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Free slot: Punk Toilet

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ProviderNolimit City
Creation year2022

How Punk Toilet works

One of the most anticipated creations of 2022 was undoubtedly Tombstone RIP, one of the most volatile online games in the world. The provider behind this slot decided to do it again a few weeks later, with a new slot with incredible potential, called Punk Toilet! This slot is developed and published by the online gaming provider Nolimit City and is available in most virtual casinos since February 8th 2022. The world of England in the 80's is highlighted in this slot machine in which the plot takes place mainly... in a toilet! This online game also features the world of English soccer and London parties. In addition, we notice the presence of street art culture, the punk movement and iconic characters in English culture that have been caricatured. We find on Punk Toilet all the madness of Nolimit City, which redoubles its efforts to propose completely insane creations. The starting grid is quite original, since this slot has a 3-3-3-1 format. Once again, the easiest way to win on Punk Toilet will be to see identical symbol connections appear. There are several bonuses present in this slot, which we will come back to in a few lines.

As with most of its creations, the provider Nolimit City has integrated a lot of features on Punk Toilet, which will allow players trying their luck on this slot to live an extraordinary gaming experience in base game. First of all, there is a wild symbol that can appear in several different ways. This special symbol substitutes for any symbol and makes it easier to connect.


The most common feature on this slot is called xWays and is found on many Nolimit City slots. When one or more xWays symbols appear, they are all transformed into a single symbol. In addition, each xWays symbol will be split between 2 and 6 times, which will greatly increase the number of ways in case of connections. The xWays symbols only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4.


Below reels 2, 3 and 4 you will find panels locking the bottom slots of these columns. These can be unlocked by seeing one or two scatter symbols, represented by a question mark, appear on these reels. Once this feature is triggered, a giant premium symbol chosen at random (except for the Haw-King, which is the best symbol) will appear on the column and take up two or three slots. This character will come with a x2 or x3 multiplier and will hold a beer in his hand, which will act as a wild and count as a slot in its own right.

Glory Door

Here's another feature featured on the Punk Toilet slot that turns out to be quite original! On the last reel there is a mysterious door that opens by getting a symbol represented by a male and female pictogram (called Loo) on the only slot in this column. Once the door is opened, several features can appear. The first option is the Haw-King symbol. This is the best symbol in this slot and when it appears on the last reel, it takes up 3 slots and turns all other premium symbols into Haw-King symbols. The second possibility is the appearance of a giant premium symbol in two slots, accompanied by a wild symbol in the remaining slot. The premium symbol that appears on the last reel will double the size of the other identical symbols on the grid. The wild symbol can appear in several different ways:

  • Normal Wild = Acts like a traditional wild

  • xSplit Wild = A fictitious horizontal line is drawn and each classic symbol on this line will be split into two. The wild symbol on the last reel is also split in half.

  • Mega Split = Splits all classic symbols on reels 1, 2, 3 and 4. The wild symbol on the last reel will also be split in two.

Punk Toilet's Symbols

In addition to the wild and the scatter, Punk Toilet features 11 symbols that must be connected to win. These symbols are divided into two categories (classic and premium) and their value is set in advance according to how often they appear. The classic symbols are the most common in this slot, but they are the least profitable symbols. They are, as in many slots, represented by the highest values of a deck of cards, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The payout range for these is shown in the following image. The values shown below are for an initial bet of €1.

The most interesting symbols in this slot are called premiums because they pay the most. However, they appear less often than the classic symbols, which makes them more difficult to connect. They are represented by characters or pictures that are very famous in British culture. The infographic below shows you the value of all the premium symbols in Punk Toilet (€1 bet).

The different connections of Punk Toilet

The connections are multiple on Punk Toilet! Indeed, this slot has many features that will allow you to make connections quite frequently, which may allow you to win some nice money. To do so, you will have to connect between 3 and 5 identical symbols. As usual, Nolimit City does not have any predefined paylines, but instead uses a system of adjacent connections. This means that wins will be made as soon as 3 identical symbols are present on the first 3 reels, regardless of the location of the symbols within the columns. This slot is played exclusively from left to right and the longer the connection, the higher the payout. Each spin guarantees you at least 81 different ways and below is an example of a valid connection on the left and an invalid connection on the right.

How the Punk Toilet bonus works

Once again, Nolimit City allows players trying their luck at Punk Toilet to access several bonus features in which free spins are offered. There are two different bonuses, both with specific features.

  • P!$$ Spins

The first bonus in this slot is called P!$$ Spins and is earned by seeing 3 scatters appear on the middle 3 reels on the same spin. It is also possible to buy these free spins by paying the amount corresponding to 67 times the initial bet.

You will be awarded 6 free spins in the bonus named P!$$ Spins. During this bonus, the bottom slots on reels 2, 3 and 4 will always be unlocked. This will allow you to get 3 giant premium symbols on the 3 middle reels every free spin. These giant symbols will take up 2 or 3 slots and will come with a x2 or x3 multiplier respectively. In addition, as soon as a scatter appears on one of the middle columns, then you will get an extra free spin and a x1 multiplier will be added to the column. This multiplier will not be reset between spins and will be multiplied by the total height of the giant symbol on that reel. For example, if the multiplier on a reel reaches x3 and the giant symbol takes up 3 slots, then the multiplier for that column will be x9. Finally, if on the last reel you see the Loo symbol appear, then you will reach the $h!t Spins bonus. In addition, the Glory Door will open and you will get 2 more free spins.

  • $h!t Spins

This is the most interesting bonus of this slot! In order to reach the $h!t Spins, 3 scatters must appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 and, at the same time, the Loo symbol must appear on the last reel. You also have the option to buy those $h!t Spins by paying 345 times your original bet.

You'll receive 8 free spins and the $h!t Spins bonus is the same as the P!$$ Spins, with giant premium symbols appearing on the middle reels that contain multipliers that will affect the winnings from the connections. The main difference between the two bonuses is that during the $h!t Spins, the Glory Door is always open! Therefore, on every free spin you will get either the Haw-King symbol on the last reel, which will turn all high value symbols into itself, or a premium symbol accompanied by a normal wild, xSplit wild or Mega Split wild.

You can also purchase a special bonus by paying 206 times your bet. You will then have a 50% chance of getting the P!$$ Spins and a 50% chance of getting the $h!t Spins.

Our review of Punk Toilet

The online game provider Nolimit City proves in the beginning of 2022 that it is the most creative provider in the online gambling world! Punk Toilet is the perfect example of the madness and inventiveness of this exceptional slot creator. This slot machine is a success in every way, from the theme to the graphics, including the background music and the many references to Anglo-Saxon culture present in this more than successful creation. The features are numerous on Punk Toilet, with divisible symbols, expandable symbols containing multipliers but also with the Glory Door feature which allows you to unlock the last reel which holds many surprises! The bonuses are also very interesting and include almost all the features present in the base game. Fans of bonus buys will be pleased to know that Punk Toilet allows you to directly access P!$$ Spins and $h!t Spins by paying 67 and 345 times the starting bet. This slot has a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 96.09% and can win up to 33,333 times your initial bet!

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📈 What is the volatility of Punk Toilet


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🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Punk Toilet ?


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