Adam leaves the Kcorp and joins Fnatic
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Adam leaves the Kcorp and joins Fnatic

The news came as a shock in the League of Legends universe. At the end of an eventful press conference, Kamel "Kameto" Kebir and Amine "Prime" Mekri, the co-founders of Kcorp, announced to the public that Adam Maanane, better known as KC Adam, is leaving Karmine Corp to join Fnatic!

Having recently won the French League of Legends Championship and the European Masters, Kcorp has made a big splash in the professional Esport world and was expecting a lot of approaches for their top players. After almost a year of loyal service, Adam has decided to move up to the next level by joining Fnatic, a team competing in the LEC, the European elite of League of Legends.

Lucky7Bonus takes a look back at the major news in the Esport universe over the last few days, during which we learned that KC Adam was leaving Kcorp to join Fnatic, for a fee of around €500,000.

What is the Kcorp?

The Kcorp, also known as Karmine Corp, is a professional Esport structure, mainly working on the famous video game League of Legends. This franchise was created in March 2020 by Kameto, who originally gave his name to the project, and took a new turn in Late 2020 by integrating the youtuber Prime, which gave a new impetus to this team.

Even if at the beginning the Kcorp was only supposed to join the second French division of League of Legends, the structure quickly reached the highest national level. Success was immediate for the Kcorp as the franchise won the LFL and the EU Masters back to back, making the Karmine Corp the first team to do that!

The exceptional results of this team, combined with the proximity of each player on social networks, have allowed the Kcorp to create a real craze around them, so much so that tens of thousands of followers, self-proclaimed "ultras", follow the news and confrontations of this team with passion and fervor. The history of the Kcorp has only just begun and the atmosphere promises to be electric when the competitions with the public resume.

What does the future hold for the Kcorp?

During this press conference during which we learned that Adam was leaving the Kcorp, Kameto and Amine took the opportunity to talk about the future of the structure as well as the potential projects and future ambitions of this Esport team.

Joining the LEC?

Having recently sent a message to the whole of Europe by winning the final of the European Masters, a sort of second continental division of League of Legends, Kcorp can now legitimately dream of joining the LEC, the Champions League of this discipline. What was only a pipe dream a few months ago has now become a major goal for the franchise. However, money being omnipresent in this environment, the accession to the LEC is unfortunately not only due to sporting performances.

Indeed, the major problem preventing the Kcorp from reaching the LEC is that the latter is a closed line of 10 teams. Unless a franchise drops out, it is not possible to enter the league directly. A place should become available in the coming weeks as Schalke 04, the iconic German club that entered Esport several years ago, is reportedly considering withdrawing from the LEC. On the other hand, money is once again the key to joining this closed league as the entry fee is estimated to be around €20,000,000!

Exporting to other disciplines?

The franchise has quickly become a success, so it is only natural that requests and proposals are pouring in. The two directors have admitted that they are thinking of trying the adventure in other disciplines. Having already conquered France and Europe on League of Legends, and having already put a foot in the middle of Trackmania, the Kcorp feels ready to take up the challenge on new games, thinking big: " If we come up with a new game we want to aim for the top, worldwide if possible. We're going to take our time," said Kameto in a press conference. The streamer even admitted to being very interested in the famous FPS Counter-Strike. Is it enough to hope that Kcorp will try its luck on CS: GO?

Recent Esport news

Towards a return of live competitions?

For several years now, Esport has been professionalized, to the point of becoming as federative as the most popular sports in the world. Each major competition is followed on the platforms broadcasting the matches by hundreds of thousands of spectators. But what has allowed Esport to become even more important is the incredible atmosphere during the live tournaments, worthy of the biggest football stadiums.

This incredible excitement was stopped by the health crisis that hit the whole world, however it seems that the return of competitions open to the public will resume in the weeks and months to come! This is what the famous video game DOTA 2 has set up, by announcing the return of its flagship competition: The International.

This will take place in early August in Stockholm, Sweden. Even if Valve, the owner of the MOBA game, has to specify in a few weeks how the competition will take place, the public should be present at this event which will make history since The International will be the competition with the biggest prize-pool in history, with 40 million dollars!

Neymar, Gotaga's prestigious guest

A great fan of all kinds of video games, Neymar Jr, Brazilian football legend and Paris Saint Germain player, was invited at the beginning of May to Gotaga, a key figure in the Twitch broadcasting platform, for a special evening with Doigby. The Brazilian footballer and the famous streamer had already faced each other during a special evening on Counter-Strike, but this time it was on Fortnite's Battle Royal that the confrontation took place.

This exceptional evening, organized by the sponsors of both celebrities, saw Neymar Jr confide at length about his video game playing and gathered several hundred thousand people on the Gotaga's Twitch channel and the Brazilian star. The evening was a very refreshing and unique event in the gaming world.

Rocket League: Team BDS wins the Spring Major

This weekend was the Spring Major for Rocket League, a famous video game mixing football and sports cars. Highly anticipated after its two consecutive victories in the Fall and Winter Major, the BDS franchise confirmed its status as the best European team on Rocket League by winning its third consecutive tournament! The Swiss outplayed all their opponents throughout the competition and defeated the French team Solary in the final by a score of 4 goals to 1.

Now it's on to the European Rocket League Championships for these two teams in June 2021, where the other competitors will be looking to take down BDS, the best team on Rocket League for several months.

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