akeR, from professional player CS:GO to streamer casino
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akeR, from professional player CS:GO to streamer casino

Who is akeR?

akeR, whose real name is Thomas Radovic, is a casino streamer on Twitch. This young man of Serbian origin has always been passionate about video games and gambling. He has gradually climbed up the ladder to become a central figure in online gambling. For a few weeks now, akeR has been offering its community very regular sessions on its Twitch channel, during which it broadcasts its sessions on different online casinos.

Before launching into online gambling, the man who grew up in the Paris region has experienced many twists and turns in his life as well as many successes, mainly thanks to the fact that he was a professional gambler on Counter Strike : Source then on CS:GO for more than 8 years. A character with an extraordinary career, akeR is a man appreciated by all thanks to his maturity and his deep kindness.

Lucky7Bonus proposes you to know more about akeR, former professional player on Counter Strike, become today a major actor of the French-speaking stream casino.

Youth and the akeR journey

akeR spent most of his youth in the Paris region, more precisely in the Val-d'Oise (95). A turbulent and somewhat impulsive student, the Francilien put an end to his studies at the age of 16 and decided to join his brother to quickly get back into working life: "Studies were not for me. Studying wasn't for me. A lot of exclusion and behavioural problems soon made me stop school".

Direction l'Oise and a new life for akeR, who therefore started working very young in the middle of the night as a barman. At the age of 18, he decided to go back to Val-d'Oise to get a flat, and that's when akeR made the wise choice to invest himself full-time in video games, a world that was slowly beginning to expand at that time.

akeR, professional player on Counter Strike

Passionate about online gaming since childhood, more particularly FPS (First-person shooter), akeR quickly became a professional player on Counter Strike : Source. His level was very interesting, but here again, behavioural problems disturbed his rise: "When I was young, I was really hot-blooded. At the slightest annoyance, I got angry, I was even banned from the Gamers Assembly for several years".

These small gaps that the main person concerned today equates to "youthful errors" did not prevent the progression of akeR who was a professional player for more than 8 years, from 18 to 26 years old. The French-speaking player has participated in several hundred tournaments and confrontations on Counter Strike : Source, then on CS:GO, a game that allowed him to live from l'Esport full time.

akeR on Twitch

Starting its Twitch channel

After ending his career as a professional player CS:GO, akeR has turned to the world of streaming. The fact that he was an important figure in the Esport greatly helped his debut on Twitch in 2015, and the first streams were followed by many regular spectators. "Thanks to the small notoriety I gained during my time as a pro player, I was able to start the streams not with a handful of viewers like most streamers, but with several hundred spectators".

CS:GO, H1Z1, all the current cult games are "sanded" for hours on end, and the community keeps growing. Thanks to this meteoric rise, new opportunities will come to akeR, notably the doors of online gambling which will open to it.

The beginnings of akeR in online gambling

His entry into the online casino was made possible thanks to TeufeurS, a long-time friend of akeR and the central character of the online casino. While the online casino was in partnership with Bitcasino, TeufeurS acted as an intermediary between the online gaming platform and the streamer. The partnership is created and the adventure begins in 2017 for akeR, in this environment quite familiar to this gambling enthusiast, who has sometimes appeared alongside Bidule on the latter's Twitch channel. "I've always been a gambler, especially in sports betting. I often put small sums of money in the casino, but the affiliation changed everything for me, at a time when hardly anyone knew about online gambling".

After taking two breaks of about a year each, the first to take care of his mother, who was ill at the time, and the second due to a break in love, akeR resumed full streams at the end of 2020. The worries are now behind the young man of Serbian origin, who now streams almost daily in front of an average of more than 1,000 spectators.

Projects and the future

Today, the former professional player Counter Strike is determined like never before to "coal" the streams and enlarge a little more the place he has made in online gambling. akeR is in partnership with Ripp and Fekah, they all 3 have the same affiliation links and also a support on Twitter, RFA Support. "We leave ourselves a few months to see where all this leads us", says the main interested party.

A lot of progress has been made since the time when akeR was earning its living thanks to Esport. Appreciated by all, generous and hard-working, the streamer deserves its place in online gambling more than anyone else. After several years before finding its cruising speed, akeR is now ready to redouble its efforts to keep its place at the top. He recently broke a 2-year long curse by finishing a wager and making a 5-figure withdrawal. Others will undoubtedly arrive soon. That's all the trouble we wish for akeR, a former professional player CS:GO who became a casino streamer.

akeR Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/aker_

akeR's Twitter: https://twitter.com/akeR____

akeR Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mane_aker/?hl=fr

akeR support: https://twitter.com/RFA_Support

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