Doc Jazy, the casino is made for him
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Doc Jazy, the casino is made for him

Who's Doc Jazy?

Jason, better known under the pseudonym Doc Jazy, is a French-speaking streamer offering content on his channel Twitch. This young man from Calais shares sessions on different online casinos with his viewers. A lifelong fan of video games and gambling, Doc Jazy made a name for himself thanks to videos on Clash Royale and then rose through the ranks before becoming a major player in French-speaking online gaming today.

An endearing character endowed with a contagious good mood, this streamer has already lived several lives at only 25 years old and regularly launches himself into new adventures. Doc Jazy has for several years offered quality content on various video games such as Clash Royale, Fortnite or more recently Farming Simulator. Doc Jazy regularly posts videos on his Youtube channel, which has an astounding number of subscribers, exceeding 1.5 million!

Lucky7Bonus invites you to meet Doc Jazy, a former player confirmed on Clash Royale who became an online casino streamer and is now part of the elite of French-speaking online gambling.

The youth and the journey of Doc Jazy

Doc Jazy left home fairly quickly at the age of 14. Not having too many ideas about what he wanted to do in the future, the young man decided to follow a friend and entered a boarding school in an agricultural sector with the aim of becoming a jockey. After 4 years of study, Jason obtained his licence which allows him to work as an officer in the equestrian world, but he decided to stop because he said he was "tired" of this very special environment. Following this experience, Doc Jazy left for the catenary, always on the move: "I always liked to move around, change my environment and start new adventures".

In 2015, after a series of temporary assignments and having discovered many different trades (breakdown service, factory...), Doc Jazy discovered the video game Clash Royale, himself a former fan of Clash of Clans and, without knowing it at the time, this game was literally going to change his life. "I had a good low level, top 5 French speaking pretty quickly, and a buddy of mine told me to launch a Youtube channel with Clash Royale videos that could be of great interest to the community".

The adventure on Youtube starts in 2015 with 2 posted videos that make about 300 views, and it is on the third that the buzz is launched, with 800,000 views in a few weeks! The number of subscribers is increasing significantly, which has opened up the field of possibilities. It is at this period that Doc met LeBouseuh, with whom he shares the same passions, and who introduces him to the world of streaming, a universe totally unknown to Jason. The twitch channel is created at the end of 2016, with the success we know today. All the games of the moment are tested for hours, including Clash Royale, Fortnite, and now the online casino.

Doc Jazy's entry into gambling

A gambling enthusiast for many years, Doc Jazy has always hoped to make a living from this passion. Very interested in poker, Jason tried to break into this complex game in which work and perseverance are the key words. Unfortunately, patience is not Doc Jazy's primary quality and this attempt ended in failure: "I had an interesting level but I was too impatient to be a top poker player, I concluded that it wasn't for me".

This abortive attempt was in the end a blessing for Doc Jazy, who soon afterwards met the online casino thanks to Seinhor9, who regularly played for fun. The latter explained to him in details the workings of online gambling, and Jason was immediately conquered by this environment allowing to have fun and why not to win some nice sums.

Doc Jazy tested different online casinos in his turn, and the two friends quickly understood that thanks to their fame acquired thanks to videos on Youtube, an incredible business could be offered to them. "We became aware of the potential of this universe, especially the affiliation and the starts that the casinos could offer us".

Doc Jazy on Twitch

Every day, Doc Jazy offers streams on which it broadcasts either content on different video games (Farming Simulator at the moment) or sessions on different online casinos. The latter attract a lot of spectators, always eager to know if big hits will be made or if a withdrawal will be made at the end of the session.

Doc Jazy's success can also be measured in the figures of his Twitch channel. Starting from scratch, the streamer now has more than 280,000 subscribers and an average audience of between 1,000 and 1,500, with peaks exceeding 2,500 viewers. These staggering figures are the result of more than 1,500 hours spent streaming on Twitch!

Doc Jazy on Youtube

On the strength of its success, Doc Jazy has diversified in order to satisfy its entire community by offering very different content. This is why the young man from Nord-Pas-de-Calais owns 3 distinct Youtube channels.

  • Doc Jazy: This is his main channel on which he offers different original content with also VLOGs. This big fan of cars and extreme sports shares his passions with more than 1.5 million subscribers and also offers IRL videos with Team Croûton, including best-of from their holidays.

  • Doc Jazy 2.0: This secondary channel was created only a few weeks ago and already counts more than 100 000 followers! It is diverted to gaming reruns and the best moments spent during Doc Jazy streams concerning video games.

  • Doc9Bonus : Common channel with Seinhor9, mainly focused on gambling. On Doc9Bonus are available all the best moments of the online casino streams, as well as the biggest winnings made by both streamers. There are 117,000 subscribers to date on this Youtube channel.

Doc9Bonus, the Doc Jazy affiliate site

Doc Jazy's meteoric rise has enabled this streamer to diversify its activity, which is why Doc has created its own affiliate site: Doc9Bonus! This website was created in 2020 and was designed in partnership with his long time friend Seinhor9. Doc9Bonus showcases all the online casinos with which Doc Jazy and Seinhor9 are partners and allows different users to have access to exclusive welcome bonuses.

Doc9Bonus also highlights the favorite slot machines of both streamers. You can also find the two streamers' biggest winnings during their frenzied sessions on their respective Twitch channels.

The crazy adventure of Team Croûton

Team Croûton is a collective created in 2018 and made up of several streamers and videographers who share the same passion for video games. The idea came from Michou and Inoxtag, two youtubeurs who were broadcasting their sessions live on Fortnite, and who had the desire to create an Esport team. That's why LeBouseuh and then Doc Jazy were recruited. Quickly, this group of streamers decided to change their vision and abandon the idea of becoming professional players but simply to remain, as Doc Jazy describes it, "a bunch of buddies, having fun and laughing".

Videos and best-of are created on their different Youtube channels and the success was immediate. The project to make several trips together and create VLOGs for their Youtube channels was a huge success, and each video posted gathered several million views. Team Croûton is composed of Michou, Inoxtag, Lebouseuh, Doc Jazy, Valouzz, Dobby, Pidi and Apolline.

The success is immediate and the repercussions are colossal for Doc. Luck was once again at the rendezvous for the young streamer. Of course, chance sometimes does things well, but Doc Jazy's hard work and perseverance allowed him to succeed in everything he undertook, while remaining true to his principles and keeping his joy of life intact.

Despite the fact that he is currently busy with a move that is fast approaching, Doc Jazy continues to stream almost daily on his Twitch channel, be it online casino or video games. Even though it's been several years now, the stream remains "an incredible pleasure" for Jason, with an ever-growing community following and supporting him unconditionally for several years.

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