online gambling, the streamer recently decided to create an affiliate site, called! This website highlights the online casinos with which FossyGFX is a partner. These platforms offer welcome bonuses on registration. You can also find on various bonuses on CS:GO gambling sites as well as support on twitter to avoid possible problems.

Top 3 Foss' biggest wins

We can't stress it enough, the casino is always a winner in the long run. However, periods of incredible good luck can happen due to the volatility and potential of some online games, and that's what's happening at Foss right now. In less than a week, the English speaking streamer has made the 3 biggest wins of his career, which you can find below.

1 / Plinko - €310,000

The Plinko is a game reminiscent of the Pachinko of Crazy time. The principle is simple: marbles fall through obstacles that will change their trajectory and then land in a square containing a multiplier. The multiplier will multiply your initial bet to give you your total winnings. Foss got the hardest multiplier to get, located at the ends, so he won €310,000 with a bet of €500 and a multiplier of €620.

2/ Fruit Party - 154 995 €

Pragmatic Play's famous slot machine is incredibly generous at the moment! After winning the maximum win of €500,000 on the Roshtein streamer, it's now Foss' turn to win an exceptional win on this slot. By purchasing the €15,000 bonus, the gambler has won the astronomical sum of €154,995!

3/ Plinko - €150,000

Returning to the slot machine that had made him win over €300,000 a few days before, Foss came to get what he was looking for: the maximum multiplier x1,000! Paying €150 per round, the streamer came to a fitting end to this crazy week, with an incredible new win of €150,000!

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