All you need to know about LetsGiveItASpin
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All you need to know about LetsGiveItASpin

In the world of casino streaming on Twitch, there are plenty of equally entertaining streamers. But it's clear that some of them are more successful than others. Thanks to their talent as animators, the diversity of the content they offer but especially to the overall quality of their videos or streams. This is the case of the one we are going to talk about in this article: LetsGiveItASpin! Present on YouTube for nearly six years, his channel is among the most appreciated by the community. But LetsGiveItASpin is also present on Twitch where its lives attract very regularly several thousands of viewers. For those of you who were sleeping in a cave and have absolutely no idea who we're talking about, here's everything you need to know about the casino streamer LetsGiveItASpin!

Who is LetsGiveItASpin?

Behind the LetsGiveItASpin channel is a Swede by the name of Kim Hultman. Hultman was born in the small town of Smålandsstenar (as complicated to pronounce as it is to write), located about 500 kilometers from the Swedish capital Stockholm and best known for its development of tennis players. Basically, Kim is a professional poker player who also has an appetite for slot machines and sports betting. A YouTube presence since November 2015, the Swede is a true veteran of the casino industry. Hultman's debut on YouTube was a slow one, this is certainly due to the fact that the neo YouTuber was only posting one or two videos a week, quite irregularly. But through hard work and perseverance, the Swede has built up a large community with more than 80,000 subscribers on YouTube and a total of almost 45 million views. On Twitch, LetsGiveItASpin has nearly 60,000 subscribers who follow his intense gaming sessions over several hours!

The main strength of the Swede is his very approachable side that he lets show in his videos or lives. When some casino streamers can sometimes seem very exuberant, especially during big hits, LetsGiveItASpin seems to be more natural and doesn't overdo it when he wins big.

Kim also has the quality to stay real, whether it is live or not. He doesn't hesitate to give his opinion on various topics on his Twitter account, which has nearly 6,000 followers. From a simple opinion on a slot machine to an opinion on a political topic, or his favorite dishes, the Swede says without filter everything that goes through his head!

The beginnings of LetsGiveItASpin

It is known that before his debut on YouTube in November 2015, Kim Hultman was a professional poker player. When he debuted on the video sharing platform, success wasn't necessarily forthcoming. At the same time, it is understandable, it is difficult to launch a new career. At the beginning, Kim only posts one or two videos per week, lasting between one and two minutes.

But, little by little, her videos began to accumulate more and more views and an audience began to take shape. As the Swede's popularity grew, he eventually became a member of the CasinoGrounds collective, of which he is still a member today.

But LetsGiveItASpin's popularity really exploded when he opened his Twitch channel. Before long, hundreds of people were following his slot adventures, and were captivated by his outgoing nature and sense of humor. This relationship with the fans, Kim immediately maintained it in the best way, creating Facebook and Instagram pages, where he could stay in touch with those who follow him so diligently.

LetGiveItASpin's content

With more than 150 videos posted on its YouTube channel, LetsGiveItASpin mainly publishes its big live wins on its Twitch channel. But what also makes his channel strong is the variety of videos that have casino as their main theme.

In addition to his best wins, you can also find highlights of his Twitch lives, bonus hunts but also live streams that he does directly on YouTube. But where the Swede is doing great is that he also offers vlogs where he takes his viewers into his daily life, between land-based casinos or exhibitions in Las Vegas!

In order to be close to his followers, he also organizes question and answer sessions, or Q&A, in order to answer the different questions of his subscribers. Often, these Q&A's have a very specific topic and it's mostly about different online gaming providers.

LetsGiveItASpin's best wins

Of course, what the LetsGiveItASpin community loves most are the moments when they manage to score big wins! And just for you, we've compiled the top three LetsGiveItASpin wins!

#3 - €7,100 on Dreamcatcher

In March 2020, Kim stops by Dreamcatcher, this live game offered by Evolution Gaming. During a spin, the wheel stops on the coveted "7x multiplier"! So the presenter starts the wheel again, except that all the squares are multiplied by seven! And for the Swede, this means a big win as the wheel stops on the 10, transformed into 70 and brings him 7,100 euros!

#2 - €23,317 on Razor Shark

In 2019, the Swede goes for a bonus hunt. Nothing special to notice until it arrives on Razor Shark, the very high volatility slot by Push Gaming. While the machine can be very frustrating, with bonuses that can reach the phenomenal sum of... zero euros, it can also be extremely generous, as proven by this bonus obtained by Kim, who ended it with 23,317 euros!

#1 - €35,000 on Crazy Time

Ah Crazy Time, that live game straight out of Evolution Gaming studios that is as much loved as hated. Many streamers have dropped astronomical sums of money to try to win equally crazy sums. And LetsGiveItASpin is absolutely no exception. But at the end of 2020, the Swede was able to have a rather pleasant holiday thanks to this huge win on the game. He turned 35 euros into 35,000, which is a multiplier of 1000!

The Swedish streamer's winnings are huge, but they also require a huge investment. He also does a lot of prevention with his viewers, especially with a message at the beginning of the video indicating that these gains do not come quickly and are the result of long sessions of games. We can't stress enough that you should only play what you can afford to lose.

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