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Free slot: Misery Mining

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ProviderNolimit City
Creation year2022

How Misery Mining works

Here is a slot machine that will undoubtedly be one of the attractions of the next few weeks in the world of online gambling! Misery Mining is a creation designed and implemented by the online gaming provider Nolimit City, which is one of the most appreciated providers of the moment. Its craziness, inventiveness and boldness have allowed this slots creator to become a reference manufacturer in the online casino world. Misery Mining has been available on many online gaming platforms since March 15, 2022. This slot machine is very reminiscent of one of the most popular creations of this online game provider: Fire in the Hole. There are many similarities between these two creations in terms of the theme, the base game operation and also during the bonus that will be explained below. Indeed, this slot also plunges us into mysterious mines in which your mission will be to collect gold nuggets! As usual with Nolimit City, the theme is quite dark and the graphics are perfectly executed, as well as the background music and sound effects. If you're an adventurer, not afraid of the dark, and love big wins, then Misery Mining is the slot for you!

As far as the operation of this slot is concerned, at the beginning of each spin there is a grid in 3x3 format. You have to manage to connect at least 3 identical symbols to win. It is important to note that the connections in this slot work in cascades, which means that the symbols that have connected will disappear to make room for symbols higher up on the grid, allowing you to make several connections during the same spin. A dynamite symbol can also help you make connections as it serves as a wild, meaning it has the ability to substitute for any classic or premium symbol. At the beginning of each pay round, barriers are placed around the active grid and symbols present beyond these boundaries are currently grayed out and inactive.

This 3x3 grid can be extended horizontally or vertically at any time thanks to these wild symbols also called xBomb which, once they appear in the game area, will explode, remove the adjacent symbols and extend the starting grid. This operation can be repeated several times during the same paying round and the maximum set up that can be reached in the base game is 7x7. The way the starting grid will grow will depend on the location of the xBomb. For example, if the xBomb is located in a corner, then the grid will expand horizontally and vertically. On the other hand, if the xBomb is not in a corner, then the grid will only expand up, down, left or right. There is also a multiplier on Misery Mining that will increase by 1 each time a xBomb explodes. This multiplier starts at x1 and will affect the profits made thanks to the different connections! Finally, many bonus features are present on Misery Mining and you will need to get at least 3 scatters to reach them. However, if there are only one or two scatters on the grid and no more connections are possible, then the scatters will become xBomb which will explode and enlarge the grid! The main difference between the classic xBomb and the transformed scatters is that the latter will not serve as wilds.

Misery Mining's different symbols

Misery Mining is a slot machine that is special in many ways, including the symbols. Indeed, the grid is evolving, which forces Nolimit City to think of all the cases of figue as regards the connections and the scale of the gains of each symbol. However, there are two different categories of symbols, which are divided according to their frequency of appearance. The first category is the classic symbols, which are represented, as in many slot machines, by 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. These are the most common symbols as they appear more frequently, but pay less than the premium symbols. Below is the payout range for all classic Misery Mining symbols in all configurations. The values shown in the image below are for an initial bet of €1.

The most interesting symbols to connect are called premiums because they have the highest payout. However, they are more difficult to connect than the classic symbols because they are more rare. They are represented by different objects or characters, among which we find :

  • The pipe

  • Compass

  • The whiskey flask

  • The rat

  • The dwarf

See the infographic below for the value of all Misery Mining premium symbols in all configurations (starting bet €1).

The different connections of Misery Mining

Even if the starting grid of the slot machine Misery Mining is evolving, the principle of this slot and the system of connections are particularly simple to understand. In order to win, you must connect at least 3 identical symbols. There are no predefined paylines in this creation as the connections here are adjacent. In fact, for a connection to be valid, at least 3 symbols must be present on the first 3 reels of a set up, regardless of the location of the symbols within the columns. This system of connections will allow you to benefit from 27 ways at the beginning of each spin, and this number can even reach 823,543 ways if you manage to obtain the maximum 7x7 set up! You will find on the following image examples of valid connections for each configuration on top, and invalid connections for each set up on the bottom.

How the Misery Mining bonus works

Misery Mining slot machine has a bonus feature that will allow you to realize the incredible potential of this slot! To access these free spins, you will need to see at least 3 scatter symbols, represented by a golden coin, appear on the same spin. In addition, the bonus can be enhanced by getting one or two Super Scatters (golden carts) on the same spin. In addition, the starting set up will be different depending on the number of scatters obtained:

  • 3 scatters = Start the bonus with a 3x3 set up

  • 4 scatters = Start the bonus with a 4x3 set up

  • 5 scatters = Start the bonus with a 5x3 set up

As usual, Nolimit City has integrated in Misery Mining the buy-in bonus feature that will allow you to reach directly the free spins in exchange of a cash amount. So, you will get 3 scatters by paying 66 times the bet, 4 scatters by paying 250 times the initial bet and 5 scatters by paying 1000 times the bet! You can also get one of these 3 options randomly by paying 439 times the initial bet.

There are two different bonuses on Misery Mining and it will be up to you to choose between Mouse Mode and Rat Mode. The first one has a high volatility and allows you to win more often. The second option is much riskier and contains extreme volatility. The potential of the Rat Mode is simply colossal! The principle of these two bonuses is identical, but the Mouse Mode gives you 8, 10 or 12 free spins by getting the bonus with 3, 4 or 5 scatters respectively. In Rat Mode, you will get 3 free spins, but the free spins counter will be reset to 3 as soon as a value symbol is added to a scatter.

The classic and premium symbols will disappear and only the scatters will remain on the grid. First of all, the objective of this bonus is to add up as many multipliers as possible, since at the end of the free spins the sum of these multipliers will constitute your total win once multiplied by your starting bet. As far as the format of this bonus is concerned, the bottom line, the left reel and the right reel serve as collectors but are currently locked at the beginning of the bonus. A line is present on the top of the grid and make different special symbols appear. In order for these to be activated, these symbols will need to be present on the same reel as a scatter or a Super Scatter, represented by a golden cart. In addition, when a value is collected by a scatter, the relevant multiplier will be added to the nearest collector located on the first or last reel. If the value appears on the middle column, then the multiplier will be collected on both sides. The Super Scatters, have a x1 multiplier that can be increased at any time and will multiply the different values they will collect. You will find in the list below the different symbols that can appear on the top line.

  • Coins of Value: Appear with a value between x1 and x100 and are added to the potential scatters on the same reel, then added to the nearest collector. When a coin is collected, the free spins counter returns to 3.

  • Multipliers: Increase the multiplier present on the Super Scatters present on the same reel. Possible multipliers are x2, x3, x4 or x5.

  • Bombs: Unlock grayed out or locked positions that are nearby. If the first or last reel is unlocked, then the values on those reels will be collected on each spin.

  • Bags: Collects all the values in the row for each symbol in the column.

  • Bids: Collects all the values on the scatters and opens the collectors on the 3 closest reels

  • Dwarves: Will stick to the lowest scatter and will collect all the values on the reel and the 3 closest collectors with each spin

  • Rats: Appear only on reels 1 and 7 and will collect all the values on the column, then open a new collector by adding the amount collected before

  • Super Scatters: Can only appear on reels 2 and 6. In Mouse Mode, it adds 2 extra free spins and in Rat Mode, it resets the free spins counter to 3.

Our opinion on Misery Mining

Nolimit City is giving one of its best creations a second life with Misery Mining! This slot is simply an improved version of the very popular Fire in the Hole slot machine, which was released last year. This online game has a lot to offer in terms of graphics, background music and animation quality. This very inventive provider manages once again to surprise us, while remaining faithful to the first opus that worked so well. As far as the features of Misery Mining are concerned, we find an evolving grid that starts in 3x3 and can reach 7x7. You'll need to get xBomb symbols in order to see the grid grow, the latter also serving as wilds. The bonus of this slot is also very interesting and two different options will be offered to you. In both cases, you will need to accumulate the highest possible multiplier as this will be your final win when multiplied by your bet. The Misery Mining slot has a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 96.09% and can give you the opportunity to win astronomical sums of money since the maximum multiplier of this exceptional slot can allow you to win up to 70,000 times your initial bet!

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📈 What is the volatility of Misery Mining


💸 What is the RTP of Misery Mining


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Misery Mining ?


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