Kcorp crowned European League of Legends champions!
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Kcorp crowned European League of Legends champions!

They did it! After being crowned French champion, Kcorp, the League of Legends Esport team, has managed to win the European Masters, a competition gathering the European elite. This resounding success was achieved after an exceptional 3-1 victory over BT Excel, the British and Nordic league champions. But where will the Kcorp end?

The victory in the final of the EU Masters comes after a flawless run in the group stage, which saw the franchise owned by Kamel "Kameto" Kebir and Amine "Prime" Mekri reach the knockout stages without any problems. After making it through the quarter-finals and semi-finals without any problems, the Kcorp had a scare in the final, where the Francophones were down 1-0 in a best-of-5 match.

Lucky7Bonus invites you to relive this crazy evening of Sunday, May 2, 2021, when the Kcorp won its first European Champion title on the online game League of Legends, in front of several hundred thousand spectators who supported the French!

Kcorp's history and journey

The meteoric rise of Kcorp

This continental success is all the more impressive since it comes only a few months after the Kcorp's entry into the professional world of League of Legends. Indeed, the Karmine Corp entered the highest national level in January 2021 and won the title of Champion de France at the end of the spring segment during its first participation in this competition! This first triumph allowed the Kcorp to qualify directly for the group phase of the European Masters and to raise its ambitions.

Despite a tough group consisting of Britain's BT Excel, Germany's FC Schalke 04 Evolution and Spain's Cream Real Betis, the Kcorp completed a clean sweep as they finished top of their group by winning all their games! This 6-0 record has allowed the franchise led by Kameto and Prime to change their status and become a serious contender to win the EU Masters.

European Masters Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals

The Kcorp is heading to the quarter-finals, where the best of 3 rounds will be played. At this stage of the competition, the participants have no room for error as the losers go home while the winners reach the semi-finals. Despite their lack of experience, Kcorp used their carefree attitude to approach the match in a relaxed manner against the Serbian SuppUp Esports. The latter actually won the first round, but the Kcorp, thanks to an Olympian calm and a well thought-out strategy, managed to reverse the trend and qualify for the semi-finals!

Kcorp's opponents were the Spanish UCAM Esports Club, who had been unbeaten in the competition since March. The match was the exact opposite of the quarter-finals, as the start of the game was clearly in favor of the French, before being joined by the Spanish who quickly equalized. The last game, managed by Saken, allowed the Kcorp to reach for the first time in its history a European final.

A final with unbearable suspense

A complicated start to the match

The tension was palpable on the Kcorp side before the start of the EU Masters final. Despite a good start from the French, BT Excel was able to turn the tide and exploit their opponents' weaknesses to the full, allowing the British to take the first game. The second game was the exact opposite, with BT Excel getting off to an excellent start. With a 2-0 scoreline more than likely, the determination and talent of the Kcorp players made the difference, allowing the team led by an excellent Saken to come back on top.

Saken's masterclass

Kcorp had a scare in those first two rounds, but came back into the match with a bang. What followed was a true demonstration of collective strength. This rise in power is symbolised by the masterclass of Saken, a player who belonged to the famous Esport Vitality team and then transferred to the Kcorp at the end of 2020 for a rather low amount compared to his exceptional level of play. The French player succeeded in everything he set out to do in this final, outplaying his opponents one after the other and showing everyone that he is quite simply one of the best players in Europe on League of Legends.

A collective victory

Saken was the main architect of this victory, but it was the whole team that helped Kcorp lift their first continental trophy. Indeed, Adam, well helped by the Pole Cinkrof, opened the gaps for his teammates and weakened his opponents thanks to his madness and aggressiveness. The British Matty also contributed to the building by always having the right position and by not giving any chance to the enemies. Finally, the Belgian Targamas was able to protect his partners in the best possible way so that the latter could have more freedom in their attacks.

This complete and complementary team outplayed BT Excel in the third and fourth sets, allowing them to win the final by a score of 3-1 and thus allowing Kcorp to become European Champion of League of Legends!

What's next for Kcorp?

With its success at the French Championships and the EU Masters, the Kcorp can now afford to think big! In the coming weeks, its objective will be to participate in the biggest European competition, the LEC (League of Legends European Championship). For financial reasons, Kcorp's participation may be compromised as the entry fee is expensive. However, after such a strong showing since January, one can assume that many investors will come knocking on the door of the Karmine Corp.

This victory is also to the credit of the numerous followers, sympathizers and supporters of the Kcorp, renamed "ultras". The latter started a real propaganda campaign in favor of their favorite team and thousands of them posted messages of support on social networks. The final broadcast on Twitch gathered several million simultaneous viewers, notably on the OTP channel with Kameto on commentary, which had an average of more than 300,000 viewers.

Criticized at its creation because of its lack of experience at the highest level but also because its co-founders were mainly known to be pillars of the entertainment but never of the professional circle, Kcorp silenced all the critics and is now one of the best French Esport franchises. The dream has become reality for Kameto and Prime for whom, as they like to remind us, the story is just beginning.

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